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"I'd light you up, man!" Best of Aaron Rodgers Mic'd Up!
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Published on 6 days ago

"I'd light you up, man!" Best of Aaron Rodgers Mic'd Up!

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Comments :

Simon Gujbhi

Simon Gujbhi . 17 minutes ago

Can you believe people actually try to say he don’t get along with teammates??
Kenjen Vang

Kenjen Vang . 55 minutes ago

All the rodgers haters are gonna miss him when he’s retired...packers fan are blessed to have farve then Rodgers. Sad that the packers wasted his career.
dueeh nyyu

dueeh nyyu . 4 hours ago

He has like a slingshot for an arm, this is coming from a die-hard Marino fan.
Banana Surplus

Banana Surplus . 4 hours ago

Greg Jennings hype af

jasonator221 . 7 hours ago

mike mccarthy before he ate another mike mccarthy
Kameron Knodel

Kameron Knodel . 8 hours ago

as a Steelers fan Aaron is my 2nd fav Quarterback of all time
Sanchez Sanchez

Sanchez Sanchez . 11 hours ago

Man I love Coke head Rogers

doyouknowdawae . 12 hours ago

And then he got lit up by the bucs. The end
Tahjir Taylor

Tahjir Taylor . 13 hours ago

aaron rodgers been doing what mahomes doing now

R S . 13 hours ago

Damn Rodgers used to be a biggin
Ben Swartz

Ben Swartz . 17 hours ago

Want him to win a super bowl
huttio srreu

huttio srreu . 21 hours ago

Idc what anyone says he’s the MOST TALENTED OF ALL TIME NO DEBATE not one of the most talented THE MOST TALENTED
Jeff O'Neill

Jeff O'Neill . 22 hours ago

All these Mahomes comments are hilarious. Obviously these people don't know that Mahomes literally studies Rodgers 😂

NateD4WGG . 1 day ago

5:15 when people take ur dumb jokes seriously... Rip
Urassnface 1

Urassnface 1 . 1 day ago

Rodgers seems like he's a super funny dude to be around. I've never doubted his gameplay but the guy always looks solemn or salty as hell most of the time on TV. This video gives him a lot more likeability in my opinion.

blacklevinae86 . 1 day ago

Bob Charlie

Bob Charlie . 1 day ago

Aaron is just a cool dude.
vinasu maaj

vinasu maaj . 1 day ago

This video just makes me miss Raji even more😔. Such a fun dude to watch and he was funny af
Mr. Me

Mr. Me . 1 day ago

Dude you can't go to Tampa and fold after one pass! PUT IT TOGETHER BRO!
Dave C.

Dave C. . 1 day ago

He threw a pick six and pissed down the side of his leg for the rest of the game. Rodgers has a lot of natural talent but he isn't a killer.
Codey Snow

Codey Snow . 1 day ago

6:11 is a perfect example of what those who say Aaron has been making throws that people are raving over Mahomes about.

C_Wonder . 2 days ago

He’s one of my favorite old school QBs in the league. Respect this mans talent -49ers fan
Andrew Lee

Andrew Lee . 2 days ago

“Goofy or regular bruh?”
Dustin Kunick

Dustin Kunick . 2 days ago

Something between Rodgers and Jennings just dont feel right🤦
Jacob Johnson

Jacob Johnson . 2 days ago

Idc man telling your coach in your headset, "hey i got this" is just badass
bilisha coli

bilisha coli . 2 days ago

This video just makes me miss Raji even more😔. Such a fun dude to watch and he was funny af
D OneAndDon

D OneAndDon . 2 days ago

Blame everybodt but himself when things go bad Rodgers does great against nediocre teams and one Superbowl in 15 years...lol overrated..
michael hogan

michael hogan . 2 days ago

imagine if he got a coach he respected.
Brian Her

Brian Her . 2 days ago

Vikings fan here but gotta respect the bad man Rodgers! Future hall of fame.
Mac Aroni

Mac Aroni . 2 days ago

AR is a joke He needs to retire

donnie . 2 days ago

i miss raji
Isiah Easterling

Isiah Easterling . 2 days ago

Aaron Rodgers "I think we're pretty good on offense " *Tampa Bay Buccaneers Defense has entered the chat*
Hussain Ataullah

Hussain Ataullah . 2 days ago

11:20 MARSHAWN!!!
Juan Echevarria

Juan Echevarria . 2 days ago

Aaron rodgers weird....
Justin Gardner

Justin Gardner . 2 days ago

What a shocker “ Off the hands of Jones”
Shoresy 69

Shoresy 69 . 2 days ago

This didn't age well
Badass Beast

Badass Beast . 2 days ago

Still trying to find out why people calling him the GOAT .. no passing yard records no records for most MVP no records for most TD. No records for most super bowl wins or even gone to. No records for the most winning QB. No records for the most accurate QB. I mean the list is soooo long. What the hell has he done in pro football that makes him the GOAT
Ms Tec-o

Ms Tec-o . 2 days ago

Aaron Rodgers take that L 😂😂
Mike sampson

Mike sampson . 2 days ago

I loved Watching Roger's get lit up sunday. Poor guy.
man man

man man . 2 days ago


JT . 2 days ago

Bruh he has gunslinger X5
beedsj roiue

beedsj roiue . 2 days ago

“Goofy or regular!?” As a skater 🛹 Rodgers is somewhere up there with Tony hawk

1986 . 3 days ago


erbgorre . 3 days ago

i would actually pay to see him try and tackle marshawn. even now, coming straight off the couch ;D
Drew R

Drew R . 3 days ago

He has no heart.. not a soldier..
Hotforteacher 75

Hotforteacher 75 . 3 days ago

All I know is that two beautiful women has left him. Rogers must be gay. Maybe when he's done with football he'll come out of the closet and say, "this is my boyfriend Steve." LOL
Afif Hizami

Afif Hizami . 3 days ago

Who's here after Rodgers got thrashed by Bucs? Edit: Someone said "beaten" is an understatement. Thrashed is better. He's still an elite QB though.
Jonathan Anderson Sr

Jonathan Anderson Sr . 3 days ago

Who else is here after that Bucs ass whipping? We will bounce back!
Rodney Horsley

Rodney Horsley . 3 days ago

Lets see what he was saying yesterday. A lot of crying I'm sure.
Mikko Brown

Mikko Brown . 3 days ago

What a bum

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