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Published on 4 weeks ago

The MLB is investigating third basemen Justin Turner, who joined his teammates for on-field celebrations after their World Series win over the Tampa Bay Rays even though he left the isolation.

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Santo Taveras

Santo Taveras . 3 weeks ago

What can they do to him? He broke no laws and he wasn’t escorted out of the facility what were thinking he would do? I mean if they were concerned they should have ask him to leave immediately.

복싱OK . 3 weeks ago

다저스 우승은 기쁘지만 터너의 행태에 분노한다. 참 어리석다.
Kim Jong Trump

Kim Jong Trump . 3 weeks ago

Why did they point out that Dave roberts is a cancer survivor idk if I’m right abc but that means HE DOESNT HAVE CANCER NO MORE
Cheryl Millard

Cheryl Millard . 3 weeks ago

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Jakob Noll

Jakob Noll . 4 weeks ago

dodgers are still defeated
timothy chichetti

timothy chichetti . 4 weeks ago

Thanks. Turner is my favorite Dodger now. Just because yall media weirdos haven't accomplished anything, you have to rain on the parade of a great American young man. I call bs. Some of us are waking up to all the fake nice guys out there. America will go back to normal and peace and everyone who has a problem with it can leave
Richie Weland

Richie Weland . 4 weeks ago

Let my man celebrate MLB screwed up and Turner May not come back next year

MR RAIDA . 4 weeks ago

Let Justin Turner have fun, he’s a World Series champion now.
Jeremiah P

Jeremiah P . 4 weeks ago

Everyone who states they are "Sick of hearing about Covid" needs to remember @realDonaldTrump was in charge for the 3 years before hand and could not protect you against its invasion. Nor shall we ever forget the 225, 000+ and counting CITIZENS ALREADY KILLED BY HIS INCOMPETENCE. @realDonaldTrump knew the virus was airborne and did not tell the citizens! If there was a chemical/biological attack from another nation do you think @realDonaldTrump the LYING DRAFT DODGER would protect you? This pandemic has exposed a great weakness in our national security, which begins with @realDonaldTrump. Remove the threat to our national security! VOTE!
Iling Wang

Iling Wang . 4 weeks ago

Please don’t believe everything that is promoted by the mainstream media. The size of this virus is 125nm. Please understand what that means. Renders 99% of masks being worn in public useless. It’s like trying to keep a flea out of a chainlink fence.
Paul Lawrence

Paul Lawrence . 4 weeks ago

Dodgers should have titled stripped. Dave roberts and turner suspended. Turner had blantant disregard for human life. I know someone with covid. This is worse than the astros cheating scandal the astros didnt put innocent human life in rism
T Nelson

T Nelson . 4 weeks ago

Every single person around him was already exposed to him so what if he took a picture with the team.

JOPAIII . 4 weeks ago

Who cares! He just did something that most can only dream of! Let the man enjoy it if the rest of the team didn’t mind him doing so! This virus is proven to only harm a certain portion of the population. I assure you, professional athletes are not at risk lol. Chill you Karen’s!!!

UthinkUknowme26 . 4 weeks ago

ABC news= typical fake Disney garbage
Jeremiah P

Jeremiah P . 4 weeks ago

Speaking of a 3 time DRAFT DODGER seriously up for re-election? Please VOTE!
Jeremiah P

Jeremiah P . 4 weeks ago

Just ask @JustinTurner about having pine tar 3/4 of the way up his bat throughout the series. With a bloop hit or homer, etc, that extra grip to help with contact is the definition of advantage by cheating. It just brings back the spit/pine tar ball days of cheating pitchers 30 plus years ago. JT probably believes the pine tar rule is as important as wearing a mask. Seems he doesn't care. What a pity. Amazing players make mistakes, own up to it and keep their fans and family happy with the excitement and character of the game and the dues that come with it. The bad guys argue and fight when their caught, becoming an embarrassment to themselves, family and the league, stealing money through law suits and scandal, etc. I would bet that @George Brett probably even knows using that much pine tar is illegal and would have acted with more character and respect towards his team and community than this. So what is it then? Was it just a mistake or a tantrum to his MLB commissioner? Tragic misunderstanding during a time of celebration? Or, vengeful defiance for even the basic feeling of empathy and compassion for others loss during a pandemic? Perhaps, merely following the rules that your MLB Players Assoc. agreed to wouldn't have put the team or the community more at risk, while at the same time make you look like a large asterisk on your team's asterisks
Are Gup

Are Gup . 4 weeks ago

Self centered ass. No regards for others. It is what division is
JayBe Trucking

JayBe Trucking . 4 weeks ago

Is just a matter of time before we all get covid he just got it before we did.. If you really think covid will just disappear by simply wearing a mask you need to wake up.. covid is here to stay..congratulation Go Dodgers!
Sue Parras

Sue Parras . 4 weeks ago

Ban him from baseball for the rest of his life! Then ask him if it was worth it! Loser!
David R. Stone

David R. Stone . 4 weeks ago

🌐Warning ⚠️to all you bias Fake News networks!  Oh the web you weave when you practice to lie and deceive. Shame on Fake News CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, New York Times, Washington Post. Vote 🗳 Trump or pay the price for 4 years of incompetent Biden/ Harris.
alae chiino

alae chiino . 4 weeks ago

0:28 I stopped my work because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Daily Backup

Daily Backup . 4 weeks ago

harold christopher

harold christopher . 4 weeks ago

Meanwhile the it seems like the vice president and the president of the ununited states dont believe in wearing masks
That Canadian Chick

That Canadian Chick . 4 weeks ago

Well if struggling businesses are getting fined for their customers for not complying to new covid regulations what makes this dude so special to be exempt ???
zac scalafini

zac scalafini . 4 weeks ago

Wow, a what a pompous jackass
V /\ V

V /\ V . 4 weeks ago

Selfish American only thinking about himself, nothing new
Charlie Sommers

Charlie Sommers . 4 weeks ago

that's just plain stupid lost all respect fkr Justin turner and dodgers organization... selfish and just really stupid
cynthia byford

cynthia byford . 4 weeks ago

What a jerk.
TrainsOnGoPro 2015

TrainsOnGoPro 2015 . 4 weeks ago

It's a COVID Party at the World Series! Go Dodgers!!!
Connor Mumford

Connor Mumford . 4 weeks ago

Give the guy a break he just won the World Series, Biggest Moment of his life

T W . 4 weeks ago

I.D.I.O.T - 100% - WHY - VERY Stupid = Turner (selfish)


Did anyone die??? Big deal
Bob Apoian

Bob Apoian . 4 weeks ago

Dodgers gave consent for him to be out there, let a man live his dream Jesus. MLB season was over at that point c’mon.
Alex Ferreira Sales

Alex Ferreira Sales . 4 weeks ago

fucklove lakers ipman4 kehlani halsey yanni stonesour
Pamela H

Pamela H . 4 weeks ago

What a jerk. 😑
Jake Fabricio

Jake Fabricio . 4 weeks ago

I just accused and offered theories, but most of of you have already been judge, jury and executioners, without out waiting for solid proof and what really happened, it is extremely weird what happened. I can’t wait till we get real results, but I’m leaning towards my conspiracy theory, nonetheless
marmar Blt

marmar Blt . 4 weeks ago

Stfu Garcetti! Fix our city !
Shorty G

Shorty G . 4 weeks ago

I’d tell y’all a joke about him having COVID. But there’s a 99.696% chance you won’t get it
Real Talk

Real Talk . 4 weeks ago

The problem with our society is we love sports too much and give athlete too much power.

guitarsurfer2010 . 4 weeks ago

Professional athletes are role models for our youth. This Justin Turner is a terrible example of selfishness and privilege . He should be banned for a year. Besides , who cares about a ball game, we are adults, sports fans are morons.

6Lilies6Phillies . 4 weeks ago

Despite his athletic ability, that beard alone should qualify him as a kook. The COVID stuff is just frosting. Fucking moron.

Zennofobic . 4 weeks ago

if Covid can't kill a couple of fat and decrepit Republicans politicians I'm sure everyone on the field will be fine... plus they have the resources to quarantine and isolate everyone and monitor their progress. If you want to talk about protocol, the Dodgers should have been pulled from the field and the games postponed. Are they going to do that? Hell no it's the World Series... special circumstances for the money makers that's how things work. Let the guy enjoy his moment then.
Liteup X

Liteup X . 4 weeks ago

Scum bag

nothapa . 4 weeks ago

Soooooo LA omg
Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry . 4 weeks ago

Strip them of there tittle
Mia M

Mia M . 4 weeks ago

Rules don’t apply to narcissists
Tracy Galletta

Tracy Galletta . 4 weeks ago

A-1 Maskhole of the week. Self centered POS.
Liz Simmons

Liz Simmons . 4 weeks ago

I heard his test before was inconclusive, so why was he allowed to play until he had a clear test?

B M . 4 weeks ago

He should go to jail!
Valerie Dakota

Valerie Dakota . 4 weeks ago


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