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The Rapala Knot - Loop to lure tying
Ben Norway

Ben Norway

Published on 3 years ago

Finland knot at its best. I rate this knot the second best after the Perfection knot.

Comments :

freestyle yaaj

freestyle yaaj . 1 month ago

Non-slip knot and Rapala knot is the same knot to tie lures.

C J . 1 month ago

I do it this way minus the last loop 🤙🏽
D. Fox

D. Fox . 2 months ago

Thanks , I'm definitely going to use this knot looks strong also
Luka Williams

Luka Williams . 5 months ago

That knot didn’t cinch together very nicely
Kyle Robinson

Kyle Robinson . 7 months ago

Would a pike not bite threw line
Johnny Stirstick

Johnny Stirstick . 8 months ago

This is one way to loose a rapala lure... puts on a barrel swivel.

watchman316ly . 10 months ago

I use this one but master it by making a smaller loop- close to the lure. It does great. Thanks!
Rich Dunn

Rich Dunn . 10 months ago

It’s called an overhand knot!🤦🏼‍♂️
Todd Horton

Todd Horton . 11 months ago

Great video! I use a snap also on jerbaits and squarebills so I get more erratic movements.
Notaliberal Fromcali

Notaliberal Fromcali . 12 months ago

Go through the loop down not up then tighten. All you need to do. Tag faces down... wont hang grass etc. Plus I make the loop small. Wont tangle on your hook.
Davy Crockett

Davy Crockett . 1 year ago

Have you tried the Hercules knot
Toby Parker

Toby Parker . 1 year ago

Ive been fishing with lures allmy life and i dont see why this is nessasay
Joey Joe

Joey Joe . 1 year ago

I do it the same way you do but I don't go through the loop again the second time that makes you tag and point forward or straight up and then that's how you catch the break if you're fixing some weedy areas I do it so the tag end of the knot is going back through the Loop behind you and pointing towards the lure inside the loop
Robert Brandywine

Robert Brandywine . 2 years ago

Have you tried the loop knot where you make an overhand knot, go through the eye and back through the loop and then tie a Uni knot on top of that. Very easy loop knot but I don't know the name of it.
Robert Brandywine

Robert Brandywine . 2 years ago

You sound Swedish. Are you?
Imam Mustofa guplack angler

Imam Mustofa guplack angler . 2 years ago

👍 bisa dicoba

looк . 2 years ago

И зачем такие сложности ?
Sabrina Lunn

Sabrina Lunn . 2 years ago

No sinker when you tying the knot to the yo zuri bait
Deadpranker And gamer

Deadpranker And gamer . 2 years ago

I prefer palomar
jess sie

jess sie . 2 years ago

the loop wont get the lure tangled up?
Martin Pêcheur

Martin Pêcheur . 2 years ago

Bad knot..weeds..debris will hook onto the tag as its facing forward
Larry D

Larry D . 2 years ago

Wet the knot before pulling it down.

russellp1982 . 2 years ago

Buy a good lure it will come with split rings
steve blues

steve blues . 2 years ago

Utter bollocks what a complete balls up of a knot.
Mark Quinones

Mark Quinones . 2 years ago

I love the rapala split minnow lure but I myself wouldnt use that knot that lure to me needs freedom so it can work as lively as it can. I think anything extra like that space between the knot would throw its movement off course. How about taking that knot all the way to the metal no space in between without the shoe string knot but the hangman knot. Which would be the know you see when you buy hooks
Tattoo Teo

Tattoo Teo . 3 years ago

We usually just use barrel swivels, but I’m definitely gonna try this

hardtyme3 . 3 years ago

Very nice tutorial! Thank you!

smokster0604 . 3 years ago

I'm a Rapala knot fan myself .....I also love the Rapala lures....fish on...

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