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4044 M&M's Challenge (17,690 Calories)
Matt Stonie

Matt Stonie

Published on 2 weeks ago

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A couple weeks back I competed in MLE's Halloween Candy Eating Competition, and I had (& still have) lots of left over candy from contest prep. So we're eating all the M&M's I still had!!...

4044 M&M's..... What a bad idea....

Proof - https://clip.pink/watch/9knuThtA_io


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Comments :

Vedran Radanovic

Vedran Radanovic . 2 minutes ago

You eat them like a tablets, i will put eat this without water, its not fair on this way
Akshay kumaran

Akshay kumaran . 3 minutes ago

He is not eating just swallowed them 😂

YAVUZ GAME . 2 hours ago

bunu izleyen türkler beğensin

Addy . 2 hours ago

Anybody notice bliss wallpaper?
Ernest Sakaio

Ernest Sakaio . 2 hours ago

He prob has diabetes
gooble gdooble

gooble gdooble . 3 hours ago

How can he still stay fit

KN1VES 0UT ! . 3 hours ago

Everyone is focused on if he can eat them all I’m focused on why there is purple M&M’s😨
Nojus Noreika

Nojus Noreika . 4 hours ago

Jackson DeMent

Jackson DeMent . 4 hours ago

Someone pls tell me if he stomachs this or pukes it up. I’m so curious either way it’s impressive just wondering how the human body can hold that much and not make you puke. Thanks
JJ. Journey

JJ. Journey . 4 hours ago

He really said taste the rainbow

Zayturtle84 . 5 hours ago

You forgot to sort them by color and zise and squishiest

QUENTIN HANJANI . 6 hours ago

I wish Kevin was with him
bcvbb hyui

bcvbb hyui . 6 hours ago

Matt: Swallowing more than 10 M&M’s at once like a pills Me: Can’t even swallow one pill...
Tim Odjav

Tim Odjav . 7 hours ago

Don’t count them the average weight of is .88 grams multiply that by 4000 convert to pounds and go up to the weight.
Abu Kasim

Abu Kasim . 8 hours ago

Swallow not eat... he ll get an effect of GIS Gastro Indigestion Syndrome n high sugar
i Dante

i Dante . 8 hours ago

That looks fucking dangerous
Gavin Davis

Gavin Davis . 9 hours ago

Probably coulda did like 10grams of ems is 10 ems let’s say then the bag is 100 grams thats 100 ems and coulda dumped all them instead of counting dawg. That’s a lot so i applaud haha
Diana M

Diana M . 9 hours ago

Diana M

Diana M . 9 hours ago

Diana M

Diana M . 9 hours ago

Diana M

Diana M . 9 hours ago

Diana M

Diana M . 9 hours ago

Diana M

Diana M . 9 hours ago

Diana M

Diana M . 9 hours ago

Xavier Davis

Xavier Davis . 10 hours ago

He's taking them like pills😭
Metal Mummy

Metal Mummy . 10 hours ago

Matt: M&M Youtube Translation: Eminem
Enes Ceber

Enes Ceber . 11 hours ago

Kaity roth

Kaity roth . 11 hours ago

Did anyone else notice the purple m&ms in the beginning of the video? Ok........just me........... ok
A Dodo

A Dodo . 11 hours ago

Couldn't u just wiegh 1 m&m and then wiegh the amount of m&ms u want
shakeya blackwell

shakeya blackwell . 12 hours ago


Spow . 12 hours ago

I think i could eat that many
Nadia Castaneda

Nadia Castaneda . 13 hours ago

Jiggly Jelly

Jiggly Jelly . 14 hours ago

Honey only works for dollars not pounds
Samjhana Gurung

Samjhana Gurung . 14 hours ago

fuck I hate it bro. why don't you chew it.
Norman Azimy

Norman Azimy . 15 hours ago


LOS GOMEZ . 15 hours ago

Yo i have ur plate

SeVeneno . 16 hours ago

His poop will be a rainbow
Lea may Kizuke

Lea may Kizuke . 16 hours ago

Dud your not actually eating it your not even chewing, your just swallowing and drink water
Dominique Veron

Dominique Veron . 16 hours ago

That’s a dumb challenge. All is just swallowing sugar. Matt’s body is smart enough put a limit & say NO to the abuse of chemicals = colouring.
Noor Khan

Noor Khan . 17 hours ago

He just spend 2 to 4.5 hours just on counting he has lot lot of time

JustMint . 17 hours ago

*health was banned from the chat by diabetes* *heart attack was invited to the chat by diabetes* *Heart attack has joined the chat* *diabetes is now the owner* *Heart attack is typing...* Btw I was inspired by another comment on another video Video link: https://youtu.be/VxE7Fi6jH54 User name: mr.kitloin :)
_PH Girl_

_PH Girl_ . 17 hours ago

As a *not a sweet tooth* I can feel the pain in my teeth even if Im just eatching and He is the one who is swallowing that.
Wolf Lover

Wolf Lover . 17 hours ago

One question is he literally just swallowing them!? I think my life just ended!!
Rista Radicevic

Rista Radicevic . 18 hours ago

Why he didn't count how much M&M's is in100grams and calculate rest with the calculator? lol...
Brandon L

Brandon L . 18 hours ago

Most dangerous challenge yet. Don't want to see you choke to death Matt.
Maffman Shdw

Maffman Shdw . 18 hours ago

'I smell Diabetes'

FZGAMEZ . 19 hours ago


bruh_yourself . 19 hours ago

Did he...just swallow it? All that handfull in instant..?
Turbo tylerツ

Turbo tylerツ . 19 hours ago

I can’t count to ten and you counted to 4044 in one sitting

SAGEGREEN . 19 hours ago

The technique is in the head band

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