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Doja Cat - Juicy/Say So/Like That (BBMAs Performance)


Published on 6 days ago

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Comments :

noah neck

noah neck . 8 minutes ago

not the backup dancers doing tik tok moves 😭💀
bunny girl

bunny girl . 12 minutes ago

So sad there's no public ! Would have been epic
Gina Flavy

Gina Flavy . 16 minutes ago

Perfect perfect soooooo perfect i was waiting for this performance...... The best Doja Cat 🐱
Harold Mccray

Harold Mccray . 21 minutes ago

I really like Doja Cat Do u want to try * A U T H E N T I C V I E W S D 0 T C 0 M*?

Eur . 24 minutes ago

The 4k people hating is a whole problem themselfsʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Jen Ma

Jen Ma . 27 minutes ago

I wanna see her and Tinashe duet!
Nicole Gill

Nicole Gill . 38 minutes ago

I really love this performance!!!! Doja you did that!!! Very sexy and not over the top!! Yayyyy!!!!!❤️❤️👏👏👏❤️❤️

AceXyn . 40 minutes ago

Just amazing
Ellie Ghetti

Ellie Ghetti . 40 minutes ago

We love a Chicago moment
Rayan Sidd

Rayan Sidd . 42 minutes ago

istg if there would be another james bond movie she would be the singer for the main track

Armxnni . 43 minutes ago

the fact that to this day she still does yodelinghaley’s dance leaves me with soooo much respect for her.
Clarissa Gonzalez

Clarissa Gonzalez . 45 minutes ago

I actually thought this wasn’t her voice but I’m wrong now I’ll shut up 🤍

nayjam05 . 48 minutes ago

She not indie anymore She is mainstream Cat is out of hiding Go ahead girl
Patrícia Graham-Mannheim

Patrícia Graham-Mannheim . 55 minutes ago

She is such a talent, a real DIVA!
Unathi Gxarisa

Unathi Gxarisa . 1 hour ago

She lost weight! Even Sexier.

시나Bro . 1 hour ago

시카고의 록시 하트를 오마주했네요! https://youtu.be/pGTtH6pRKxo?t=40
Young Homie

Young Homie . 1 hour ago

Happy Birthday its on October 21 right
Mia Octavia

Mia Octavia . 1 hour ago

I like Doja's music. I just hate the bullshit she said.

LUIS OCAMPO . 1 hour ago


LUIS OCAMPO . 1 hour ago

walter hank

walter hank . 1 hour ago

Say so is a banger
charlie cook

charlie cook . 1 hour ago

i love her so much
hey barbs

hey barbs . 1 hour ago

I need to watch this every single day

Man2.0 . 1 hour ago

yo this is actually awesome

chellybabyme . 1 hour ago

Majestic and mesmerizing, every aspect.
Angelica Murray

Angelica Murray . 2 hours ago

She ATE 😍😍😍
Omar Grande

Omar Grande . 2 hours ago

Ok but, can we take a moment to acknowledge the fact that she was so out of air but still on key and giving her best effort? 😍 She’s such a performer!
Madeline Brink

Madeline Brink . 2 hours ago

Wow she's a really good performer!!!!!!!

kamwashere . 2 hours ago

how do i tattoo a video on me
jeaneth palacios

jeaneth palacios . 2 hours ago

Increíble presentación ✨

gabriela . 2 hours ago

i haven't been able to stop replaying the say so part
Nox Magubane

Nox Magubane . 2 hours ago

Doja you killed it 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

NAMINATA FOFANA . 2 hours ago

I want to fight all 3.9k of the people who disliked this amazing performance she literally ate this with no crumbs left
Pink Rose

Pink Rose . 2 hours ago

👁👄👁 ..........Beautiful

racoonzattack . 2 hours ago

4:04 Me watching this video.
Krishna Sreekumar

Krishna Sreekumar . 2 hours ago


NatalieCovers . 2 hours ago

She‘s so talented and amazing. The way she killed it🔥🔥🔥🔥 go queeeen❤️

Histamine_Bean . 2 hours ago

You a queen
Jessica Rdgz

Jessica Rdgz . 2 hours ago

I loveeee uuuuu
star the knight

star the knight . 2 hours ago

I just love her songs :)

alize0623 . 2 hours ago

Every single time I have an ounce of self esteem Doja Cat uploads and I realize I ain’t shit again

Nikki . 2 hours ago

Is no one gonna talk about how she's dancing wearing heels??

leo . 2 hours ago

Pop Six Squish Uh uh Cicero Lipschitz .... .... .... .... .... .... .... *Juicy*
Lakhan Hansda

Lakhan Hansda . 2 hours ago

Man ,she is a good performer.
flo ver

flo ver . 2 hours ago

What is she saying 90% of the time...
Roudline Augustin

Roudline Augustin . 2 hours ago

That was complete unexpected.
Blank Stare

Blank Stare . 2 hours ago

hold on cuz she ate
Sasha Aguilar

Sasha Aguilar . 2 hours ago

Doja! Really. Did. That!

yxppyt . 2 hours ago

i love how her clothes sparkles on 'say so' part
Sfad Hjkl

Sfad Hjkl . 2 hours ago

Yo who produced this?

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