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Published on 5 days ago

The Toffees and Reds combined for mayhem in a wildly entertaining and controversial Merseyside derby at Goodison Park. #NBCSports #PremierLeague #Everton #Liverpool
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Everton v. Liverpool | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 10/17/2020 | NBC Sports

Comments :

Mr Abdullah Muhammad X

Mr Abdullah Muhammad X . 4 hours ago

Sriram G

Sriram G . 6 hours ago

Liverpool need to move Trent to right sided midfield and get a proper right back. Trent is excellent with crosses and attacks but just plain terrible as a defender

Rizzo RIZZO . 7 hours ago

Robert Lewandowski was called offside last season in a millimeters offside decision and everyone was all “A millimeter and a mile offside are the same thing derrrrrrrrr” but Mane is a millimeter offside and everybody is all VAR SHOULDNT BE USED FOR THESE TYPES OF DECISIONS!

Rizzo RIZZO . 7 hours ago

English referees are seriously a crime against humanity.
Dane Byrd

Dane Byrd . 8 hours ago

7:09 "and this'll be a perfect angle, just watch him try and uh-" *_cuts to a new shot_*

MrJoromekiq1 . 9 hours ago

So, I have heard a lot about how Guardiola spent millions on super stars, while Klopp built a winning team by brilliantly coaching lesser players. I guess, now is the time for him to prove that, when his 2 big-money-signings are out
Brendan Gatsu

Brendan Gatsu . 11 hours ago

What a trash ref
Ganno Alpargatas

Ganno Alpargatas . 14 hours ago

Miguel Cortez Jr.

Miguel Cortez Jr. . 17 hours ago

That definitely should have been a red card literally like 1/20 of Van Dijk's body was offside

Ivan . 19 hours ago

the other commentator is such a liverpool fan and i’m glad to see they took the goal off 😂🤪

Ivan . 19 hours ago

“consistent” virgil van dijk😂😂😂😂
Jim John Marks

Jim John Marks . 1 day ago

3:09 - if the final whistle blows and I tackle an opponent like that after, I’m still going to be shown a red card. Ok, it’s offsides, it can’t be a penalty kick (just as it can’t be after the final whistle), but red cards are given outside the boundaries of open play all the time. What a bizarre decision. VAR has just created open season to end rivals’ careers so long as you know another infraction has already occurred.
jonathan .940

jonathan .940 . 1 day ago

Looks like Liverpool didn’t pay the refs this game
Matthew Feurdean

Matthew Feurdean . 1 day ago

Adrian needs to leave, how many goals do other teams need to score for Klopp to see
Martin Hernandez

Martin Hernandez . 1 day ago

ese era penal y expulcion para el portero del everton de que sirve el bar ....para nada
Mark Dowdy

Mark Dowdy . 1 day ago

LoTG- "Clear and obvious" Nothing nothing nothing about that offside call was clear and obvious
Eric TheRed

Eric TheRed . 2 days ago

What a fucking joke. That ref and this system should be ashamed. Big fucking asterisks on a lot of matches. I saw the replay and said out loud no way they call that offsides and I’m a neutral observer. It’s just sad.
Sergio Bajetti

Sergio Bajetti . 2 days ago

I don’t think that Jordan’s goal was offside. That would’ve been horrible for Pickford, who in my opinion other than that and the hit on Virgil had a great game. I’m a Juventus fan btw.
Collective Macri

Collective Macri . 2 days ago

How are Robertson and Trent two of the best full backs in the world?

flynn . 2 days ago

as an everton fan mane was def not offside. but whatever im not complaining
Artuğ Altuğ

Artuğ Altuğ . 2 days ago

I am convinced that Adrian is an imposter and not a real football player let alone being a keeper! How he can stay at liverpool is mind blowing. Sack him and bring in a youth goalkeeper in his place!

DJ A. . 2 days ago

LiVARpool vs EVARton: Battle of the Best

Fross . 2 days ago

Ahhh. Watching that goal get called back against liVARpool was so relieving and beautiful. I love the sadness that fell over them the second they realized
Krish Chaudhary

Krish Chaudhary . 2 days ago

I saw vvd's injury and didnt realize i was rubbing my knee till he walked off. I felt the pain through the screen. Nothing but prayers to my favorite CB
Yuri Zsa

Yuri Zsa . 2 days ago

2 points 1. Erland haaland, don't come and play in the epl if Pickford is allowed to get away with the tackle unscathed, like your dad swore off epl. 2. I thought var was established because some goals were allowed/disallowed due to blatantly wrong calls, mane's offside wasn't blatant, if he is offside. I'm not for liverpool, because sissoko's handball penalty in the champions league final shouldn't be it neither.
melvin from 9

melvin from 9 . 2 days ago

Rip Van Dijk prayers
Ben Cardon

Ben Cardon . 2 days ago

VAR has gone too far. Ruining the game.
t b

t b . 2 days ago

nahcol d

nahcol d . 2 days ago

14:25 Matip calms down really fast.

JJ . 2 days ago

Thank you so much for not posting scores
Dean Cox

Dean Cox . 2 days ago

Stupid fuckers in charge of the game have forgotten why the offside rule was originally implemented. It was not introduced to prevent attacking players sneaking one inch of the their arm, leg or hairstyle past the last defender. What a bunch of incompetent jackasses. As for Pickford, I'm sure the Kop will be waiting for him next year when the crowds are back in the stadiums. :-)
niangsian lun

niangsian lun . 2 days ago

Even Acenloti agreed no offside
Krombopulous Michael

Krombopulous Michael . 2 days ago

As a southampton fan, couldn't be happier than van dyjk is getting his comeuppance for the shameful way he refused to train until he cried his way out of the south coast... I get it. Liverpool vies for trophies.... Southampton tries not to get relegated. Don't sign a massive extension with a club then force your way out though.
Rodnell Alcika

Rodnell Alcika . 2 days ago

Alexis Pacheco

Alexis Pacheco . 2 days ago

Which part of Manes body was offside? I thought you were not offside with hands and arms and it looked like they were lining up with his elbow which is a part of the arm and shouldn't have been offside.
Rolando Pulido

Rolando Pulido . 2 days ago

This is not what we signed up for with Var. I smell something rotten.
Anthony Vangelos

Anthony Vangelos . 2 days ago

Pathetic that’s not a foul keepers making a play on the ball and van dik gets caught embarrassing that people think this is a foul what’s he supposed to do not challenge for the ball people that think it’s a foul obviously have never played keeper
Christian Chambre

Christian Chambre . 2 days ago

Its time for Refs to get cards!
Christian Chambre

Christian Chambre . 2 days ago

VAR ref was wearing his Toffee shirt

billy . 2 days ago

it was offside the angle of the camera is not perfectly straight

jufemar . 2 days ago

James pure class!! 🎩

Oreos&Milk . 3 days ago

Offside HOW?!?!?! Mane is CLEARLY onside. Is the LSD I took years ago kicking back in???? -Signed, a Wolves fan
Marcos Becerra

Marcos Becerra . 3 days ago

Guys I just have to say 3 words for Liverpool fans that are complaining about var they are wolves vs Liverpool
Maegan Barrett

Maegan Barrett . 3 days ago

Stupid offside call. Arms and hands shouldn't count. Stupid VAR! Stupid decision and it cost liverpool...
Roman Shilmester

Roman Shilmester . 3 days ago

What a squad Everton is becoming !

SamKutsmanVlogs . 3 days ago

Andrew Morris

Andrew Morris . 3 days ago

Why do NBC persist with wasting SO many minutes with discussion of the lineups ahead of each game!? WE DON'T CARE we want the actual action!

Peyman . 3 days ago

Offside is offside. Not fair to the other team if they don't call offside.
Rad oris

Rad oris . 3 days ago

...by reading their expressions in their faces , the fact is; it can happen to any club and there's no respect of persons according to coaches to the decision making of the referees authorities: difficult to compare "ants with paquiderms". 18:00 but Ancellotis expression didn't cast away its confidence to the reaproches of Kloope reverberatione... man... itcan happen to anyone. Peace.
AJ Callejas

AJ Callejas . 3 days ago

not going to lie Calvert Lewin another striker you know👍🏼

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