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PAC-MAN™ 99 - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch


Published on 2 weeks ago

PAC-MAN™ is back in a new 99-PAC-MAN battle royale! PAC-MAN™ 99 goes live 4/7 at 6 PM PST, exclusively for #NintendoSwitchOnline members!

🟡🟡🟡 ninten.do/6019VXwL1


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Comments :

Trohn B

Trohn B . 11 hours ago

What’s wrong with just plain Pac-Man?
Daniel Lamanilao

Daniel Lamanilao . 2 days ago

You guys think you can't use the left joycons for this game because they know that the left joycons usually has drifting problems?
njnhughg vthgtgty

njnhughg vthgtgty . 2 days ago

njnhughg vthgtgty

njnhughg vthgtgty . 2 days ago

njnhughg vthgtgty

njnhughg vthgtgty . 2 days ago

njnhughg vthgtgty

njnhughg vthgtgty . 2 days ago

njnhughg vthgtgty

njnhughg vthgtgty . 2 days ago

Chris Brochu

Chris Brochu . 2 days ago

Make Mario 99 so it isn’t accociated with 35th anniversary and can stay forever
Jennifer Salerno

Jennifer Salerno . 3 days ago

I like it
Shine Studios

Shine Studios . 3 days ago

Rock girl

Rock girl . 3 days ago

Mario Dies Pacman: its my time to shine
The IronFist

The IronFist . 3 days ago

Thank you Namco and Nintendo for all you have done! You've taken bad steps as of late, but thank you for the all of the right steps as well!!!

Kaleii08 . 3 days ago

Centipede 99 when
Knight of Night

Knight of Night . 3 days ago

The best part about this game: *You can still play it*

No. . 4 days ago

Please add pac-man and the ghostly adventures on nintendo switch , i loved playing it on my Xbox 360 when i was young but my Xbox broke
Kévin Doré Poudrier

Kévin Doré Poudrier . 4 days ago

Cool !! J'mattendais pas du tout a un Pac Man Classique Battle Royal lol
No Name

No Name . 4 days ago

1:12 I think I should be scared😳

Nosidda . 4 days ago

gotta try this one
explosev gamr

explosev gamr . 4 days ago

you guys gonna cut this one out in 6 months too?
Giselle Vasquez

Giselle Vasquez . 5 days ago

(in spongebob’s voice) IIIIII NEEEEEDDD ITTTTT!!!!!
Moog • 38 years ago Updated 1 month ago

Moog • 38 years ago Updated 1 month ago . 5 days ago

You killed Mario 35 because you knew not a lot would play this ? xD

SuperBloxTube . 5 days ago

My life is complete.

JOVIE TUBE . 5 days ago

What will happen to tetris 99
nieooj gotoy

nieooj gotoy . 5 days ago

Mario Dies Pacman: its my time to shine
Shitpost Meme Central

Shitpost Meme Central . 5 days ago

Kirby 99 please
BS - 05LA 867416 Folkstone PS

BS - 05LA 867416 Folkstone PS . 5 days ago

When Nintendo closes a game , they make another
spy spiderYT

spy spiderYT . 5 days ago

So this is like Super Mario Bros. 35?

Muted017 . 5 days ago

So it’s Pac Man CE but it’s battle royale

SanLikeBeamer . 5 days ago

Gabe McCastle

Gabe McCastle . 5 days ago

okay, but this isn’t no Mario 35. i’ll enjoy it, but im still mad.
TailsXHeeroes The Fox

TailsXHeeroes The Fox . 5 days ago

Julian Oreo

Julian Oreo . 5 days ago

Google Pac-man: *Your training is now complete.*
snhitlzell vodka

snhitlzell vodka . 5 days ago

I miss Super Mario 35. :(
Sprite Gaming

Sprite Gaming . 6 days ago

make new super mario bros. 35. with mario bros deluxe graphics and many more.

Stitastic . 6 days ago

can't wait for Galaga 99, Dig Dug 99, Rally-X 99, and all the other awesome arcade games

Siferon . 6 days ago

what's next zelda 99?
procopis christofi

procopis christofi . 6 days ago

Now when is friday night funkin 99 coming out?
Samantha Monzon Quinones

Samantha Monzon Quinones . 6 days ago

First my fav battle royal Mario 35 is gone now this? Why did my pal not tell me bout this...
Zachariah Grubb

Zachariah Grubb . 6 days ago

This doesn't beat Pac-Man 256
Tatan Toons

Tatan Toons . 6 days ago

Rythim heaven 99

Nmac . 6 days ago

Now we need pong 99
Juan Nicolas

Juan Nicolas . 6 days ago


ZAN3GAMETV2089 . 6 days ago

power pellets are what im trying to feed my bird.

Dingir . 6 days ago

Coming Soon ... Minesweeper Battle Royale
Sega Sonic

Sega Sonic . 7 days ago

We don't care! Just give us Pac Man World 1 and 2 and Klonoa: Door to Phantomile on Switch!
SayWord Son

SayWord Son . 7 days ago

Billy Mitchell

Crowmaster . 7 days ago

How to play pacman zoomer edition
Puzzle Ibmthi

Puzzle Ibmthi . 7 days ago

Mario died for this.
abbsnn cose

abbsnn cose . 7 days ago

Now we need a Space Invaders 99.
Derpy Kittens

Derpy Kittens . 7 days ago

someone explaining pac man like its new

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