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Guess the Drawing with Taylor Alesia #shorts
Austin Sprinz

Austin Sprinz

Published on 2 weeks ago

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Comments :


Mr.ARAMIYA PRADHAN . 2 hours ago

Hah funny
Сергей Стукаленко

Сергей Стукаленко . 2 hours ago

Bruh, the sphere is 3D object, you can draw circle.
Amber Snyder

Amber Snyder . 3 hours ago

Hold on that better be edible ink or something

Belle-Bear . 4 hours ago

All squares are rectangles, so she technically got it right, even if rectangles aren't squares
رسل حيدر

رسل حيدر . 4 hours ago


abbelias . 5 hours ago

Wtf is this shit??
FLYLEAF Slowed And Chopped

FLYLEAF Slowed And Chopped . 5 hours ago

Brawndo has electrolytes..... .
Marionette Sherrill

Marionette Sherrill . 5 hours ago

That's a 4
Lucas Igna

Lucas Igna . 8 hours ago

Youtube needs a option to disable videos that come with a tiktok watermark
Queen_roblox900 Moore

Queen_roblox900 Moore . 8 hours ago

It was a square you wanted her to get that your dum a rectangle is a square go back to school
Help me pick my username.

Help me pick my username. . 9 hours ago

she got it wrong- what happened?
MusicPlaylist TV

MusicPlaylist TV . 10 hours ago

Ok..but what if it doesn't come off😳
Sarah :D

Sarah :D . 10 hours ago

Wth he just freaking draws on her tongue......

AJc1 . 12 hours ago

She should have said a quadrilateral. She would have never been wrong.
Ben Wilson

Ben Wilson . 12 hours ago

This what happens pre shoot for porn
• Karson •

• Karson • . 15 hours ago

Every square is a rectangle
Thangjam Wilson

Thangjam Wilson . 16 hours ago

What is the taste of the marker
Simone Göhler

Simone Göhler . 16 hours ago

Nur mal so zur Info das was du ihr auf die Zunge gemalt hast ist giftig
KisuMisu 08

KisuMisu 08 . 16 hours ago

Guess the drawing or you'll get lollipop wtf
Aurora Proietti

Aurora Proietti . 17 hours ago

Ma fa male il colore non si mette sulla lingua
Hannah Elisha

Hannah Elisha . 17 hours ago

i s t h e m a r k e r e d i b l e ?

-GingerSnowball- . 18 hours ago

Just say "A quadrilateral"
cribbles '

cribbles ' . 18 hours ago

Her expression is fucking priceless.
A Woodsman

A Woodsman . 18 hours ago

Is that a toxic pen
Im Sorry

Im Sorry . 18 hours ago

What happens? A sucker pops up... Ooooh so scared lol
zonder reclame

zonder reclame . 19 hours ago

Salar Salar

C L E O . 20 hours ago

Is that marker food edible 🤮
Kevin Van der Veer

Kevin Van der Veer . 20 hours ago

Beautifull girl
Nolan Rueckert

Nolan Rueckert . 21 hours ago

That was a square all sides where the same

DANIEL MAWA HAKIM . 23 hours ago

I think you need to go back to preschool man

xxOldSouL . 24 hours ago

Her face at the end... definition of adorable
The Next Douglass Bubbletrousers

The Next Douglass Bubbletrousers . 1 day ago

What the shit?
TOXIC Tryhard 15

TOXIC Tryhard 15 . 1 day ago

Love how it shows likes but it dislikes
Guiseppi Responti

Guiseppi Responti . 1 day ago

Why does this have over a quarter million likes? Jesus man if you’re trying to become a YouTuber now is the time because you can post a nonsense, boring video like this and still get millions of views. Pretty much anybody no matter how uninteresting can become successful through these shorts.

Doppelganger159 . 1 day ago

*not interested*
official domino’s

official domino’s . 1 day ago

idk if this is supposed to be funny
Simone Cau

Simone Cau . 1 day ago

mikea hiooi

mikea hiooi . 1 day ago

Is no one gonna talk about the fact that this man drew on this girls tounge with a sharpe marker
flaneur edits

flaneur edits . 1 day ago

This looked..wrong
J-Blox Draws

J-Blox Draws . 1 day ago

Honestly it looked like a 17

mostima . 1 day ago

So no one is gonna talk about the fact that he draw with a marker on the tounge
Jeremiah White

Jeremiah White . 1 day ago

This shit is fucking stupid Im not complimenting this video at all since words nowadays mean the fucking opposite of there intention

ItzJeremy . 2 days ago

ima just kms .
gioyu comi

gioyu comi . 2 days ago

Me: Hoping it’s the cake decorating edible marker ink Somebody out there in this world: Ahh yes! Pen ink! A delicacy where I’m from.
Alistair Craig

Alistair Craig . 2 days ago

I'd blindfold her first..
Aryanna Moon

Aryanna Moon . 2 days ago

That was a square

Myth101 . 2 days ago

Wasn't this tanner foxes girlfriend or something
Robert Jessee

Robert Jessee . 2 days ago

It was a sqaer

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