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Dream Job
Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds

Published on 2 weeks ago

Fresh of off finding love on Match, Satan finds his dream job. Guy is on a hot streak!


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ItzDukey . 25 minutes ago

thought this was the guy Lil Nas X be twerking on
Kinjal Roy

Kinjal Roy . 2 hours ago

*Evil* *Twerking*
its doom

its doom . 2 hours ago


rza884 . 4 hours ago

Deadpool with satan I would love to see that interaction

MUUDUS Tv . 4 hours ago

Is that Casey Neistat ?

VikingFyre . 7 hours ago

So...he's dressed up as Darkness from the movie "Legend"?
Master Yoda

Master Yoda . 7 hours ago

Did we all just watch a minute Long ad without skipping?

MQJD . 8 hours ago

Liam Dawson

Liam Dawson . 9 hours ago

I dont get it, where were you the whole time

Keenergetic . 10 hours ago

Nice! I'd like to see a movie about this.

Ranter2887 . 10 hours ago

Not just wireless. Heartless.
Erickson Maina

Erickson Maina . 11 hours ago

Dream Store

Dream Store . 16 hours ago

From the film "Legend"
Son' Zai OSRS

Son' Zai OSRS . 17 hours ago

Yall approve this
Ahmed Al-Enezi

Ahmed Al-Enezi . 17 hours ago

EA in a nutshell

Mero . 18 hours ago

Незнайка на Луне
Jewel Bridges

Jewel Bridges . 19 hours ago

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KabutoRyu . 20 hours ago

thanks now i can cringe all day now
The Professor

The Professor . 21 hours ago

Now you just showing off that you have more talent!
Kevin S

Kevin S . 22 hours ago

Legend: Tim Curry
Cooper Neeble

Cooper Neeble . 22 hours ago

Ok, where’s Lil Nas X tho?
Tien Tran

Tien Tran . 22 hours ago

The ad about Satan working for an internet service provider and the subtitles is in Korean. Perfect
Piper's Spice of Life

Piper's Spice of Life . 23 hours ago

You have got to be kidding me. I know the music used! BUT I DON’T KNOW THE NAME OF IT!! This truly is hell.

MatthewPlays_YT . 23 hours ago


JS . 1 day ago

This kind of ad is completely and flat out wrong. It’s calling “Big Wireless” horrible and telling its audience you should buy from “mint mobile” instead. And it’s not even saying “leading company” instead of “Big Wireless”.
K Jayanth

K Jayanth . 1 day ago

You are the best creator 💐💐💐💐👍👍👍👍
David Moreno

David Moreno . 1 day ago

Is so cool to be a Satanist isn't it?
Kamala Nenavath

Kamala Nenavath . 1 day ago

He is looking like ghost
Project Spatium

Project Spatium . 1 day ago

How are people disliking this ad... Do they not get it?
Dch 75

Dch 75 . 1 day ago

Oh shit. Hes' still here!!!
Lance Love

Lance Love . 1 day ago

I wondered what Casey Neistat was doing now.

LordDoom10 . 1 day ago

Why does this Satan look so familiar?
Toni Curtiss

Toni Curtiss . 1 day ago

Best commercial in the whole world on checking it out just because it was such a good commercial thank you guys for making me laugh
Krappy Patty

Krappy Patty . 1 day ago

This is the same satan from the match 2020 Commercial
Sam Judge

Sam Judge . 1 day ago

Someone is the fan to the 80s.

gamer . 1 day ago

Gotta love Danse Macabre being the song.
Raven Rav

Raven Rav . 1 day ago

they put it in your face people, and you still think it's just comedy. it's so much more than that
Ashwath Spark

Ashwath Spark . 1 day ago


Noneofyerbiz . 2 days ago

Why is there an ad in here with Ryan Reynolds' name on it? Have to admit, after using Ublock Origin on Firefox, it's the first YouTube ad I've seen in years. Seriously though, both Ryan Reynolds and Mint Suckalittleless can drown in their own gaping buttholes.
Higor Valeriano

Higor Valeriano . 2 days ago

Is this the Devil Lil Nas Tweaked to?

Isaac . 2 days ago

He looks like Gordon Ramsay
Matthew Keen

Matthew Keen . 2 days ago


llVIU . 2 days ago

those horns are just idiotically big. It goes beyond stupid or silly
Barnacle Scum

Barnacle Scum . 2 days ago

I already knew the comment section would be filled with Lil Nas X jokes 😂
Astral Kvng

Astral Kvng . 2 days ago

Didn’t Lil Nas X twerk on this man?
Meditation Heath and Wellness

Meditation Heath and Wellness . 2 days ago

Absolutely spectacular. OMG 😂😂😂
Erik Hošek

Erik Hošek . 2 days ago

poor rat racers...

strangifier . 2 days ago

First time I find myself watching the ad, so glad I didn't skip.
Honnisoit Quimalypense

Honnisoit Quimalypense . 2 days ago

Satan, one of the most famous chimeras. Chimeras are a long time dream of humanity, a dream that's going to come true I'm afraid. Science fiction and myths warned us...
Kristen Custer

Kristen Custer . 2 days ago

Can we get Lil Nas X in one of these videos?

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