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What the HELL is Caroline? (A TERRIBLE Coraline Ripoff)


Published on 6 days ago

This is one of the WORST RIPOFFS I have ever seen. Why ripoff Coraline?! LEAVE IT ALONE!!!

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Comments :


Saberspark . 6 days ago

No joke, this one really hurt to watch lmao
mia gyaneshwar

mia gyaneshwar . 5 minutes ago

Next vid could you please not put music in the background or dial it down
Isabella Dunkerley

Isabella Dunkerley . 31 minutes ago

I remember hating the movie as a child with those button eyes oh those bad memories
Rose Rexy

Rose Rexy . 55 minutes ago

I speak English, Engrish, and Lolcatz.
Kitora Namto

Kitora Namto . 2 hours ago

That movie... is disgusting
McKenna A

McKenna A . 2 hours ago

Your Portuguese pronunciation made me cry.
Andreé Díaz

Andreé Díaz . 3 hours ago

As a spanish speaker hearing you trying to say things in spanish hurt my ears xd
ǰąɲƹŁŁƹ ɦɨŁŁɨąřȡ -

ǰąɲƹŁŁƹ ɦɨŁŁɨąřȡ - . 3 hours ago

The entire ripoff looks like it'd be a trashy adult show
Olivia Udon

Olivia Udon . 3 hours ago

I don't think this is a Coraline ripoff. The only similarity is the name and hairstyle of the main character. And Caroline is a normal name, unlike Coraline.
Ghoste Bxtch

Ghoste Bxtch . 3 hours ago

0:51 you wanna know what else is nightmare fuel? My mom!
Mr Speckle Yeet

Mr Speckle Yeet . 3 hours ago

This whole movie looks like a Dreamcast cutscene
Celso Miguel

Celso Miguel . 4 hours ago

The day you pronounced "brujerías" was no wrong that I don't even know how to feel about it
Beau Maysey

Beau Maysey . 4 hours ago

you know its bad when he starts having the draw new poses...
Eli Algranti

Eli Algranti . 4 hours ago

Hi Saberspark, I hope you get to read this. Did a few minutes googling in Spanish and got to this page: https://www.filmaffinity.com/es/film518831.html Which is an interview with the director about the movie. The main character name in Spanish is Malva and there was no intention in the original movie to rip-off Coraline. I think the whole rip-off angle has to be attributed to the English distribution, which may also explain the bad voice acting. This page: https://www.filmaffinity.com/es/film518831.html Says the movie was nominated for "Best animated movie" in "Premios Platino" (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Platino_Awards) in 2017 (confirmed https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/4th_Platino_Awards under the Portuguese name Bruxerias). Which means the film either really suffered in the English translation or Ibero-Latin American animation is quite bad... or both. In any case it may have stood better on its own without the comparison to Coraline. The name "Brujerias" translates roughly to "Witcheries": "What witchery is this?" <=> "¿Que brujeria es esta?"

puma_caca_shoes . 5 hours ago

Bro you should check out monster island 2017 film it's kind of weird and kinda weird but I kind of like it I think it's ok and it's on Netflix (note you have to put 2017 film next to the name of you want to check it on Google or something)
Nerdle Turtle

Nerdle Turtle . 5 hours ago

Why do the models look like bad 3D poptropica characters

Hozagen . 5 hours ago

She sounds more like Mindark from Dexter's lab

Thia . 5 hours ago

"Other mother fucking Caroline" -Saber
jorge jimenez

jorge jimenez . 6 hours ago

imagine being fucking kidnapped and they start spinning you like bro what

Skaleigha . 6 hours ago

Are you sure it's a ripoff? Cuz i see no indications other than their names being similar.
pls stand by

pls stand by . 6 hours ago

me konw span
Jacqueline Cavero

Jacqueline Cavero . 6 hours ago

Saber are you desperate or something you're making too many edits in your videos now People with low attention spans:Keep it coming saber keep it coming
Dirty Dan

Dirty Dan . 6 hours ago

Looking into the eyes of god would be pretty scary. I think a better comparison would have been raping Satan and then getting raped by god.
Kyon Shii

Kyon Shii . 7 hours ago

Fur affinity? Caught you

B H . 7 hours ago


Ultrapika . 7 hours ago

Lmao they literally just used Wybie’s mishearing/mispronunciation as a ripoff.
Ashtyn Jackson

Ashtyn Jackson . 7 hours ago

Coraline is my favorite movie i have 0 clues why tho i just like it
Toast Glue

Toast Glue . 7 hours ago

Please review dragonblade it’s something
Yellowish Bananas

Yellowish Bananas . 7 hours ago

cutegir 46

cutegir 46 . 7 hours ago

Fun fact: I just watched this movie with my friend yesterday
Linda Morrison

Linda Morrison . 8 hours ago

Video: "This is the most confusing movies I've ever seen." Me: "Oh, y'wanna talk confusing movies?! How 'bout we talk about the MATRIX series?! *That* was some confusing sh__!" Edit: Also, the characters in Caroline, this trashy movie, look like not just knock off Coraline characters, but also, *CRAPPY HORRID TO LOOK AT 3D KNOCK OFF SOUTH PARK CHARACTERS TOO!*
Zombie Guy

Zombie Guy . 8 hours ago

You think Other Mother is scary? Imagine Other Caroline
Cupcake uwu

Cupcake uwu . 8 hours ago

I know spanish but im Mexican not a spain person? Is that how you say it?
Sunny Sean

Sunny Sean . 8 hours ago

Pissed Off Skeleton

Pissed Off Skeleton . 8 hours ago

I watched coraline and caroline like wtf I mean ngl it's kinda cool but spanish? Like I was scared to watch caroline
Maya Castro

Maya Castro . 8 hours ago

brujerías mean "witchcraft"
Aioki Aquino

Aioki Aquino . 8 hours ago

2ll eto ba yung sinasabi mong Caroline?
the 3 brothers officials 3

the 3 brothers officials 3 . 8 hours ago

10:05 why pokenom And why rip off coraline 9:48 she does sound like Dexter
alcatraz gameplaysYT

alcatraz gameplaysYT . 8 hours ago

4:00 nope, that title is in spanish, i know it cause i speak spanish
colton Perez

colton Perez . 8 hours ago

You should look at ponyo

MightyMations . 8 hours ago

This movie was on Redbox, and I watched it when I was... 8 maybe? Damn.
ariadna otalora

ariadna otalora . 9 hours ago

como hablante de español me estoy cagando de risa

Jessie670 . 9 hours ago

This was your funniest review, yet! I laughed almost throughout the entire thing; especially when you turned into Mr. Krabs! And you're not kidding about that "movie" being awful.
Little Angel

Little Angel . 9 hours ago

Oh gosh how is this like Coraline?! There’s nothing they ripped off besides the name. Anyways the movie is soo bad & I agree it shouldn’t have been made
Abbs Poulson

Abbs Poulson . 9 hours ago

Am I the only one who didnt get scared of "coraline" like the movie

AMV . 9 hours ago

Brujerías = which craft and such in Spanish 🙄
Nikol Stverakova

Nikol Stverakova . 9 hours ago

Love the "before I will even get to talk about the movie, let me made fun of the creators first" Well, it is noticeable difference going from Alex Meyers or cinemasins where their criticism is actually factual and constructed

Leek . 10 hours ago

What is happening to the story line XD

Neptoons . 10 hours ago

please tell me the asl is actual asl-
Natividad Cossio

Natividad Cossio . 10 hours ago

Is spanish is like...witchcrafts in English

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