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Ranking Minecraft's Rarest Occurrences...


Published on 1 week ago

Ranking Minecraft's Rarest Occurrences. Everything in Minecraft happens by random chance, and some of the RAREST occurrences in this video are absolutely INSANE.


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Considering creeper lol found the rarest mob in the game, I don't think dream cheated in his speedruns / manhunts

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LEMMiNO - Cipher

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Comments :

Night Zulu

Night Zulu . 1 hour ago

Lol the outro
Felix The Egg

Felix The Egg . 1 hour ago

I found a pink sheep yesterday

Fly . 1 hour ago

5:23 in my realm with my friends we have an unlimited mine basically from the natural bug
Tom Brady Deflates

Tom Brady Deflates . 1 hour ago

Definitely didn’t show the correct calculation for that lightning strike, but the answer is correct.

NALINI GANJARE . 2 hours ago


NALINI GANJARE . 2 hours ago

Please more than 10 min video!!
Hernan Hernandez

Hernan Hernandez . 2 hours ago

Navgun Singh

Navgun Singh . 2 hours ago

who the hell cares about a damn girlfriend
Evan Zheng

Evan Zheng . 2 hours ago

my minecraft rarest occurrence was when i found a full iron amour zombie
kingston beenham

kingston beenham . 2 hours ago

10:30 :(
S Schraeder

S Schraeder . 2 hours ago

It’s also rare for spider to bite/poison you
Some guy

Some guy . 2 hours ago


Dilligafps . 2 hours ago

can u plz tell me how rare this is? here is the seed '-1077153814606939793' its only ice that I could see but i swear the ice looked like it was dipped at an angle... for context i just wanted to play on the 1.17 so i played on the snapshot and got that.
Justin Pilon

Justin Pilon . 3 hours ago

This is y im not subed:10:26
Oisin O Brien

Oisin O Brien . 3 hours ago

Ha the baby zombie on a chinken rarity is weak small my chance of geting a girlfriend is 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 I ezly take the dub
Zebra Plays roblox

Zebra Plays roblox . 3 hours ago

I saw a pink sheep and it’s my mincraft pet
Kirb Kirb

Kirb Kirb . 3 hours ago

I’m mad lucky ifg
Im Nobody

Im Nobody . 3 hours ago

Remember when Minecraft had Frostbite? Me too.
Blake Erickson

Blake Erickson . 4 hours ago

Bruh 1 in 1,000,000,000,000 chance for that 100 blocks pushed up thing to happen? That happen on like all of my world's but all around the big city or whatever I built and it was actually like that area went down bc everything else was high up

Andrew . 5 hours ago

when i first played mc the killer bunny spawned
Izuku midorya

Izuku midorya . 5 hours ago

10:30 Wow thanks for reminding me༎ຶ‿༎ຶ
Csanád Predák

Csanád Predák . 5 hours ago

I made a nether portal and it was in a fortress
IconicEllie -

IconicEllie - . 5 hours ago

jokes on you i am a girl 😉💃🏻

KENYA . 5 hours ago

Jokes on you, where do you think the term “Minecraft Girlfriend” came from?
Peachy Luv

Peachy Luv . 6 hours ago

Once me and my sister were playing Minecraft on our Xbox, a group of 4 skeletons with all enchanted armed, riding skeleton horses attacked us..

TheLynxx . 6 hours ago

I remember back a few years when I was playing on my phone, it was pocket edition and this was before you could even switch between gamemodes, sadly for me I was in creative. But I dug through a mountain to make a little fun racing track and I found diamonds at pretty much ground level, so I decided to dig around to see how many there were and the chunk of diamonds was atleast around 100, it's a thing I will forever remember
quinten Hoogkamer

quinten Hoogkamer . 6 hours ago

I've found the modified jungle biome like 4 times in 5 months
Its YourFam

Its YourFam . 7 hours ago

Any possibilities in Minecraft is in your world right now since it’s infinite you just have to find it
Mia Huang-Heinzel

Mia Huang-Heinzel . 7 hours ago

yesterday i found a vine of 8 emeralds but my brother blew them up

TheMoondog15 . 7 hours ago

I died at the killer rabbit. If I seen one in Minecraft I would just hope I have the holy hand grenade with me.
Masterful Marcus

Masterful Marcus . 7 hours ago

I’ve found a natural pink sheep and natural brown panda in my survival worlds
YoUr NoSe 0-0

YoUr NoSe 0-0 . 7 hours ago

Him: THE LAST RARE OCCURANCE IS YOU GETTING A GIRLFRIEND Me: Laughs in aromantic* Also me: It is actually rare though... I do not like relationships
YoUr NoSe 0-0

YoUr NoSe 0-0 . 7 hours ago

Badlands are my favorite..! What’s yours?
nadia •

nadia • . 7 hours ago

1 in 81 million chance of being struck by lightning but on doomsday like 4 people were hit
obamas cat

obamas cat . 8 hours ago

Whats the seed and coords for the pig spawners
Ken Ivey

Ken Ivey . 8 hours ago

I always get a village house like that
Ghodly Cat

Ghodly Cat . 8 hours ago

wow that last rarest thing rlly hit me hard cause its true U_U

EleasYT . 8 hours ago

the rarest is actually my life expiring which has a 1/100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 of happening.
Matthew Harbour

Matthew Harbour . 9 hours ago

I think I’ve seen a jungle edge. But instead of a swamp biome, it was that biome with acacia wood. H the
Entitled_ WD

Entitled_ WD . 9 hours ago

One time a drowned I killed dropped a full set of chainmail

Keepjngs . 9 hours ago

You were getting a lien and a sub until that last remark
Cloverrocks Gaming

Cloverrocks Gaming . 9 hours ago

Wait, so your saying that I have to make 163000000000000000 minecraft worlds to get a baby zombie villager that is wearing enchanted diamond with an enchanted iron sword riding a chicken???
Sir Potato Bottom

Sir Potato Bottom . 9 hours ago

2:55 Something like that actually happened to me a long time ago, probably in around 1.5, and it was in a superflat world.
1980s and Star wars Guy

1980s and Star wars Guy . 9 hours ago

8:32 Monty Python anyone?
The Spicy Fox

The Spicy Fox . 10 hours ago

I actually Spond in a modified jungle edge the other day what else do you think I should do next

ProjectDreamerYT . 10 hours ago

“Odds of you getting a girlfriend” Laughs in transmale homosexual
Wasabi Man

Wasabi Man . 10 hours ago

No way for the lightning one ive gotten struck by lightning in minecraft before

smbrlhell . 10 hours ago

I spawned in the first one
Ezra Mowery

Ezra Mowery . 11 hours ago

Dang.. that ending was solid, like mad respect for golden humor 😂
Jufty Nigntlignt

Jufty Nigntlignt . 11 hours ago

So tommyinnit was the 1 in 81,000.000 who was struck by an lightning 👁👄👁

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