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Published on 1 week ago

The man is back so the memes are back
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Comments :


jacksepticeye . 1 week ago

He's BACK!
Felix Ross

Felix Ross . 1 hour ago

''You're already in my ass , why not go further'' -Jacksepticeye 2021
Thomas Anderson

Thomas Anderson . 2 hours ago

im not console specific honestly i see a game i think looks cool and i play it thats it i literally play across all platforms
Jack Sparks

Jack Sparks . 3 hours ago

Its Meme Time

DeathMetalJedi . 4 hours ago

Sean: "My physical health is garbage" Me sitting in my chair eating a taco at 300lbs: (ㆆ_ㆆ)
Oracle Ivy

Oracle Ivy . 5 hours ago

14:07 "you're already in my ass, why not go further" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Dan Conner

Dan Conner . 5 hours ago

English was my worst subject, but isn’t the word he was looking for at 10:30 an oxymoron?
Ambar Olsen

Ambar Olsen . 5 hours ago

can i have some roids please lol

QuaQua . 5 hours ago

the mans is back T-T
Sean Williams

Sean Williams . 5 hours ago

He’s back!🥰
Carron Greene

Carron Greene . 6 hours ago

I'm wondering why it took me so long to find out how awesome you are.
riley ensey

riley ensey . 6 hours ago

riley ensey

riley ensey . 6 hours ago

Please do the slap chop
Tomas Hernandez

Tomas Hernandez . 7 hours ago

7:37 well i swim in my freezing cold pool sometimes and i wear shorts when its freezing i also like to eat ice cream and cold things when its freezing so ig you could say im built different
Cam Lee

Cam Lee . 7 hours ago

Geez. When I heard the comments music.... it’s been a minute since we’ve heard that.. dang super nostalgic. Was there a reading your comments video in nostalgia week?
Ninja Nickys Vegan Wellness

Ninja Nickys Vegan Wellness . 9 hours ago

Hey jack. I’m your twin. Reach out
Sofia Salvatore

Sofia Salvatore . 9 hours ago

Jack, it is a paradox.
Ashamatronic How

Ashamatronic How . 9 hours ago

Welcome back!🎉 (I know it’s a little late but I wanted to say it anyways) I hope you took the time you needed and didn’t feel rushed to come back🙂
Sam San

Sam San . 9 hours ago

Jesus christ the story time with jack hit me with huge childhood nostalgia

Bal00 . 10 hours ago

I'm the one in shorts and i say YES
T7Morshu Clips and VODS

T7Morshu Clips and VODS . 10 hours ago

3:35 Hypocrisy lmao
Too lng

Too lng . 10 hours ago

you should make an alt youtube account where you only look up dumb funny stuff. trust me i did it and after 5 videos your recommended is full of hidden gems

Immortal . 10 hours ago

“i’ve been gone for a while” Coryxkenshin: 😳
Too lng

Too lng . 10 hours ago

14:09 right to hell
Too lng

Too lng . 10 hours ago

the 'old jack' doesn't refer to your age but to the 'age' of what once was. ( jack green hair is 'older' than gaelic gladiator jack simply because the 'birth' of green hair jack was before the birth of gaelic gladiator jack) Like a newspaper article got published 50 years ago so it's older than an article published 10 years ago. Whereas the newspaper who published the articles was 'younger' during the time the first article got published.
Too lng

Too lng . 10 hours ago

yea pewds still has a _few_ peeps that hang around
Too lng

Too lng . 11 hours ago

3:32 it's on stand-by, ready to surprise the world when it's most needed
Too lng

Too lng . 11 hours ago

youtube is like a game: doing it too much you get tired of it. but then you come back after a while stronger than ever.

Velocity . 11 hours ago

Ps4 vs xbox on twitter? Sounds about right

LANDYN YOUNG . 11 hours ago

I have an idea for a Jacksepticeyes Funniest Home Videos. Do one with like people jump scaring their friends, I have one that’s called, “My crazy cousins.” if you could check it and comment on it it would be SO amazing.
Vanja Finstad

Vanja Finstad . 12 hours ago

Sean check if you got IBS. Is sounds like it

Snake . 13 hours ago

I remember when story time with jack with this music was actually a thing and I never knew I missed it till now
Michael Magennis

Michael Magennis . 14 hours ago

eat less fiber, for better gut
Beeg Yoshi

Beeg Yoshi . 14 hours ago

Can’t believe I missed meme time
Lane Fetterhoff

Lane Fetterhoff . 14 hours ago

I think that you should change the banner to Minecraft

YaBoiCannon . 15 hours ago

return of the king 🤴
Wolf Life

Wolf Life . 15 hours ago

7:19 of course I know him, he is me
John Muir

John Muir . 15 hours ago

top of the morning and happy b day
Tre Copeland

Tre Copeland . 15 hours ago

(when he didn't do the outro ) :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(
iron shark

iron shark . 15 hours ago

The pre op is wross then the colonoscopy...
Sarah V

Sarah V . 16 hours ago

Is the green top of the mornin’ mug ever coming back??
iron shark

iron shark . 16 hours ago

I wish I could join but I'm so broke.. LoL you would be worth it..
Recludere Burn

Recludere Burn . 16 hours ago

iron shark

iron shark . 16 hours ago

I'm so glad you are back...hugs..we missed you.we feel you are family and a good friend..
Docanlow wolnacoD

Docanlow wolnacoD . 16 hours ago

I think I'm that guy who wears shorts and a shirt when it's cold
maliko 2.0

maliko 2.0 . 16 hours ago

14:44 that's what she said
jazim ishak

jazim ishak . 16 hours ago

Welcome back jack I hope u have recovered well
Random Thing That Exists

Random Thing That Exists . 17 hours ago

*The Return of the Gaelic Gladiator* lil late but ye hope everyone who might read this is doing well and if not I hope it gets better for you and all that good shit - rings bell of have great day - <3
Jared John Crispino

Jared John Crispino . 20 hours ago

Got jumpscared in the intro ahahha WB!
olivian amelia

olivian amelia . 20 hours ago


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