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NEW Rapala® Ott’s Garage Series: OG Slim 6


Published on 6 months ago

From a passion of bait building as a childhood hobby, to customizing lures as a professional angler, the OG Series is born of the sawdust from Ott DeFoe’s Garage. The Rapala® Slim is a balsa, flat-sided bait with a medium wobble and tight side-to-side action. The lightweight circuit board lip is extremely thin yet delivers the right action and attitude no matter how you fish it, making it the perfect choice for any species of gamefish.

Comments :

Bob Witt

Bob Witt . 2 weeks ago

I Was Surprised By The Size Of The Treble Hooks.

13Fishing . 1 month ago

Very Nice

ghmsadam . 2 months ago

Ott Defoe is our generations David Fritts.
D. Fox

D. Fox . 2 months ago

I love crank baits they cover a lot of water,spinner baits too, jerk baits always but never turn down my worms baits / I found these slim baits close to home I'll be getting these tomarrow love wooden baits
ihsan lazuardi

ihsan lazuardi . 2 months ago

Thank for videos
Tyler Negron

Tyler Negron . 3 months ago

What color was that you used in the video from lake Eufaula? I couldn’t quite tell in the video.
Suburb Kyle

Suburb Kyle . 3 months ago

Much respect for Ott as an angler but as a woodworker seeing him use a router table like that made me cringe and look away. That is flat out dangerous! Be safe Ott!
Phil Clark

Phil Clark . 3 months ago

Picked up three different colors at BPS. Can’t wait to get a bigun hooked up.
Kevin Moore

Kevin Moore . 3 months ago

I still catchin big ones on F11 in original silver minnow to this day.I will prolly get 2 or 3 lunkers each year,dont always land them but thats why they call it fishing. Got my first bass on a blue f11 in Spring 1980...6lb.12oz.
Ovais Malik

Ovais Malik . 3 months ago

Just got 6 of em' 😁
Matthew Shutta

Matthew Shutta . 4 months ago

Calling it the OG S E R I E S.. What's Next?!?! @Rapala I'll be ordering a few of these as a Rapala VIP from the website when you get some more colors in stock! #rapala
Chuck Brooks

Chuck Brooks . 4 months ago

https://thecolorsofbagleys.com/images/Models/BFlatShalLips.jpg Balsa, flat, circuit-board lip (circuit boards were the preferred/available lip material for early lure makers like Jim Bagley.) and a nose tie....
Chuck Brooks

Chuck Brooks . 4 months ago

You didn't invent it Jim Bagley did, with the "Balsa B Flat" Let's start with the truth and pay homage to Jim Bagley who was a beast of a lure maker. He, JIM BAGLEY, noticed that when the lure hit rock, or weed cover, a flat bait deflected, and shimmied like a wounded bait fish, and that's when all hell broke loose. a disorientated fish loses its natural camouflaged, and this attracts predator fish to strike. He added rattles and that was pure perfection in an artificial bait. I'm 53, been collecting lures since I was 10, and prolifically when I became an adult. I know lure history and nearly all patented aspects of baits. You would have made Jim Bagley proud, but Jim invented this bait. and just because Jarmo bought the rights to Bagley, doesn't mean that Rapala own the history...

JACKBASS . 5 months ago

#Rapala When do these hit the shelves?
Tierra y agua

Tierra y agua . 5 months ago

Me facina esta precentacion.... 🥰🥰🥰
Will Perryman

Will Perryman . 6 months ago

I have fished Rapala for 60+ years, since my Dad gave me my first one in 1958 on Kentucky lake. One of my best days ever was on Kentucky lake in 1989 when I caught 4 smallies with the crawfish color shad rap in 4 casts all over 3lbs. I was with my brother and a few buddies and we drove into Murray Ky to a tackle store and bought them out of their crawfish colored Shad Raps plus a few others🙌👍✊ I can’t wait til my new OG’s arrive and Ott is my Hero ✊🎣🔨🎣
Deu Bahadur

Deu Bahadur . 6 months ago

I need allso rapala how to
WaNNa MaKe LiBs cRy

WaNNa MaKe LiBs cRy . 6 months ago

Hey rapala! I just had a lure of urs snap in half on a 10-20lb walleye it was a suspended 2-4' with metal inside it. How the f did that happen? Seen him hit so i set the hook and snap! Only the head left...
luis carlos munoz torres

luis carlos munoz torres . 6 months ago

Hola son los mejores señuelos del mundo
Mark Orphan

Mark Orphan . 6 months ago

Jeff Haire

Jeff Haire . 6 months ago

Man I enjoyed this video. Watched the whole thing twice. Thanks
youbetcha baits

youbetcha baits . 6 months ago

I wanna be like him
Ray choi

Ray choi . 6 months ago

OSP HPF always kick your cheap ass

Solocanoe . 6 months ago

I have the old Rapalas from my dad and dad in law...the OLD balsa ones from the early days...they really do perform differently. Ott is the man. Simple and looks very effective! I'll pick one up.
Dan Martin

Dan Martin . 6 months ago


BOSS HOGG . 6 months ago

Can't wait to tie one on!

hewittjh58 . 6 months ago

This is exactly what I've been looking for since throwing a Lucky Craft flat mini DR, even better with the short shank trebles.
Marcos Villa

Marcos Villa . 6 months ago

Rapala is the best lure company in the World, period. But lets be honest, this is a DT Flat 3 with a round lip instead of a coffin shape lip... I dont think Ott came out with this from saw dust... Good new colours!

G H.FISHING . 6 months ago

👋 coucou de France 🇫🇷, cool, top 👍👏👏👏
Herb Albert

Herb Albert . 6 months ago

Ott how much tuning do you have to do to the front eyelet to run straight right out of the package????
Nick Cavazos

Nick Cavazos . 6 months ago

Man I can't wait to get my hands on these!
Joyce DiMaggio

Joyce DiMaggio . 6 months ago


bigbadbri08 . 6 months ago

Why is everything freshwater
Emerson Zuñiga

Emerson Zuñiga . 6 months ago

Son una belleza, pero los anzuelos se quiebran y las argollas se abren.
Don Diesel Fishing

Don Diesel Fishing . 6 months ago

I love ott, God bless that man.

fishworld . 6 months ago

Yes you are the best fishing company ever I love the crankbaits I love the streams flat great video


Muller de Arruda

Muller de Arruda . 6 months ago

doug stubbs

doug stubbs . 6 months ago

i have had 4 on order for the "warehouse" for months. it will be like christmas when they get here...

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