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Baltimore Ravens vs. Pittsburgh Steelers | NFL Week 12 Game Preview


Published on 2 months ago

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Comments :


NFL . 2 months ago

This game is moved to Tuesday
Colin Leahy

Colin Leahy . 4 weeks ago

Next Season TNF (Thanksgiving Edition) Is Back
Colin Leahy

Colin Leahy . 1 month ago

It says Wednesday not Thanksgiving
Colin Leahy

Colin Leahy . 1 month ago

The game is moved to Wednesday
Michal Tan

Michal Tan . 1 month ago

The xenophobic sagittarius metrically deliver because mine microregionally stuff outside a rambunctious self. well-made, regular building

ashton1943 . 1 month ago

What is thr beat name of this
Mark Nethercutt

Mark Nethercutt . 1 month ago

Steelers are 11-0.😎
Sean Mitchell

Sean Mitchell . 1 month ago

can someone explain to me how the team who was early on at the top of the offense AND defence and 1st overall for the few few weeks straight are now at risk of not even going to play offs 😂 It's like the Bears this year except the Ravens were actually good

Teagan . 1 month ago

watching this on game day... i hope
Franco Michelin

Franco Michelin . 1 month ago

Ravens will need a win. It'll be tough for the ravens to beat the steelers at their home.
Tate Becker

Tate Becker . 1 month ago

Bro it is finally being played after waiting forever to finish this game
Riley Weidman

Riley Weidman . 1 month ago

Steelers win 16-14.

juliqnn . 1 month ago

this needs to be remade
Count Doku

Count Doku . 1 month ago

When Lamar starts to play good the team wants to collapse
Lauren Mattiko

Lauren Mattiko . 1 month ago

Honestly I think the Steelers is gonna go 15 and 1 and lose to the Kansas city chiefs
Collin Garrett

Collin Garrett . 1 month ago

Steelers easy
Jacob Cook

Jacob Cook . 1 month ago

Pit 24 - 14
Zman 09

Zman 09 . 1 month ago

Go Ravens!!!

Krillhondo . 1 month ago

I'm not saying who will win but I hope the Steelers win
Lito Brigante

Lito Brigante . 2 months ago

Hopefully this game isn't postponed from tomorrow 🤦🏾‍♂️
Kenny Ray Powell

Kenny Ray Powell . 2 months ago

I like steelers big 37-10 without lamar jackson RG3 will be harassed on the road this time in Pittsburgh. Steelers will be committed to the run and RG3 will look like he did against steelers in Cleveland! 🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺 https://youtu.be/W25-XOoSSAw
Troy Defrancesco

Troy Defrancesco . 2 months ago

Steelers win
Troy Defrancesco

Troy Defrancesco . 2 months ago

Trev Mac

Trev Mac . 2 months ago

black executives in front league office just buying time but you can't camouflage forever the fact that Lamar is a *POSER*
azveon milam

azveon milam . 2 months ago

ravens go
Lincoln Hebenthal

Lincoln Hebenthal . 2 months ago

I’m a Steeler fan so Steelers all the way
Troy Smith

Troy Smith . 2 months ago

Steelers all day baby
Jonathan Frimerman

Jonathan Frimerman . 2 months ago

Just move the NFL season to the spring
Kayden Goreth

Kayden Goreth . 2 months ago

Pittsburgh is going to win. i am a steelers fan
Elijah Green

Elijah Green . 2 months ago

VOTE FOR TRACE "THE GOAT" MCSORELY TO START! https://www.change.org/p/baltimore-ravens-trace-mcsorely-to-start-vs-pittsburg
John Zeszut

John Zeszut . 2 months ago

When the Edgar Allan Poe's face the Men of Iron anything can happen! Katie bar the door!
Melvin Jones

Melvin Jones . 2 months ago

PIT 31, BAL 17
Theol Isaacs

Theol Isaacs . 2 months ago

Steelers 49 ravens 13
Dream W

Dream W . 2 months ago

Lol thats on my birthday


Todos los que dicen que se lo va a llevar ravens está mal ya que saben que su QB está enfermo de covid, y el QB de stelers no All those who say that ravens are going to take it is wrong since they know that their QB is sick with covid, and the stelers QB is not
Quadruple H

Quadruple H . 2 months ago

steelers 22-16 ravens

Derek . 2 months ago

The NFL will reschedule the game for whenever is good for Baltimore. I bet if the tables were turned, the Steelers would be forced to forfeit.
Nova Star

Nova Star . 2 months ago

Sorry, but I think the ravens are going to fall off after they take this L.....I love Lamar but they playing like trash lately
Mike Metz

Mike Metz . 2 months ago


DA GORILLA . 2 months ago

Got dem STEELERS! All the way down here in Texas! Born and raised.
dennis clark

dennis clark . 2 months ago

Pittsburg will win this one and lose next week to WFT
Colin Leahy

Colin Leahy . 2 months ago

Moved to Tuesday at 8 PM

samnelso . 2 months ago

Did Jackson consciously tone down his running this year? If so, it's probably a good decision for the longevity of his career. It seems that is what happened and that he's been trying to re-focus his game on passing.
Ayush Vupalanchi

Ayush Vupalanchi . 2 months ago

if you like this video watch this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3HLgCxdAjo
Jaanvir Rai

Jaanvir Rai . 2 months ago

I was born as a chiefs fan
William Lafferty

William Lafferty . 2 months ago

Need a new preview. It's all changed. If it stays the same, Steelers breeze.
Cedric Holt

Cedric Holt . 2 months ago

Ravens will win out

Terroristocracy . 2 months ago

*Ravens 41 Steelers 21*
james kariuki

james kariuki . 2 months ago


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