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They Broke Modern Warfare Snipers with a New No Glint Optic in Warzone.

Patch Notes: https://charlieintel.com/warzone-april-6-update-weapon-updates-fixes/92519/

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1.34 Update Broke MW Snipers: New No Glint Optics in Warzone | HDR/Kar98k Class Setup/Loadouts
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Comments :


Storming . 2 days ago

So when using variable zoom on any kar it has no clip on warzone?
Dragon Shadow

Dragon Shadow . 2 days ago

Please stop telling everyone bud there a lot of hackers out there and that gives us normal players a bit if a vantage over them for ones

Metalhefe . 2 days ago

Cronus losers ruined the game.
Moh Madness

Moh Madness . 3 days ago

I have a question, which is better kar-98k of the HDR?
Anon Legit

Anon Legit . 3 days ago

My kar98k has no laser attachment slot at all. I dont know why...
Terry Sandusky

Terry Sandusky . 3 days ago

Should be no Glint anyways unless the Sun hits it
Tristen Smith

Tristen Smith . 3 days ago

Is this fixed?
Dave Wissman

Dave Wissman . 3 days ago

Let’s talk about the physics of a glint. This is just lazy programming. The direction of the sun is what determines glint.
Dean Lugsch

Dean Lugsch . 3 days ago

Is this still broken?
Lendon Steel

Lendon Steel . 4 days ago

Is it still broken ?
Khan F

Khan F . 4 days ago

Amazing video
Bruno van Deursen

Bruno van Deursen . 4 days ago

Is this still a thing?
oscar robledo

oscar robledo . 4 days ago

Is this still active ?
Fatmoms Fat

Fatmoms Fat . 4 days ago

Bro @jgod why would you tell the community about the no glint

xScaryxLarryx . 5 days ago

I just debunked this last night with a buddy. There still IS a glint everyone.

xSKOOBSx . 5 days ago

how is so much of this game broken? sweet jesus.

Sercuk . 5 days ago

K Jayanth

K Jayanth . 5 days ago

Great update πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Jacob B

Jacob B . 5 days ago

JGOD is sacrificing his KDR for us πŸ™ŒπŸ»
John Anderson

John Anderson . 5 days ago

I'm an atheist and a vegan and I associate with Democratic ideals. So for me, the thing I appreciate the most about JGOD is the fact that he doesn't chow Chick-Fil-A burgers live on stream like Expel, he doesn't have crawfish on the brain like KaylinSmiles, he doesn't divulge his political affiliating like Drift3r (who admitted to voting for tRump live on stream). JGOD is always on topic and never polarizes or triggers his viewers.
DigBick Rua

DigBick Rua . 5 days ago

Wait what ? U say variable zoom doesnt have glint ? On the description it says theres glint though

ZirRoxiK . 5 days ago

There's no glint if your aiming at an enemy with a scope to make it so the glint doesn't effect your aim..... That's why some of the ones that are supposed to have a glint aren't showing one because the enemy is using a "scope" optic
RIcky Bobby

RIcky Bobby . 6 days ago

i usually run a thermal but not as of late
Krishna Trivedi

Krishna Trivedi . 6 days ago

summary: MW snipers have no glint with variable zoom scopes.
doliio volay

doliio volay . 6 days ago

It's almost as if it didn't is a good idea to have multiple game devs working on the game smh, goodwork JGOD!

Haroon . 6 days ago

Variable zoom scope
Will M

Will M . 6 days ago

doesn't glint go away at close range?
Itz Ghoulz

Itz Ghoulz . 6 days ago

Is there glints on the spr
Rok Markelj

Rok Markelj . 6 days ago

The CW ultrazoom scope thundra now has a glint.

BurgydaHerky . 7 days ago

How can this be that hard to fix... make all the scopes have glint already... the BLOPS integration was ages ago...
Misfit Messiah

Misfit Messiah . 7 days ago

Is it no glint when only low zoom (@3.5x) but glint when high zoom (@8x)? By the rules he stated the variable at low zoom shouldn't have a glint (<4x). Didnt see this addressed.

MONSTA 23 . 7 days ago

I'm pretty sure sleight of hand still works...i use it on my mp5 n there's a big difference
Aiden Kaynn

Aiden Kaynn . 7 days ago

Does this work for the ar's?? In particular the fal and the fr 5.56 because that could get broken quick... the fr 5.56 having no damage drop off and a variable scope
dolita windo

dolita windo . 7 days ago

No better feeling than opening up YouTube and seeing JGOD right away
P Menka

P Menka . 7 days ago

Am i the only one thinking he contradicted himself like 50 times?
Jeremy Caulk

Jeremy Caulk . 7 days ago

Is this still happening as of 4/12?

LilMulchiVert . 7 days ago

Does the variable zoom on the spr have glint?
ΥΌ Rikimaru

ΥΌ Rikimaru . 7 days ago

good luck
shubham kalantri

shubham kalantri . 7 days ago

Did this get fixed or still bugged?
DanielN Stinger

DanielN Stinger . 1 week ago

hey jgod i been trying to use the royal kross optic but i find that the sway when you dont hold your breath is insane

jamietee89 . 1 week ago

Still work or been patched?
hoiy vinosa

hoiy vinosa . 1 week ago

Can we all applaud JGOD for his KDR sacrifice?
Siavash Esmaili

Siavash Esmaili . 1 week ago

HDR has no glint with its own scope!!!!
Help Me

Help Me . 1 week ago

Lmao the KAR with no optic is ironsights. Why'd you even test that. 2:14
C1 Frosty

C1 Frosty . 1 week ago

Show us all your Loadouts

M C . 1 week ago

Please fire raven and get the guys from infinity ward...

M C . 1 week ago

They really want people to stop playing warzone πŸ˜‚
Justin Sundown

Justin Sundown . 1 week ago

Hangman scope has glint for Cold War snipers

jamietee89 . 1 week ago

I use the kar. So, any scope will have no glint on it?
Mic Dog

Mic Dog . 1 week ago

can you please bring light to the sleight of hand glitch for mw weapons?

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