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Mulatto - Youngest N Richest (Live Session) | Vevo Ctrl.At.Home


Published on 2 months ago

Mulatto - Youngest N Richest - Live Session | Vevo Ctrl.At.Home

They say the only way to be a modern royal is to act like one. Mulatto def has it down. The Ohio-born, Atlanta-based rapper has recently flooded every corner of hip-hop world her bedazzled trap sovereignty. Like a crown, her 'Queen of Da Souf' album unites all her polished gems: “Muwop” and its poolside-at-the-manse vid, the brashly sexual “In N Out” that doubles as 2020's best SoulCycle - well actually, Peloton - track, and “Youngest N Richest” - that thing really slaps. In it, she spits boasts that she can def back up. Ctrl at Home caught up with the queen in her castle. All hail!

Watch music videos by Mulatto: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRQ6wJbGwbF9Wmvp5HfT7Pg

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Executive Producer: Micah Bickham
Director: Skyler Brown
Producer: Saharah Sejour
Editor: Kevin Rose
Music & Talent: Annie Shapiro & Jordan Ferree

#Mulatto #QueenOfDaSouf #YoungestNRichest


Comments :

Jose Luis Maguga

Jose Luis Maguga . 1 week ago

saLu 2 from corisco island mi babe youre da best rapper of usa sube mas videus pero con words menos malsonantes .¡
Ms Powers

Ms Powers . 2 weeks ago

Stephanie benavides

Stephanie benavides . 2 weeks ago

Aye no cap this song I play hard ...s*** I f*** with BIG LATTO hard ....
Let's grow together

Let's grow together . 2 weeks ago

She reminds me of Charlie Baltimore, that's a good thing
Colourbus Media

Colourbus Media . 3 weeks ago

Love it! Came out great!
Dj Zamiro

Dj Zamiro . 4 weeks ago

Woow this is super good
Itss Bernique

Itss Bernique . 4 weeks ago

can we get a song with j.i now ? bc they the only ones who glowed up.
Leonora Ekuban

Leonora Ekuban . 4 weeks ago

Now my role model
Tiara L.

Tiara L. . 1 month ago

I swear I listen to this like 5 times in a row..... Ain't no body fucking with her. NOBODY..... Period.
Jay Cee

Jay Cee . 1 month ago

She should do a Collab with Young Lyric🎤. I'd watch. Sadly some want to see a fake azz "Beef".🙄
Rosaline Frieson

Rosaline Frieson . 1 month ago

These female rappers taking ova💯💯💯
Tiara L.

Tiara L. . 1 month ago

Str8 murdered this song
Bougie B.C. Fashion

Bougie B.C. Fashion . 1 month ago

She really made my self confidence go up cuz she has hip dips and have plastic surgery( btw you can tell that she don’t have plastic surgery cuz her fat is even out) and claims that it’s real just for her confidence she and she don’t have a body like niki and others and she still shows it of i really do have respect for her because of that
Lashandra Rollen

Lashandra Rollen . 1 month ago

She good
Del Carmen

Del Carmen . 1 month ago

“Too picky with the kitty, he ain’t hit me bitch I’m stingy” ON GOD

AuthetnicEpicBoom! . 1 month ago

Iaisha Wilson

Iaisha Wilson . 1 month ago

Isadora Carroll

Isadora Carroll . 1 month ago

youer fire
morinahoney benedit

morinahoney benedit . 1 month ago

los latinos tambien te vamos apoyar
Larry Richardson

Larry Richardson . 1 month ago

Folk be hating....how come she don't have millions and millions of subs on here
Emilyn Natirrê

Emilyn Natirrê . 2 months ago

Pure Royalty ❤️ love her
Lígia Pilar

Lígia Pilar . 2 months ago

te amooooo
Catorsia Rogers

Catorsia Rogers . 2 months ago

Killed it ❤️

CamFrm63rd . 2 months ago

Lotto and ji should make a song

Cvsvi . 2 months ago

she killed it!!!
Aneudy Cisco Marte

Aneudy Cisco Marte . 2 months ago

I fuckin love you BIG LOTTO
Star Jones

Star Jones . 2 months ago

When I say she killed this shit!!! When she said they said I wouldn't be shit now they watching!!! That shit was real bc them haters is watching!!! She won the rap game for a reason and she is a force to be reckoned wit honey!!! Big latto gone change the game honey!!!!
Justin Hill

Justin Hill . 2 months ago

The black & white filter is what pissed me off ... Everything else is straight
juniam sheldom

juniam sheldom . 2 months ago

i loves hoes earning their sweats
juniam sheldom

juniam sheldom . 2 months ago

such a cutie
Kyle Chamberlain

Kyle Chamberlain . 2 months ago

i wanna see project pat and latto
Rolling Hills Trucking

Rolling Hills Trucking . 2 months ago

Never missed a beat

SNIPE1OUT . 2 months ago

Luh U

Lungelo76 . 2 months ago


Brightness . 2 months ago

Chris Cream

Chris Cream . 2 months ago

She keep sayin she dropped 100 on jewelry in the pandemic.....iight we get it....but every song tho?
ButterBwoi 13

ButterBwoi 13 . 2 months ago

I wanna hear her expand her topics. She has talent but the subject matter is the same shallow talk all the rest are saying.
Noti-update LYRICS

Noti-update LYRICS . 2 months ago

Nasty c is better
SuperChiko 2.3

SuperChiko 2.3 . 2 months ago

Youngest and Richest
SuperChiko 2.3

SuperChiko 2.3 . 2 months ago

This is a beautiful song 🌟⭐⭐⭐
Young Nomee Řosę

Young Nomee Řosę . 2 months ago

Cece Brooks

Cece Brooks . 2 months ago

Lena_ 2001

Lena_ 2001 . 2 months ago

Lena_ 2001

Lena_ 2001 . 2 months ago

Lena_ 2001

Lena_ 2001 . 2 months ago

Irene Tupaca Lopes

Irene Tupaca Lopes . 2 months ago

Jheeeezzzz 🔥🔥
Mercedes White

Mercedes White . 2 months ago

Wish this song was longer 🔥🔥🔥
Innes Baldiva

Innes Baldiva . 2 months ago

na.to/urflirtyjoybigboob29 I loro stati di salute rispettivi prevenirli Ši traka filma ir tik forša, tik neticama. Es tikko pabeid🔥 u
Jonny Celica

Jonny Celica . 2 months ago

Ju'Liyah Stoneham

Ju'Liyah Stoneham . 2 months ago

Aye Sing That Shit LATTO

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