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First Look at the PlayStation 5 User Experience


Published on 7 days ago

Finally - here’s a sneak peek at the PlayStation 5’s user experience! Watch our new video walkthrough to see new features designed to make your gaming experiences more fun, engaging, personalized and social on the PS5 console.

Note: This walkthrough is set in a pre-production environment, so there may be some minor changes once the PS5 console launches in November.

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VolkyWay . 2 minutes ago

Watching this again count: 5

FOR REAL NL . 4 minutes ago

Same as ps4 but faster
Cosmin Ciobanu

Cosmin Ciobanu . 29 minutes ago

this is how kids are wasting their parents' money, pc is better and cheaper

Rattyttatty . 42 minutes ago

So no more wallpapers :(

Centri . 45 minutes ago

who’s watching before the release?

LE DINDON DE LA FARCE ! . 45 minutes ago

Where is gta6

RelaxZone . 45 minutes ago

Todos los que hablan español, digan presente Edit: hiba a hacer spam pero mejor no aun q esto q estoy escribiendo de edit ya parece spam haci q solo voy a decir que ignoren este spam y no se subscriban 👍👍
Apfelfresser T4

Apfelfresser T4 . 52 minutes ago

Can ps 4 and ps5 players be together in a party ?
Rehan Khan

Rehan Khan . 55 minutes ago

Welcome for people who come after recommendation 7 year later

IM DA_INFAMOUS . 1 hour ago

One day I’m going to look back on this video in 7 years with the iPhone 19 and laugh about us thinking this console was the peek of consoles

V_FOrtex_V . 1 hour ago

ps5 ui reminds me of my ps3

Xssault . 1 hour ago

Hey older me I hope your look at this comment did you get the ps5 and how many years have it been is there ps6?
mario97 krištić

mario97 krištić . 1 hour ago

We all need the game Black, from PS on the PS 5, remastered or a sequal. It would be a big big Game, for Playstation a big big Exclusive
Felix O'Grady

Felix O'Grady . 1 hour ago

The background music for the PS5 reveals have been kind of fire ngl
Ultra Havoc

Ultra Havoc . 2 hours ago

Hello future people Has GTA6 arrived yet

gridvid . 2 hours ago

Still waiting for the slim ;)

3lit3 . 2 hours ago

See y’all in 8 years
The Llama

The Llama . 2 hours ago

How’s the ps6 peeps

Si . 2 hours ago

I still prefer the 4k mod for Ps3

Ashjoker . 2 hours ago

I request playstation home and a feature to put. custom music in our home screen

roloisgoated . 2 hours ago

How many frames in fortnite I need to know

SwiftyMinty . 3 hours ago

Oct 21 2020 Hope this vid recommend for like 10 years my question has coronavirus ended?

Emmvnl_ . 3 hours ago

Mann gotta love the new menu and features

SwiftyMinty . 3 hours ago

Imma wait for ps5 pro
FriendIy NPC

FriendIy NPC . 3 hours ago

I’m an Xbox fan why am I here. Jk all consoles are fine BUT I find ps4 menu confusing, I’m guessing ps5 will also be confusing as well tho

VOID DARX . 3 hours ago

I’m hyped
American Fitty

American Fitty . 3 hours ago

Me watching this and looking at my PS4 like...you inferior being!

Hxss . 3 hours ago

I’m 13 right now, when I come back to this video after the ps6 comes out I wanna see how my youtube channel comes out.
Snooopy Bud

Snooopy Bud . 3 hours ago

Who’s watching this 6 days later
El Mayoneso

El Mayoneso . 3 hours ago

I'm undecided if i should buy ps5 or xbox

KuchenBrotTV . 4 hours ago

It's sad that all comments are full with: it's sad that in 7 years after ps6 release wHo Is HeRe AfTeR pS6 rElEaSe? oof
Mya Dyson

Mya Dyson . 4 hours ago

My game keep logging me out and I still be in the fortnite party
فتاه - cutekey

فتاه - cutekey . 4 hours ago

Robert Chesley

Robert Chesley . 4 hours ago


TheRealBron03 . 4 hours ago

I can't wait to grab a PS5
jaylan s Smith

jaylan s Smith . 4 hours ago

Bruh the ps5 look dope asl
Stay EZ My Friends

Stay EZ My Friends . 4 hours ago

I was all set to buy this, until I saw the TOS that says you can record me and force me to swear allegiance to the CCP.

icxyy._ . 4 hours ago

i was 13 when i saw this
Idkkk Krirmrk

Idkkk Krirmrk . 4 hours ago


Hiron . 5 hours ago

Watching it on 4k tv is amzzing

Elijah . 5 hours ago

Yo this UI is sorta wack ps4 was and still is more dope
Cesar HK5ღ

Cesar HK5ღ . 5 hours ago


Hyphin . 5 hours ago

this man sound slike a legit american at the beginning but then u can tell he is a ,egit workers cuz of his epic asian accent
Gamer Bruh

Gamer Bruh . 5 hours ago

Xbox who?

bh069me1 . 5 hours ago

Free hong kong. Be sure to check out sonys new terms of service.

AnthonyALD7 . 5 hours ago

Ps4 will be missed a lot of memories came with that console. Most of our childhoods or greatest memories were on that console and there will be many more on the ps5 but it won’t be the same. Logging back on to ps4 and seeing all your friends saying “last online over a month ago” will be sad
Tanner Joye

Tanner Joye . 5 hours ago

Designers absolutely nailed it 😍

SourceCZ . 6 hours ago

Nobody's talking about how AMAZING the music in Sackboy's a big adventure is! It's incredible!
Galax RL

Galax RL . 6 hours ago

Even im an xbox player and I love the new designe seriously PS5 and Xbox Series X is going to be a great adventure for me and my friend!
Plankie Plankton

Plankie Plankton . 6 hours ago

So I can flame my m8 while also thrashing demons in DMC V. NoICE

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