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How Rapala® lures are made: Made For The Outdoors


Published on 4 years ago

Rapala Fishing Lures: http://www.rapala.com/rapala-lures/

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Rapala . 11 months ago

See also VMC Hooks - Made For The Outdoors: https://youtu.be/pQKQEgj8uis
Byahe Ni Kent

Byahe Ni Kent . 6 days ago

I dont get why the hooks on my rapala are rusted
David Hefner

David Hefner . 3 weeks ago

It would be interesting to know how much mark-up there is when sold in the U.S.
Ryan Rosser

Ryan Rosser . 4 weeks ago

"We can drink some beer and wait." Yeah, that about sums up fishing.

Nemo . 1 month ago

Ties lure in Rapala video without using the Rapala knot.
Greg Popp

Greg Popp . 1 month ago

No better lure on the planet !!
Patrick Michael

Patrick Michael . 2 months ago

An awesome brand. I have many.


Omg I want one but Im broke af
Pierluigi Colotto

Pierluigi Colotto . 3 months ago

My adventure with woodworking began with projects from Woodglut.
Aaron marzec

Aaron marzec . 3 months ago

It's amazing. So many people have no idea of the international business that makes its way through the Twin Cities in Minnesota.
Че Геварoff

Че Геварoff . 4 months ago

Это ж Дана Уайт.
Steady Fishing

Steady Fishing . 4 months ago

Pause at 08:10 That's the original Water Gremlin on the far right.
Steady Fishing

Steady Fishing . 4 months ago

This is why they're so damn expensive. 🤔

SamWise301 . 4 months ago

Not to be a stick in the mud but he said 13 Million a year but then this guys says 100,000 a day 🤷🏼‍♂️
Ahmed Elsakhawy

Ahmed Elsakhawy . 4 months ago

Peter Pauwels

Peter Pauwels . 5 months ago

Rapala is mispronounced throughout this video. At 7:48 a Finn pronounces it correctly.
Wiekko Sillanpaa

Wiekko Sillanpaa . 6 months ago

some of my family lives in Finland🇫🇮
Finley Lawler

Finley Lawler . 6 months ago

I’m 11 yrs old and I’ve learned all the lures u guys have made because my family owns reeds outfitters. My go to lure is the shadow rap deep 11
sea hunters

sea hunters . 6 months ago

The only problem with rapala is that it discountinued some of my favorite lures like the maxrap 7, clackin minnow 7, x rap magnum 5 etc
tree rat76

tree rat76 . 6 months ago

One of my favorite lures of all time
Leslie Tincher

Leslie Tincher . 6 months ago

No wonder they are expensive. So much goes into it. 👍
Leslie Tincher

Leslie Tincher . 6 months ago

Now I got to get off the couch and go fishing.
Hometown AnglingTV

Hometown AnglingTV . 6 months ago

I loved seeing the workers in the distribution center

dopey006969 . 6 months ago

I almost drowned saving my Rapala!!!!!!

dopey006969 . 6 months ago

Love them father used them and grand father all my uncles
Dmitar Velimir

Dmitar Velimir . 6 months ago

He offended me when he said that fishing is simple sport 😂
Neo Matrix

Neo Matrix . 6 months ago

They're awesome but cost way to much.
Mark Williams Sea Angling

Mark Williams Sea Angling . 7 months ago

My favourite Rapala is a J11 diving lure for Sea Bass. I really like the action and quality.
Bait Factory

Bait Factory . 7 months ago

I'm 14 years old , i'm like tail my lures I'm brasilian
Ka Estong

Ka Estong . 8 months ago

wow thats my dream long time ago until now....hope i got one.....iam a fisherman only hand line fishing and dont have enough money for that...

Paralyzed . 8 months ago

I didnt know Rapala was Finnish. Im suddenly Proud of my country.
J Dasko

J Dasko . 8 months ago

Imagine how many are snaged ontrees and rocks. Billions

CHUNKY_McNUGGETS JR . 8 months ago

Arto looks like he doesn't care if you broke your elbow😂
Dank 420

Dank 420 . 8 months ago

Jointed Shad Rap are my all time fav. Crappie, Bass, Walleye, Pike, Muskie, even Cats. Most of the trout I've caught were on the jointed floater on a slow retrieve. Since I stopped using live bait these and twister tails are literally all I buy.
Steve Mitchell

Steve Mitchell . 8 months ago

I own a lot of crank baits and not a one of them is a Rapalla
Mr. Robinson

Mr. Robinson . 8 months ago

I love the jointed Rapala's...they never fail to catch fish...
Michael Miller

Michael Miller . 9 months ago

Great story. Subscribed to both sites
Jaime Guimaraes

Jaime Guimaraes . 9 months ago

Eu sou pesco mais as isca sao cara mande umas para mim eu faço propaganda do produto de vcs com meus amigos que pesca eu to cem codificação. De poder compra no momento eu to começado agora valeu si der mim fale

falcony . 9 months ago

MADE IN USA ................... I LIKE THAT!

Detgrau . 10 months ago

Not rappala. Its Rapaala
Scott Hall

Scott Hall . 10 months ago

Ive caught most of my top water bass on gold and black f.9 f.11 and f.13 awesome bait
Carter Day

Carter Day . 10 months ago

I’m sorry but fishing is not at all inexpensive.
Shad Rap

Shad Rap . 10 months ago

Qualty control nowdays are poor!Starting with Flat rap 8,10cm with lips. Aswell Shad Raps 7,9 cm get hooles from zander from one bite,after they sink 🤣..but well they catch! Bring back SSR 8cm!
Tyson Bates

Tyson Bates . 10 months ago

Does Australia get the Finland lure
eugenio rosauri

eugenio rosauri . 10 months ago

I lose 20 a year
eugenio rosauri

eugenio rosauri . 10 months ago

Doesn’t make sense there prices

RideMonster . 10 months ago

Never knew even the best baits from Rapala are made of wood those baits are sooo good a tot a pike on my first Rapala cast!👍

RocketManSagan . 10 months ago

In my opinion the rapala husky jerk is amazing I use it on every fishing trip.

Seb . 10 months ago

Anyone know why Rapala uses the imperial system for measurements like depth etc? I'm Swedish and the ones in my local stores are branded with feet and ounces. This confuses me a lot. I always assumed they were made by an american company or something.
Thomas Kirby

Thomas Kirby . 10 months ago

Wow, what a way to live. Great video. It’s nice to see where some of my lures come from.

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