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Post-COVID Dating - SNL
Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live

Published on 2 months ago

Two strangers (Nick Jonas, Kate McKinnon) meet during their first night out since the coronavirus lockdown.

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Comments :


e . 8 hours ago

Bowl of milk

e . 8 hours ago


e . 8 hours ago

Jack Lewis

Jack Lewis . 22 hours ago

Kate McKinnon - a lesbian: “I’m not used to flirting with handsome men” 😌😉

Mia . 1 day ago

I never thought Nick Jonas was particularly attractive but with the hair... ZADDY!!
Leo Smith on Bass

Leo Smith on Bass . 2 days ago

NO BODY LAUGHED when she took money OUT of the piano player's tip jar! As a musician, that hit me too close....
Julianna Braun

Julianna Braun . 2 days ago

she actually sings pretty good..
Eddie RothVisual

Eddie RothVisual . 3 days ago

Lol that was good.
arnab mitra

arnab mitra . 3 days ago

The song tune was of Trumps impeachment played in the stadium😂

Todd . 3 days ago

Not funny at all. Going to watch Bill Murray sing star wars.
magda ramirez

magda ramirez . 3 days ago

I do believe we are going to be this awkward socially after COVID. Hopefully we will be more authentic. 😂
Athyna Alexandra

Athyna Alexandra . 3 days ago

Why does Nick Jonas not look like himself 😅
Brandyn Heath

Brandyn Heath . 4 days ago

It kinda seems like they stole that hat joke from Baby Driver

Pandatrix . 4 days ago

So if they end up marrying, she'll become Suzane Suzanson?..

nintendo9231889 . 4 days ago

I don't like the implications here. If we forgot how to be human, then we wouldn't have made it from pre-puberty to adulthood.
lyubo antonov

lyubo antonov . 5 days ago

It's been so long since @SNL has done actual comedy skids I'd forgotten how to accept the "no politics implied" jokes
god is dead

god is dead . 5 days ago

Kate laughing when the kitten meows off screen reall makes it
Chloe Reed-Nordwall

Chloe Reed-Nordwall . 5 days ago

My favorite scene was the bartender carrying the cat
random person

random person . 6 days ago

if they get married shell be susan susanson or hell be john johnson lol
Eson Lejet

Eson Lejet . 6 days ago

"Can I get a bowl of milk please." (drinks herself) (cat mewling)
Walking in LA

Walking in LA . 6 days ago

Sweet little meeeews
Ryan pro norzelus

Ryan pro norzelus . 6 days ago

If you work in a memory care unit You understand this song
Shannon Milhoan

Shannon Milhoan . 6 days ago

I want to own the famous kitten. Does it get paid?
Graham Tomlin

Graham Tomlin . 6 days ago

Peta: we're taking you to court for the kitten crying nonstop
Allie Roze

Allie Roze . 6 days ago

One of the best romantic flirting scenes I’ve seen so far this year hands down just brilliance 👏👏👏😂😂😂
Kourtney Burke

Kourtney Burke . 7 days ago

This is so cringy
Red Pandas

Red Pandas . 1 week ago

Wow they r actually perfect for each other
Katherine Barton

Katherine Barton . 1 week ago

Okay, but what's the name of that painting?
Sadistic Tomato

Sadistic Tomato . 1 week ago

many dont understand the implications of a test that has false positives. do you understand that you dont need to die of covid to be a covid death, you just need to have a positive PCR test and if you died of a car crash but had a pcr test that said you have covid guess what you died of covid :D really no joke thats how they mark covid deaths doesnt matter if you had 1 week to live, if at your death bed you tested false positive you died of covid.. people die everyday but if they get a test that has a cut off cycle of 40 what are the chances that you have covid and are contagious? well almost 0 with a cycle threshold of 40. can you answer this question" why did fauci say a pcr test of 35 is pointless and is jsut dead nucleotides"? and it doesnt take that much looking around to find out the labs are using cycle thresholds well above 35 like 40 to 45. if you still have a functioning brain you can see how this doesnt add up, why the fk would they run tests at 40 to 45 CT value??? if 35 is already pointless??
cat videos

cat videos . 1 week ago

It’s nice to see that Hollywood elites still have jobs.
Xid RK

Xid RK . 1 week ago

Tom Cruise

Atteindrelesetoile . 1 week ago

maybe it's just me but I really didn't find this one funny :/
S. Luciane

S. Luciane . 2 weeks ago

This was literally me last Saturday on my 1st dinner date since lockdown. I was so excited, bought a new wig and everything. I told my son I would be home late. Dinner was at 8, I was home by 10. I don't know what happened, I literally had no conversation for this man, and everything we tried to talk about ended up being about Covid. As soon as we got to the restaurant, I had this sudden urge to want to go home and put on my leggings and OU t-shirt and levitate all night, while watching van life videos on YouTube.
ike eki

ike eki . 2 weeks ago

what a well behaved kitten, i hope it is well compensated and loved
Aamu Aurora

Aamu Aurora . 2 weeks ago

My God. People, please don't give milk to the cats.

JzmA . 2 weeks ago

Wow this sketch sucks
Vladimíra Zubčeková

Vladimíra Zubčeková . 2 weeks ago

Marius you are late!
Ella Franta

Ella Franta . 2 weeks ago

id never think something this surreal would be relateable
Nathalie Rey

Nathalie Rey . 2 weeks ago

Brilliant. 123456.
Tiffany W

Tiffany W . 2 weeks ago

This chic drunk the 🥛 😂🤣😂🤣🤣
Danyelle Jones

Danyelle Jones . 2 weeks ago

This skit was hilarious 😭😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣

SithBunny1 . 2 weeks ago

Someone take care of that kitten! That's all I could think about.
Rossi Potts

Rossi Potts . 2 weeks ago

Hogwarts, kidding... Prison, kidding.... Prison!
Michi Vallieres

Michi Vallieres . 2 weeks ago

That bartender got the best dance partner of all!

Stan . 2 weeks ago

This is bonkers and I love it.
Mike Ward

Mike Ward . 2 weeks ago

What happen to SNL?

Strangersname . 2 weeks ago

Wow, a clever piece of writing. Haven't seen that on "SNL" in at least 20 years.

Alisocks . 2 weeks ago

Does anyone else see Nick has a slight resemblance to Maxwell Sheffield from The Nanny??
Samuel _S.

Samuel _S. . 3 weeks ago

This is a whole fucking movie Yes!!!
John Patriot

John Patriot . 3 weeks ago

They were made for each other...obviously...I wish them much luck...

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