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How and When Jerkbaits Outperform Swimbaits


Published on 3 years ago

Rapala RipStop Jerkbait: https://wired2.fish/RipStop09

Jerkbaits aka minnow baits are similar to soft swimbaits in many ways. Both closely resemble prey fish on the retrieve, they catch predator fish everywhere and they’re easy to fish. But when bass are in a tentative mood, you need to elicit reaction strikes by manipulating lure action, and well-designed jerkbaits provide endless retrieve options.

As pro angler Mark Fisher points out, real minnows dart around, stop quickly and often hang in suspension. Quality jerkbaits mimic this action while most soft swimbaits sink toward bottom on the pause. A suspending jerkbait remains in the strike zone and creates a collision that often triggers bites. Another benefit is that treble hooks catch nippers or lazy bites whereas they need to eat single hook swimbaits to get pinned.

The beauty of minnow baits is that anyone can cast them out, reel 'em in and be successful. Just remember to experiment with a variety of retrieves until you start getting bit then repeat what’s working.

-Rapala RipStop Jerkbait: https://wired2.fish/RipStop09
-Storm 360 GT Swimbait: https://wired2.fish/360GTSwimbait
-Sufix 832 Braided Line Lo-Vis Green, 10lb: https://wired2.fish/Sufix832
-Sufix Invisiline Castable Fluorocarbon, 10lb leader: https://wired2.fish/SufixInvisiline
-Lew's Custom Speed Stick Spin Rod 6'10" Med Lt: https://wired2.fish/LewsSpinRod
-Lew's Tournament Pro Speed Spin Spinning Reel: https://wired2.fish/LewsSpinReel
-Humminbird HELIX 12 CHIRP MEGA SI GPS G2N: https://wired2.fish/HELIX12

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Mobile Teck Chl

Mobile Teck Chl . 1 day ago

Miguel Alejandro Guareño

Miguel Alejandro Guareño . 2 days ago

za Antoz Fishing

za Antoz Fishing . 5 days ago

Very good....👍🙏🙏🙏👍
J English

J English . 1 week ago

2:13 fish on baby
Sanjiv Patil

Sanjiv Patil . 1 week ago

Which is this lure
Chuck Wieser

Chuck Wieser . 2 weeks ago

This is actually an informative video, but you tried to use gorilla marketing tactics onme with a tutoring video or suggestive tutoring of a style of fishing, instead of marketing your product. I might buy your product. But I don't appreciate the bait and switch. Pardon my pun.
MaRi MaNcINg

MaRi MaNcINg . 2 weeks ago

Good, please support me also bos
Andrew H

Andrew H . 2 weeks ago

So he's saying never use a swim bait? He never said when they are superior.
Patrick Greg

Patrick Greg . 2 weeks ago

Rapala's quality are great except for casting distance. Most lures don't go that far when "casted".
like Zandz

like Zandz . 2 weeks ago

Amazing! Wat brand is better and long cast?
Win Pipe fishing

Win Pipe fishing . 3 weeks ago

Very nice
A Voice of Reason

A Voice of Reason . 3 weeks ago

Hard to believe he’s fishing a jerk bait with a spinning reel!
freestyle yaaj

freestyle yaaj . 1 month ago

I fished jerkbait 90% of the time. It’s my confidence bait.

MR MASTER LOVER . 1 month ago

Best lure, love it sir...thanks new friend here
mancing desaku

mancing desaku . 1 month ago

Good fishing mantap....
ANGLER SEULANGA sport fishing

ANGLER SEULANGA sport fishing . 1 month ago

Nice fishing Uncle ...👍
Dhidotz channel

Dhidotz channel . 1 month ago

Penak ngono kang
chris shackleford

chris shackleford . 2 months ago

Them damn nippers
ihsan lazuardi

ihsan lazuardi . 2 months ago

Minta izin download videos (Ask for permission to download videos)
Chubby Momma

Chubby Momma . 2 months ago

Bro.give me 1 lure bro
Frank Manuele

Frank Manuele . 3 months ago

good info - no match bs !
Marc Madonna

Marc Madonna . 4 months ago

Very poor. But.....rapala does make the very best jerkbaits ever!!! Super cold water.....husky jerk Medium water........X rap Not sure what .......shadow rap. Truly killer lures!!! Total quality. I've caught dozens of fish from the same lure. Get yourself some and you will agree!!
Devin Hoyt

Devin Hoyt . 6 months ago

It sucks washignton doesn't allow treble hooks in most water systems... It takes post spawn to a hole different level not bein able to use crank baits or jerk bates.. Its shitty
Da1 Da2

Da1 Da2 . 6 months ago

I caught five bass this week using it like this. I'm fishing in a creek with this so it's harder but up works. I wish I could hear how loud it is underwater .
DSB Fishing

DSB Fishing . 8 months ago

Amazing video..i'm fully enjoy..i hope you can support me
season Bowy

season Bowy . 8 months ago

Thanks for the info
Nono Nono

Nono Nono . 10 months ago

Good footage
chris torres

chris torres . 12 months ago

Dear rapala your line ties are trash.
Alex Wright

Alex Wright . 1 year ago

Short n spicy

tmaddrummer . 1 year ago

Thanks and Blessings!
robert carr

robert carr . 1 year ago

Guess who's not biting on this bait ? ... This guy...
Basshunter TN bass fishing

Basshunter TN bass fishing . 1 year ago

Good one 🔥
Bruce Hux

Bruce Hux . 1 year ago

Rip Stop best when jerked, not reeling in.
Ilham Fishing Channel

Ilham Fishing Channel . 2 years ago

Joe Petty

Joe Petty . 2 years ago

Incredible underwater footage!
Bang Jep

Bang Jep . 2 years ago

For use in salt water, which one is better ?! RipStop or XRap?!
sobo bebas

sobo bebas . 2 years ago

Good job men
Suhemi Olshop

Suhemi Olshop . 2 years ago

Afser Ali

Afser Ali . 2 years ago

Mohmd Safeer

Mohmd Safeer . 2 years ago

Verry nice
Perry Matherne

Perry Matherne . 2 years ago

Rapala lures, awesome baits in my book
Nam LeT

Nam LeT . 2 years ago

Love, like
gembel ningrat

gembel ningrat . 2 years ago

Mbacot tok cangkeme
I Fish الصياد العربي

I Fish الصياد العربي . 2 years ago

https://youtu.be/W58kgkoVJk8 صيد السمك بالكويت
I Fish الصياد العربي

I Fish الصياد العربي . 2 years ago

Mishab C

Mishab C . 2 years ago

ateta fish asarppe??
Qazi zegham Hasan

Qazi zegham Hasan . 2 years ago

Outcast Outdoors - On a Fishin' Mission

Outcast Outdoors - On a Fishin' Mission . 2 years ago

Spinning rod. These commercials suck.

ワイルドハンチ . 2 years ago

ไวพจน์ สําราญใจ

ไวพจน์ สําราญใจ . 2 years ago


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