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Daft Punk - Epilogue
Daft Punk

Daft Punk

Published on 1 week ago

#DaftPunk #Epilogue

Comments :


Murky_H2O . 2 minutes ago

I wish they looked back at interstellar 5555 and did a song just one more time and came out with a banger😭

Baiji . 3 minutes ago

I got chills watching this Daft Punk forever
Aldo Laldolfo

Aldo Laldolfo . 4 minutes ago

Son unos crack


Still looks like 90"s thanks legend

BRAVEWOLF ALONSO . 13 minutes ago

Why I doesn't know why
G Nicolae

G Nicolae . 15 minutes ago

You’re already heavily missed. Thank you for your creative and innovative music that have been played throughout so many speakers in so many different places, your art is beautiful.
Paladin Entertainment

Paladin Entertainment . 16 minutes ago

Memento Mori
Mustard Pikachu

Mustard Pikachu . 17 minutes ago


Marco . 22 minutes ago

Don’t be sad that’s it’s over, be glad because it happened
Ann Tarctica

Ann Tarctica . 22 minutes ago

united forever!
Nerdy Kai

Nerdy Kai . 24 minutes ago

Thanks for the memories!😭

Lolvi . 24 minutes ago

los voy a extrañar los computadores de paine nah, pero en serio, buena musica la que se mandaron
Luis Fernando Montes Alaniz

Luis Fernando Montes Alaniz . 25 minutes ago

Guess we won't have a summer banger this year, thank you for your art.
Abigail Torres Castillo

Abigail Torres Castillo . 25 minutes ago

Miller's Homeschool Time

Miller's Homeschool Time . 26 minutes ago

So sad!
Mariana Seafox

Mariana Seafox . 27 minutes ago

Sus canciones fueron parte de mi infancia, por siempre en mi corazón Daft Punk, gracias por su música la escucharé por siempre ❤
sidnei coelho

sidnei coelho . 29 minutes ago

No :(
Hit it!

Hit it! . 29 minutes ago

I'm looking at the comments and I see a lot of people speaking different languages. It really shows how much influence they have all over the whole planet.
Sara Morrissey

Sara Morrissey . 31 minutes ago

Thank You!!! 😭😭😭
Isimpdream1234 Even though Tommy better

Isimpdream1234 Even though Tommy better . 32 minutes ago

Legends will always be remembered thank god they did it for 28 yrs
RX-O Dynobot

RX-O Dynobot . 35 minutes ago

I guess their mission is done they brought gave life back to music and now their in their ship the interstella 5555
Amo el Anime :v

Amo el Anime :v . 39 minutes ago


Vic . 40 minutes ago

Veridis Quo

W187 . 41 minutes ago

:' ) love you legends
zohlo asan

zohlo asan . 42 minutes ago

almost cried watching this
Andrew Ermogenis

Andrew Ermogenis . 43 minutes ago

Ever since they became flat earth believe all their stuff is weird. But even still this was beautifully made.

GammaRey . 46 minutes ago

Thanks for the memories and great tunes.

n1ch0l4i . 48 minutes ago

Since now, i’ll have random access memory to you music... thanks 4 all your music and vibe.

ANIME & SMOKE . 50 minutes ago

is anyone else sad too?! I grew up drunk off them. This truly is saddening. I'll miss you guys as a duo forever!
Gilberto Lugo

Gilberto Lugo . 50 minutes ago

Siempre los recordaré como leyendas... Su música me encanta desde qué era pequeño, verlos marchar me entristece, pero todo tiene su inició y un final...
Wesley Lewis

Wesley Lewis . 54 minutes ago

Goodbye daft punk. You where the best part of growing up. I will always love your music.
SkinnyDay & Luis Rey

SkinnyDay & Luis Rey . 55 minutes ago

Someone call elon musk! He can fix this 😱
Daniela Cisneros

Daniela Cisneros . 57 minutes ago

WeeeeeeeeeeEeeey Nooooop00000oooooooo
Brandon Lawrence

Brandon Lawrence . 59 minutes ago

I will always love your music. Thank you for the memories.

JustSans . 1 hour ago

4:23 Change da world 4:28 my final message, Goodbye 4:33 *Windows 95 Startup Plays*
Danni Kooper

Danni Kooper . 1 hour ago

And it was you.. the one that would be breaking my heart. When you decided to walk away. When I wanted you to stay. Me, I just wanted you to stay. ❤️
kazuya_ masumi

kazuya_ masumi . 1 hour ago

My God they were there my whole life not kidding. From 93-21 😭😭😭😭😭 (28 years) went by 😭😭😭😭
Diego Diaz

Diego Diaz . 1 hour ago

I miss you
Bacon hair Tee hee

Bacon hair Tee hee . 1 hour ago

:( be happy on your retirement, hope you live a great rest of your life. Love your music. Bye.
Genrick y los amigos 2

Genrick y los amigos 2 . 1 hour ago

Quiero llorar😭

MOD_OF_WAR56 . 1 hour ago

Imma be honest it hurts so badly i always thought to myself they’re gonna make a come back eventually but I truly knew they were done and to know that they’re actually done breaks my heart it just doesn’t feel real
Javier Martinez

Javier Martinez . 1 hour ago

Cómo siempre me han enseñado *"todo lo bueno tiene un final"* y así pasará a la eternidad mientras lo recordemos

xorci . 1 hour ago

I can't be the only one who has seen this video before, before this video even existed, someone on the platform uploaded it with the exact type of theme
Pollituber tv

Pollituber tv . 1 hour ago

😔😔The dream that will never come true is to meet Daft Punk in person, I will miss them !!
Jonathan Scattina

Jonathan Scattina . 1 hour ago

Mi mancherete tantissimo 😭😭😭
lorenzo contreras

lorenzo contreras . 1 hour ago

Tap Way

Tap Way . 1 hour ago

3 words . what da funk 😎

SEVAK MELKUMYAN . 1 hour ago

Թող ցա. Հայ ազգի լույսի համար։

DARK_ PHANTOM . 1 hour ago

Press F to pay respects. F
UB Motion

UB Motion . 1 hour ago

Something tells me this ain’t over yet. then again, I think it just might be over

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