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Got My Repossessed F450 Back. The Full Story.


Published on 1 week ago

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Comments :

Peter S

Peter S . 1 hour ago

You need to disconnect the telematics module completely, the original owner will always have access. FYI the module is located behind the rear passenger seat.
Hunter Hoffman

Hunter Hoffman . 3 hours ago

Was in Pottstown could’ve just asked me to steal it back for you

Anthony79 . 7 hours ago

My question is why did P1 even repo the truck when he traded it in at the dealership. He has no interest in the vehicle. Or did repo company just use him for the location of the truck
Urban Adventures

Urban Adventures . 1 day ago

Dealer tag laws. Vehicle can only be driven by employees during business hours.
pida siouy

pida siouy . 2 days ago

Humble dude. That’s a nice hat too!
willie jones

willie jones . 3 days ago

Humble dude. That’s a nice hat too!
Jim M

Jim M . 3 days ago

Do you get headaches?
Brian Mcghee

Brian Mcghee . 3 days ago

Love the video and respect you approach in handling this matter. BossStyle Approach.
abbsnn cose

abbsnn cose . 3 days ago

You have good luck! Long ago a friend had that happen and never seen his truck again!
Cameron Clark

Cameron Clark . 4 days ago

It’s not his truck it’s his companies tax write off. Sick truck man
L&J Evans

L&J Evans . 4 days ago

Them storage fees from repo lots makes them fucking thieves !
Kenneth Choate

Kenneth Choate . 4 days ago

I'm interested in the truck but if it's for free can you deliver it to where I live at cuz I don't know where you're at message me back let me know I'm a nurse in my truck
mikea hiooi

mikea hiooi . 4 days ago

You have good luck! Long ago a friend had that happen and never seen his truck again!
METRO autos Racing

METRO autos Racing . 5 days ago

Manny Lupercio

Manny Lupercio . 5 days ago

Hope you got some money back for your troubles.
cj logiudice

cj logiudice . 5 days ago

Imagine getting your truck repossessed? Couldn't be me
Martin Molina

Martin Molina . 5 days ago

What he cannot understand is how F450 was sold with the debt it had in the bank. In Argentina, when you transfer the vehicle, you have to go to a car registration office and in that case you see all the debts that the vehicle has. including traffic fines. If it is not paid at the time of the transfer, the car title will not be changed Saludos desde Argentina

hdflsts . 5 days ago

Glad you got it back. Beautiful truck! "The mirror adjustment button no longer works on my truck." has any vehicle left an impound yard without a problem that wasn't there when they picked it up?
michael galloway

michael galloway . 5 days ago

That is crazy that they took it on the February 6 and so thats $1,650 dollars i mean omg thats crazy but at least you got the truck back

soynando0fficial . 5 days ago

“dude can a transmission freeze”😂😂😂😂😂
gioyu comi

gioyu comi . 5 days ago

Glad you got it back. I'd avoid Dealer #2 with a 20ft Pole!
kevin sherman

kevin sherman . 5 days ago

To prevent any unexpected repos park the vehicle inside until the title is in your hands.
Bravesfn 82

Bravesfn 82 . 5 days ago

If the dude that traded it in used gps to track the truck for a repo for a third party, then hes aparty to felony theft and so are the repo company and first dealer.... grow a pair and lawyer up man
Work Hard

Work Hard . 6 days ago

I see yeah Jack.. Was just looking over the photos of the giveaway truck and I see you have the high beam 5 position switch on the headlight control panel. Pretty much where my 5 position switch sits on my 5th Gen light panel. 🤘🏼👊🏼
shani yan

shani yan . 6 days ago

Thank goodness. This is my favorite truck on the channel. It’s just so simple that it’s amazing.
Norse Viking Æsir

Norse Viking Æsir . 6 days ago

You would've lost the lawsuit anyways.
Norse Viking Æsir

Norse Viking Æsir . 6 days ago

There are trackers on every new truck.
Norse Viking Æsir

Norse Viking Æsir . 6 days ago

Maybe handle the paperwork correctly next time and wait for the title.

DA FASHOSO . 6 days ago

YES..YES!! I'm entering. That 450 is sure pretty, but i like that 5th gen!

Vex . 6 days ago

Dang i don't even have a running car right now. I want that truck lol
serdy ximi

serdy ximi . 6 days ago

You have good luck! Long ago a friend had that happen and never seen his truck again!
Michael Novak

Michael Novak . 6 days ago

Give away that 3rd gen
None Your business

None Your business . 6 days ago

I think sence everyone is just driving 2500s 3500s 450s to Starbucks or grocery store... I'm going to just buy a peterbilt and put a truck bed on it..... Drive it around get groceries go to starbucks 👀 LMAO my God most people can get by and just drive a Honda Ridgeline or 1500 ...
Darnelle Davis

Darnelle Davis . 6 days ago

Get a Ford they say it'll be fun they say 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️smh , thank God you got the F450🦍 back 💪🏾💪🏾
gentlemen sheep

gentlemen sheep . 6 days ago

Absolutely love the interior of the the white truck
Mountain Homesteading

Mountain Homesteading . 7 days ago

I wonder if Jack tied his hands could he talk??
Mountain Homesteading

Mountain Homesteading . 7 days ago

Ram dealership in winnie TX got caught doing the exact thing and had to go to court. They didn't pay alot cost them millions in the end. Only after ruined plenty of people credit.
shani yan

shani yan . 7 days ago

Now that you have the f-450 back hows the class a license comming along

Turpentine . 7 days ago

I Live on Lancaster Road
Doug Miller

Doug Miller . 7 days ago

Will this slow you down on making changes to any truck in the future until you get the title ??
Dennis Renteria

Dennis Renteria . 7 days ago

You had to pay storage and repo fee's wtf really happened sounds scamish to me . I'm calling bullshit and do not want to follow you .
cqvio doli

cqvio doli . 7 days ago

You have good luck! Long ago a friend had that happen and never seen his truck again!

Goober9er . 1 week ago

So nobody checked for a Lien release??
Dc Lawn Services inc.

Dc Lawn Services inc. . 1 week ago

Chill gets the deal!
Craig Kinslow

Craig Kinslow . 1 week ago

...i hear you dude been done that way when i was younger hate that 4you i look before i buy welll said dude
Craig Kinslow

Craig Kinslow . 1 week ago

4:22 see the cop goood that's goood!!!! that pos joe😠😡 wants to defund police let alone the military😡🤬🤬🤬 shame shame
Tim Smith

Tim Smith . 1 week ago

Same thing happened to me on a 06 f250 but mine didn’t get repoed. Because it never went to a 2nd dealer. But I tell you that the dealer is no longer in business.

CR7659 . 1 week ago

Get me that GMC that's behind your truck. Dealers taking trades and not paying off loans is fairly common. It's wrong, but it's fairly common. You just got on the raw end of it. You do have a legit small claims case against the dealer who didn't pay the loan for the storage fees. Should be slam dunk. Would be crazy to not do it. Not to punish them but to make you whole. I just got myself a 1994 truck. No aps to worry about.

LKWD . 1 week ago

That’s crazy bro.
Patrick Spellman

Patrick Spellman . 1 week ago

Get a camera with some stabilization built in

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