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Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez - from beginning (2009) to end (2019)
Laura Meraki

Laura Meraki

Published on 2 years ago

Selena stated very clearly that Lose You To Love me is closing the chapter of her life with Justin. Selena has become such a strong woman and Justin is happily married. I invite you all to join them in ending this chapter by looking back at the past 10 years, but not with tears in our eyes but a smile on our face. Not many people will ever feel this love that they've felt and "it was beautiful and ugly," as Selena recently said. I hope you can realize how little we actually ever knew about their relationship. That being said, let's appreciate and look at what they've shared with us over the years. And when the video is over that means "And now it's goodbye for us."

Comments :

Onie Brown

Onie Brown . 2 hours ago

He ruined her

S PATHAN . 3 hours ago

You shouldn't have done this!
Suzie P

Suzie P . 8 hours ago

Jelena is over . He loves his wife
rim tahiri

rim tahiri . 8 hours ago

She really loved him and he really loved her. SAD
Christy Amber

Christy Amber . 11 hours ago

Selena just deserved someone better than Justin
cczwhite unlocked

cczwhite unlocked . 12 hours ago

Anyone else just realizing that they were still on and off AFTER 2013?! I legit even thought they broke up 2012!

asunaychan07 . 21 hours ago

2009 Selena: I think I don't know him, but I think he is cute. JB: Selena is cute but I don't like her. 2010 The girl: I heard you and JB are dating? Selena: *laughing* nah no i wish we were... 2011-2017 JB: Boyfriend That should be me Let me love you ----what do you mean ? --- Love yourself Selena: Back to you Love will remember Good for you Feel Me ---We don't talk anymore ---Lose you to love me ---Look at her now Boyfriend The date of release aren't in order don't mind it I just feel it's like story plot :") They were my first shipping celebraties couple since I was kid but everything has changed.
Zeynep Ü

Zeynep Ü . 23 hours ago

It is really bad story Justin and Selena was always in a relationship and I think they are better than they are with somebody and they are too both so good people but it's not together they have in ever inside of them but they figured out the life by himself by their self I don't like Haley I think Haley is a little bit F fake for me and Selena is so kind and sensitive and this toxic relationship get harms to her I wish best for to both good people
Smita Maravi

Smita Maravi . 1 day ago

Oh my god this was that time when I was born in July 2009 😂 😉
Meral Kornes

Meral Kornes . 1 day ago

So what did they say to each other That created so many barriers?
Meral Kornes

Meral Kornes . 1 day ago

Aww they were so cute! Omg so sad it didn’t work out.:(
Campur Aduk

Campur Aduk . 2 days ago

Justin n Selena full of love story'.. we all know how it feels to be a young lovers right? The feels of butterfly in our stomach, it's beautiful ❤️ But Justin n Hailey, umm.. they marriage just like blink the eyes, no drama, no romance.. idk, I'm just hoping their marriage not boring like a dry bread.

첼시 . 2 days ago

I wish Justin divorce with hailey and get back to selena

cheriechez . 2 days ago

he married the wrong woman...
Jessa Punla

Jessa Punla . 2 days ago

If they weren’t broke up i bet they have many great songs
Jessa Punla

Jessa Punla . 2 days ago

Ughhh the way they sing together at a concert 😭😭

Nine . 2 days ago

Can't believe im watching this in 2021
Camila Moreno

Camila Moreno . 2 days ago

Selena del minuto 15:46 TE ODIOOO
Rema Lewis

Rema Lewis . 2 days ago

Omg I love this brilliant video of Jelena 😭👏
Mihriban Ülker Arı

Mihriban Ülker Arı . 3 days ago

They grow up together 😭😭😭
salahangma karki

salahangma karki . 3 days ago

People in the comment section is not it. Hailey might not with him as long as Selena did. The moments shared might be too perfect to not imagine them together right now. But She is his wife now. No one in this world would like anyone saying such harsh words about their relationship. She might feel unworthy and unwanted when millions of people wish them to breakup. That's just sad. Stop it guys
Cassie Santa Maria

Cassie Santa Maria . 3 days ago

I honestly still can't get over it. It feels like they're more genuine and marrying Hailey is like something to get Selena's attention. I dunno, I just feel sad. They have so much nice history.
Marimel Caluza

Marimel Caluza . 3 days ago

Still can't over with this two
Layla Chong

Layla Chong . 3 days ago

I genuinely feel like Hailey knows that Justin will never love her the way he loves Selena
Tania Anya

Tania Anya . 3 days ago

This breaks my heart 💔. Some loves are meant to remain unfinished. How i wish there was someone maybe a true mutual friend, a family member to guide them or told them how special they are together when they were about to broke up. Damn i still wish them to be together ❤️😥
Sara Marie Miakoun

Sara Marie Miakoun . 3 days ago

nicki minaj really raised us to " keep an eye on selener"
sam lee

sam lee . 3 days ago

“In two months you replaced us”
Michaelyn Walker

Michaelyn Walker . 3 days ago

Forever thinking Hailey drugged Justin 😂
Michaelyn Walker

Michaelyn Walker . 3 days ago

Awe this slit was worse than my parents breaking up. They were beautiful together
My Edits

My Edits . 3 days ago

I feel like they were both convinced by the public tht they loved each... in every interview they will both be asked about each other
Michaelyn Walker

Michaelyn Walker . 3 days ago

People who like Hailey I challenge you to find one photo with half as big of a smile he has with Selena.
Michaelyn Walker

Michaelyn Walker . 4 days ago

Why am I crying 😭
Michaelyn Walker

Michaelyn Walker . 4 days ago

😭😭😭 let this be a lesson never fall in love!
Lucky O

Lucky O . 4 days ago

I miss them together 😢💕

ezequielmarkuss . 4 days ago

Brooo,seriously,what happened??
imma dreamer

imma dreamer . 4 days ago

can we talk about how justin was happy then
Darya Kawa Ibrahim

Darya Kawa Ibrahim . 4 days ago

reading the comments about Selena and Justin may come back together gives me hope, even it´s not something they said
Boot E. Whole

Boot E. Whole . 4 days ago

He just ruined her.
Ahokonyak Nagaland

Ahokonyak Nagaland . 4 days ago

Justine and Selena's love story will be like Amitabh Bachchan and Rekha's Love story
Juli Army

Juli Army . 5 days ago

ik they both were famous at that moment but one of them help the other to develop in the career. who was that person? selena helped Justin or viceversa?
cindy j

cindy j . 5 days ago

One of things is so toxic was Bc everyone was so invested in their relationship and in their business. I’m sure that’s not healthy. This was like the relationship of the century. I always saw them on magazines all the time
koss kass

koss kass . 5 days ago

I don’t get how he moved on so quickly
learn effectively

learn effectively . 5 days ago

He is not so handsome now (2021) than he was in teenage

teonieamp . 5 days ago

oml their relationship is more healthy and loving more than justins and haileys ngl
Carolina 2022

Carolina 2022 . 5 days ago

Meu pecado é ser jelena ate os dias de hoje
Carolina 2022

Carolina 2022 . 5 days ago

That's still hurts☹, everybody move on and i am here

Sahdsoul . 6 days ago

The only reason why Justin is like today it’s Bc Justin didn’t get to be with that one girl who broke up and cheated
Matsung Temjen

Matsung Temjen . 6 days ago

Selena said he is like my little brother. Justin fulfilled the comment 😅
A12 Martinez

A12 Martinez . 6 days ago

I'm sure they both did some hurtful things to one another in all the years they were together, but one things for sure he did Selena Dirty! At the end of the day no one deserves to go through what he put her through. Whether she hurt him or vise versa, what he pulled was ruthless. People can sit here & say Selena always plays the victim but no one will ever understand how it feels unless you've gone through it yourself. Girl was devoted to him and gave almost 9 yrs of her life to someone who didn't seem to care much about that, got married to a girl he only messed around with when he was broken up with Selena, always treated Hailey like a side chick. He really wants to make people believe that she's the real love of his life, always has been, but boy never gave Hailey her place up until they were engaged? Sorry but that's just weird. All I got to say is that Selena treated the situation well considering that she was probably in the most horrible and vulnerable place in her life where everyone knew her business, in some sort of way was made a fool in front of the world to see, while at the same time the man you still love is all happy and dandy flaunting his fiancé, posting about the girl you've been known for yrs who you thought supported your relationship only to find out he was cheating on you with her most of the time & now he's stating how she's been the one this whole time and the actual real love of his life, even after all those years. Girl was strong enough to come out with her head held up high even when people made fun of her & gave her grief, she held her own & that takes a lot! Selena has such maturity & strength that despite me being the same age as her I can't help but to look up to her because she has been through so much & still manages to try & be kind & give back despite of how life has treated her! I hope one day she finds the ONE because she deserves all the happiness in the world. As for Bieber I hope he's happy himself.

famalacious . 6 days ago

people always start loosing interest when they get what they wanted so does justin did in the beginning justin was crazy for her nd when she start loving he start loosing interest and then left i feel so bad for selena my babee

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