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Nafe Smallz - Riding On E (Top Boy) [Official Audio]
OVO Sound

OVO Sound

Published on 1 year ago

A Selection of Music Inspired by The Series: https://OVOSOUND.lnk.to/TopBoy

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Comments :


Elçin . 1 week ago

Motive canlıdan gelenler
Ifsan S

Ifsan S . 3 months ago

America ain’t got nothing on this
Jerry Lou

Jerry Lou . 6 months ago

Naw...Nafe is too hard. UK rap somethin else man. Shit is too wavy....and I can actually understand him despite hit accent
Mario Lukac

Mario Lukac . 6 months ago

Young ni**a tryna get rich of a scam that was never part of the plan 💥💯

Tiger . 6 months ago

This is blatantly chip spitting
Lincoln Tua

Lincoln Tua . 7 months ago

Anyone have the instrumental for this? Shit goes hard
Michael Idude

Michael Idude . 8 months ago

4th Side x OVO
Future Shaman

Future Shaman . 10 months ago

Best track on the soundtrack hands down just hits different
Eseandy alvvv

Eseandy alvvv . 11 months ago

Yo bruvs
Jay -

Jay - . 1 year ago

I’m from the United States and this shit harder than half of the niggas over here

LIFE OF NORTH . 1 year ago

This tune is too cold 👌
Federico T.

Federico T. . 1 year ago

Frederik Andersen

Frederik Andersen . 1 year ago

Is there an instrumental for this?
Mr Gomez

Mr Gomez . 1 year ago


Reloader . 1 year ago

UK under fucking rated one of my favourite bangers pisses me off how our uk artists ain't been recognised but these talentless us artists earn millions for been dumb spraying dumb shit and sounding the same as the next one

ASMR Xi Zui . 1 year ago

Much respect for Nafe for exposing the corrupt ruling elite satanic devil BAPHOMET Worshippers. NWO illuminati demons.
Joe Taylor

Joe Taylor . 1 year ago

He’s the next Dappy

flacko_ysl . 1 year ago

mad underrated fuck me, he deserves more i can feel the way he is singin
Kings Mma

Kings Mma . 1 year ago

Sun Moon

Sun Moon . 1 year ago

His voice sounds like dappy alot I swer
Keepit1 Thousand

Keepit1 Thousand . 1 year ago

Can’t Think of a name

Can’t Think of a name . 1 year ago


J M . 1 year ago

does he have more songs like this 👀
Äli Z

Äli Z . 1 year ago

The other Song is better
Mohammed Zain Azhar

Mohammed Zain Azhar . 1 year ago

stephan castro

stephan castro . 1 year ago

Sully to Dris... why man?
UK Leaked Music

UK Leaked Music . 1 year ago

Sad I can’t watch top boy cah I don’t have Netflix
Jay Adams Beats

Jay Adams Beats . 1 year ago

This is cold 🌊🌊

dxcjw . 1 year ago

Needs a music video
KF 24s

KF 24s . 1 year ago

Fuckin cold
Janelle Allen

Janelle Allen . 1 year ago

This quality was or is better!!!
Janelle Allen

Janelle Allen . 1 year ago

Quality control...
Janelle Allen

Janelle Allen . 1 year ago

It sounds different on different...ah I guess. Label's like (piracy)
Josh Gill

Josh Gill . 1 year ago

Old nafe🔥
Thomas Jayden

Thomas Jayden . 1 year ago

beat drop is mad 🔥🔥🔥

S4IF15 . 1 year ago

All you need to know is UK on top

H M . 1 year ago

Drake wrote everyone’s bars 📝

Sukh121 . 1 year ago

This is deep.
Josh Cooper

Josh Cooper . 1 year ago

i just dropped another track from Nafe smallz on my channel called dreams🖤❕
Kayuutie Bxbyy

Kayuutie Bxbyy . 1 year ago

So underrated 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

MINECOIN Ltd U.K . 1 year ago

My ears healed after hearing this
fawwaz amin

fawwaz amin . 1 year ago

harddddd still 💯

d . 1 year ago

@linkuptv better do a listening party on this
4s Over3s

4s Over3s . 1 year ago

Mans come up from the 4th in Luton to being featured on the Top Boy soundtrack!

D’VILL . 1 year ago

travis smalls or nafe Scott 1:16 to 1:35
Ahmad Ismo

Ahmad Ismo . 1 year ago

With my niggaz right Now wlahi 🇸🇴💯
Kool Gamez

Kool Gamez . 1 year ago

Album slaps 🤟🏾🔥
lil usip

lil usip . 1 year ago

Yasha Dj

Yasha Dj . 1 year ago

scary how OVO always bring bangers
Yasha Dj

Yasha Dj . 1 year ago

this playilst is straight fire

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