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GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE - Mini-Pufts Character Reveal
Sony Pictures Entertainment

Sony Pictures Entertainment

Published on 2 weeks ago

Sweet. Mischievous. Savage. 🔥 Mini-Pufts are out of the bag, don't miss #Ghostbusters: Afterlife only in theaters this fall.

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From director Jason Reitman and producer Ivan Reitman, comes the next chapter in the original Ghostbusters universe. In Ghostbusters: Afterlife, when a single mom and her two kids arrive in a small town, they begin to discover their connection to the original ghostbusters and the secret legacy their grandfather left behind. The film is written by Jason Reitman & Gil Kenan.

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Comments :


Oliver . 12 hours ago

They’re supposed to growl
Will Weisenfeld

Will Weisenfeld . 17 hours ago

Random d2

Random d2 . 19 hours ago

Omega mart
Сham Flash Roki

Сham Flash Roki . 19 hours ago

Надеюсь на что-то жуткое, серьезное, что-то на подобии «Оно»
Andrew Christopher

Andrew Christopher . 20 hours ago

starbucks 2

starbucks 2 . 21 hours ago

Who needs baby Groot or baby Yoda when you got baby puffs

neoBeo . 1 day ago


FiveWrongNames . 1 day ago

Love the idea that even after stomping all over New York they were like “yeah Stay Pufts is still gonna be our mascot”
Shrut Badkur

Shrut Badkur . 2 days ago

Waiting for this movie
tyler watts

tyler watts . 2 days ago

Other than godzilla vs kong ghostbusters afterlife is my most anticipated movie of the year
adrian cox

adrian cox . 3 days ago

Can't wait for this!! Says a 47yo man!!
Fefo Kvikvi

Fefo Kvikvi . 3 days ago

They are very cute. But why they were killing each other. They even do like it
Javier Lazaro Blas

Javier Lazaro Blas . 3 days ago

I can't wait to go see that movie because it looks funny and comedy and cool
Ks Partner

Ks Partner . 3 days ago

When it's going in theater 🤔
thesnoopmeister Snoops

thesnoopmeister Snoops . 3 days ago

Well done Sony. And thankyou.
Jasper :]

Jasper :] . 3 days ago

They’re killing each other
seeni gzty

seeni gzty . 3 days ago

I love the fact that they just start killing each other!🤣
NGH Studios

NGH Studios . 4 days ago

Mr. Stay Puft 1984: King Kong-sized marshmallow Mr. Stay Puft 2016: King Kong-sized marshmallow parade balloon Mr. Stay Puft 2021: BABIES
Tiana roberge roberge

Tiana roberge roberge . 4 days ago

Ghostbust 3 👻👻
Tiana roberge roberge

Tiana roberge roberge . 4 days ago

June 11 reast date ghostbust 3 movie
Angry Reviewer

Angry Reviewer . 4 days ago

C'mon guys, stop teasing things and release the movie in theaters!!

Hadrian . 4 days ago

It appears we've got ourselves a gremlins situation
Pedro Cortes

Pedro Cortes . 5 days ago

That scene reminds me of gremlins
Matthew Needham

Matthew Needham . 5 days ago

Stay puft baby
sehhi vooty

sehhi vooty . 5 days ago

marshmallows by the fire at Camp Wauconda."
Ducky’s Of steel

Ducky’s Of steel . 5 days ago

My childhood is ruined 😭😭😭
jose ap santos

jose ap santos . 5 days ago

Boa Tarde, esse filme, maravilhoso e sensacional. Adorei o vídeo.

C . 5 days ago

Baskin Robbins always finds out
Paul OPC

Paul OPC . 5 days ago

Alien dude from Mac & Me in the new Ghostbusters confirmed.

Gavin53zane . 5 days ago

So adorable 😍
Debbie Cotter

Debbie Cotter . 5 days ago

Awww they are so cute and evil at the same time 0:44 oml- THEY ARE CANNIBALS im so shocked-
Neil Orear

Neil Orear . 5 days ago

Evil Dead/Gremlins ode

velociraptor4you . 6 days ago

Cute...but EFFED UP at the same time! XD
Horse Renoir84

Horse Renoir84 . 6 days ago

I really dig it haha I laughed out loud!

Sage . 6 days ago

Yes now give us Spider-Man trailer
Wolf Tamer

Wolf Tamer . 6 days ago

This was meant to be an advertisement for Wal-Mart, right?
K Jayanth

K Jayanth . 6 days ago

Very nice and very good keep it up make more related videos
Delta Ray Studios 3

Delta Ray Studios 3 . 6 days ago

Ghostbusters!! :D
Hans Velarde

Hans Velarde . 6 days ago

Honestly, if they wouldn't´t have uploaded this, I will still have forgotten that this movie was going to be released.

tehkill3r . 6 days ago

oh!.. oh .... oooh no. guess ill wait for reviews this time as well, i still havent seen the 2016 version and this, does not look any better.
Robert Bass

Robert Bass . 6 days ago

Nathan Clissold

Nathan Clissold . 6 days ago

Alright Funko... it's game on.
Munkhbayar Munkhzul

Munkhbayar Munkhzul . 6 days ago

Cute stay puft

Hector . 6 days ago

This is awesome, this little scene blows away the garbage of 2016.

Holret . 6 days ago

I dont get it, why/how are the marshmallows haunting the store?
Chris P

Chris P . 7 days ago

Disgusting and despicable. The most unfunny thing I've ever seen.
doliio volay

doliio volay . 7 days ago

marshmallows by the fire at Camp Wauconda."
Miguel D Abreu

Miguel D Abreu . 7 days ago

OMG 😱😱 love stay puff

romando . 1 week ago

You better not f this up again!

Mulderville . 1 week ago

Where can we buy one ?

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