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Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber 2009 - 2016 ( all jelena story )


Published on 5 years ago

All interviews, videos and photos of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber from 2009 - 2016.
Jelena story !

Comments :

Dayrin Olbinar Manuales

Dayrin Olbinar Manuales . 4 hours ago

He's always smiling in all of their photos together ❤️
Dayrin Olbinar Manuales

Dayrin Olbinar Manuales . 5 hours ago

Gonna come back here when Selena and Justin come back together. Who knows❤️. Well I'm not against hailey, I just freakin Love Jelena.
Manel Af

Manel Af . 6 hours ago

How can two people with so much memories just "forget" each other ?
Albiona Muriqi

Albiona Muriqi . 7 hours ago

Its 4am and This is what I am watching #jelena
Disha Seen

Disha Seen . 16 hours ago

Ohh pls u will shut up hailey and justin are perfect how much hailey luv too justin no one can him like that
Angela Gurung

Angela Gurung . 19 hours ago

This literally makes me tear up🥺

ՏTᗩᖇՏᗴᗴKᗴᖇ . 22 hours ago

More than nostalgia this makes me scared of love scared of commiting ur big chunk of life supporting ,loving caring , but in a second bammm you both are strangers now all those memories doesnt matter now 😢
Madison XX

Madison XX . 1 day ago

Some people just became part of our lives to bring lessons, either one of you did try thier best but timing just ain't right

deepinrem . 1 day ago

justin loved selena so much like the only redeemable thing about him
Sinaiyito Reyes

Sinaiyito Reyes . 2 days ago

Hailey is good and all but Hailey and Justin Dint click like Selena and him did

Π Κ . 2 days ago

Im gonna ship them FOREVER
Putri Rahmah Hanifah

Putri Rahmah Hanifah . 2 days ago

I'm not the only one who miss them right?
Kusum Niroula

Kusum Niroula . 2 days ago

Anyone watching this in 2021
Ray Mc

Ray Mc . 2 days ago

idk why its still so hard to believe how they are not together anymore
fahtia saima

fahtia saima . 2 days ago

Definisi jagain jodoh orang sesungguhnya💩
Charisse Angel D. Cledera

Charisse Angel D. Cledera . 3 days ago

I love justine before when i was in grade 1 i always sing his song baby😅
Grace Diki

Grace Diki . 3 days ago

one relationship I can never get over... But lets give Hailey a chance
Daisy Chombene

Daisy Chombene . 3 days ago

What am I doing here?
Gennesis Goncalves

Gennesis Goncalves . 3 days ago

Y yo llorando por un webon con el que salí 2 días .. 🥲🥲

NOVELYN A AGRA . 3 days ago

Azarel Soto leon

Azarel Soto leon . 4 days ago

3:37 like if you wonder what she did to the pillow
The adventures of Rachel and Ava

The adventures of Rachel and Ava . 4 days ago

They were sooooo dang cute
Luna De olivera

Luna De olivera . 5 days ago

Seal :3

Seal :3 . 5 days ago

I want to cry, their love, but why, I can’t image that the day Selena heard that Justin married, feel bad for her, why, I hope one day

TaEtAe . 5 days ago

This makes me not believe in love even more 🤚🏻😭
meg _nut

meg _nut . 5 days ago

She always deserved way better than his ass. She just needed him for clout to get taken seriously in the music industry. She's extremely smart. You go girl 🦋✨

XSeer . 5 days ago

Imagine hailey is just a fan of jelena before then now hes the new girl of justin bieber 😂
savage life

savage life . 6 days ago

Selena dodged a bullet lol
savage life

savage life . 6 days ago

Justin Bieber married Hailey only to get back at selena. 😂 Its not really that difficult to figure that out lol. He's way too immature for her. She forgives him gave him time to change his ways but he's just a stubborn kid
Om shah

Om shah . 6 days ago

i come here everyday 🥺
Lian Narzary

Lian Narzary . 6 days ago

Is there still a jelenator in 2021🙃
CGI Future

CGI Future . 1 week ago

I still think he might break up with Hailey to comeback for his true love
Joy Vlogs

Joy Vlogs . 1 week ago

They already move on but I can't what the fuck?
ale ale

ale ale . 1 week ago

“But I won't let me lose you And I won't let us just fade away After all that we've been through I'ma show you more than I ever could say Mark my words, that's all that I have” and you did Justin, you lost her again
Ms Olivia

Ms Olivia . 1 week ago

I'm here to cry

luna. . 1 week ago

its 2021 and im still...💔
Tamires Viana

Tamires Viana . 1 week ago

Depois desse vídeo aconteceu tanta coisa juntos ainda 😔
Wanda Prescott

Wanda Prescott . 1 week ago

See !! He'll Alway's Love Her !!! 1st Love Never goes away....❤😉 🎼🎵
Wanda Prescott

Wanda Prescott . 1 week ago

They Were Together Sooo Long ,& Went Through Soo Much !!! They Should have Been the One's To Get Married..❤❤😉❤🎵🎼🎼🎵🎶
Pranay Relli

Pranay Relli . 1 week ago

1:12 did he just say PewDiePie
Ogochukwu Aka

Ogochukwu Aka . 1 week ago

They are literally like older sister and brother
Lindsey Marie

Lindsey Marie . 1 week ago

mourning a relationship i've never been in 😭
Azucena Varin

Azucena Varin . 1 week ago

22:01 she looks so pretty
Wicked Spirit

Wicked Spirit . 1 week ago

the “what is she trynna do with my heart rn” 😫
Lemonade Smith

Lemonade Smith . 1 week ago

I miss jelena moments huhu but I'm happy now seeing them happy with their own lives, discover new without each other. Their breakup led them to be matured and God fearing, everything happens for a reason. Let's say Justin find new girl just to move on but Selena got wasted, that's the reality that we live in. Some of boys find another girl just to move on but girls feel the pain and all, but at the end they are the one who really MOVE ON even longer. I lpve their memories but as a jelena shippers i wouldn't want them to comeback because the situation was never the same. Their memories together was GOLD and I kept that .
Gabriela Suira

Gabriela Suira . 1 week ago

Please someone send this to Hailey she need to know that she is just a woman who takes Justin from Selena Hailey is just the second one Selena is going to the first one in Justin Bieber´s heart forever. I hope in a future Justin divorce and go back with Selena because they are meant for each othr
Doris Clark

Doris Clark . 1 week ago

The sad part in all of this is that Selena and Justin will probably get back together because I don't think Justin and Haley's marriage will last forever I believe him and her will find their way back to each other it just might take a little time might take a little bit of distance but they will find their way back true love is always meant to be and I think they have a real connection because how would Haley and Justin Bieber get married only after 4 months being together it makes no sense it really doesn't but I think him and Selena might still have a go at it and just might be a while and in your future but we'll see time will only tell it's true love is meant to be it will come they will find their way back to each other
Kathleen Victoria Augustinová

Kathleen Victoria Augustinová . 1 week ago

eeee my gir....... my friend Me: OH MY

micha . 1 week ago

When everyone said "move on" but: YouTube: I just can't
Lexie Byrd

Lexie Byrd . 2 weeks ago

No but they look so sad separated

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