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The Subnautica Iceberg Explained
The Last Bacon

The Last Bacon

Published on 4 months ago

Original iceberg by u/ImmortalGodWizard:

00:00 Introduction
01:02 Sky Above Iceberg
03:15 Iceberg Surface
05:57 Shallow Water
08:21 Iceberg Middle
11:28 Lower Iceberg
14:55 Iceberg Bottom
17:28 Upper Abyss
20:19 Lower Abyss

Today I'll be taking a look at the iceberg of Subnautica theories and conspiracies. We'll be going down the list with me explaining every entry, all the way from the surface into the deep dark abyss below. Ready for the deep dive? Well then put your tinfoil hat on and let's go!

Thank you for watching, come back again!

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Comments :

The Last Bacon

The Last Bacon . 4 months ago

Shoutout to our epic discord community :) If you guys haven't join yet, you should really consider! We do giveaways, events and you can just directly talk to me! https://discord.gg/KrvBJPD
Scary LUX Sway357

Scary LUX Sway357 . 6 hours ago

I actually made a base that went from the sea emperors base through the teleporter to the QED, so I had a full base that existed in depth 1300 and 150 lmao

Toastmarine . 20 hours ago

i did the no water glitch while i was in the primary containment facilty so i just walked around the sea emeror

Toastmarine . 20 hours ago

me undocking my prawn: everyone else in the cyclops at the ocean floor Toastmarine fell out of the world
Master _CHEIF 117

Master _CHEIF 117 . 1 day ago

First i didnt know about sandy hook when i saw it on wikipedia it was so tragic :(

Supremerecking23 . 1 day ago

I love your content and channel The last Bacon keep it up😃

Voidwalker . 1 day ago

Moral of the story: Go back in time, prevent Sandy Hook, and boom, guns in Subnautica.

Bunnyhead . 2 days ago

at around 19:52 he says: "the content of these would be voted on by the community the best ones would then appear in peoples games." i found a timepod containing a RAW PEEPER and the picture litteraly was a picture of the sea and saying:"THIS IS AN PICTURE OF THE SEA" just how. HOWWWW
Rich Humphrey

Rich Humphrey . 2 days ago

@The Last Bacon - Arctic Zone is in the Tropics is referring to the end of the game, in which the player is passing by the planet right before it goes into warpspeed, if you look at the planet, you can see that there is a vast, icy continent in the middle of the planet :)

Deaconator2010 . 2 days ago

This video title made me think u were talking about the icey area in below zero

Alexandra . 2 days ago

Ngl this is pretty weak and boils down to “a lot of players think this would be a cool feature in the game”. When most people think of icebergs, they’re about little known facts only discovered by the deepest delves into lore and theory. Good video I guess. But boring iceberg that honestly didn’t deserve a video.
The classy baryonyx

The classy baryonyx . 2 days ago

Every copy of subnautica is personalized

Rigatonia . 2 days ago

oh crap! I totally forgot the Terraformer tool was in the game! I just started a new playthrough after a few years ago.

demonblade001 . 2 days ago

I just wish I could switch between game modes. Do creative and switch to hard-core. For fun sake.
Ian Taggart

Ian Taggart . 3 days ago

A reaper DID follow me into the safe shallows once. In peace, may it rest.

chiffmonkey . 3 days ago

The arctic stuff is referring to the ending cutscene, where you see what looks like an arctic biome on the planet's surface. The PDA voice seems to be based on "Emma" from Naturalreaders text-to-speech. The time capsule claim is that you're not really seeing them from other players, but that they are randomly generated (kinda like how Death Stranding manipulates the asymmetric content).
The Mitch Zone

The Mitch Zone . 3 days ago

6:24 HOLYY F***! I never thought of this! I'm gonna try this immediately! 🤯
Samuel Jett

Samuel Jett . 3 days ago

The sea dragon animation thing is true. I remember seeing it in creative a long time ago.
John Wakeley

John Wakeley . 3 days ago

What's with the O2 monitor on the screen
Frankie Kelly

Frankie Kelly . 3 days ago

The "Arctic Zone is in the tropics" one is referring to Sector Zero being near the equator of planet 4546B.
Scoop Dukem

Scoop Dukem . 4 days ago

It's weird when I look up "Peeper Leviathan" on Google, I get nothing....
Scoop Dukem

Scoop Dukem . 4 days ago

@10:42 thanks for clarifying, I would've never have understood that........................................................
Scoop Dukem

Scoop Dukem . 4 days ago

Interesting to think that Genghis Khan had some influence in this game.

n_m8 . 4 days ago

the transition sound sounds creepy, is that a slowed down reefback?

Naguimar . 4 days ago

I love how you reply to every comment even the ones that are weird like that one comment mentioning r/subnauticaP... I wish I had the confidence to reply to every single comment
Michael M

Michael M . 4 days ago

have you played ubnatica before you'll find mot of the aner to the tuff here by playing it

COOLGAMER88 . 4 days ago

Crahfish!? Aw man

DerWal . 4 days ago

I am surprised that the crabsquid sounds are not on the iceberg. They were inspired by the mutos from Godzilla 2014 and many people don't know that.
Adamo 0920

Adamo 0920 . 4 days ago

Actually if you dont make or repair your radio.... you can easily disable the alien turret since the sunbeam wont be coming. 200IQ solution
Master _CHEIF 117

Master _CHEIF 117 . 4 days ago

Once my brother was playing on his map he got chased by a reaper who later followed him to the shallows and my brother well he kept the reaper as his pet

Aurora . 4 days ago

why do you kinda sound like the guy from 'burgerking foot lettuce'
Ab Xy

Ab Xy . 4 days ago

How the hell is "all fauna is one sex" some sort of deep dark when it's literally just one of PDA entries? So much of this iceberg is downright dumb.
pika power

pika power . 5 days ago

Most of these arent even "theories" or "Conspiracies" dumb ass There basically all just things in the game
strich gaming

strich gaming . 5 days ago

He said one cex
Louisa Hampenberg

Louisa Hampenberg . 5 days ago

The stalkers never attack Me i dont know why
Disney Bird

Disney Bird . 5 days ago

I see Alien vent title **SUS**

DragishKev . 5 days ago

Wait, what if Riley never made it to the end to escape and the warpers went chasing after him in space?

Toaster . 6 days ago

r/subnauticaporn :)
Linda M McKenna

Linda M McKenna . 6 days ago

If you look hard enough at 1:48 you can see a ghost leviathan
U Cannot Defeat My Shmeet

U Cannot Defeat My Shmeet . 6 days ago

What about the door above the emperors tank that you can never seemingly get to tho??
U Cannot Defeat My Shmeet

U Cannot Defeat My Shmeet . 6 days ago

The pawn suit is literally just named after a bottom feeder
U Cannot Defeat My Shmeet

U Cannot Defeat My Shmeet . 6 days ago

13:35 honestly swimming in a circle keeps most enemies from hitting you and instead giving up
U Cannot Defeat My Shmeet

U Cannot Defeat My Shmeet . 6 days ago

Wait but I went far past 8000 m in the crater
U Cannot Defeat My Shmeet

U Cannot Defeat My Shmeet . 6 days ago

It’s funny that they made up a fake reason they can’t land, since they get far beyond the clouds. Also you can kill reapers and such, so if they’re limited in number you can presumably kill all of them and explore easily
Nicolas Restrepo

Nicolas Restrepo . 6 days ago

Even if creatures in subnautica are only one sex, I’ll still label the ghost, reaper and sea dragon leviathans as males and sea emperor as female

theisgood0 . 1 week ago

What’s more scary is how Minecraft as a game is somehow tied to this lol.
Kazuli The Seawing

Kazuli The Seawing . 1 week ago

I've done this a bit, get bunches of crash fish eggs in an aliemt containment area, breed em, then pick em up once they're ready. You can basically use them as ammo.
damen whelan

damen whelan . 1 week ago

That slithering noise is so off putting.
Sherri Olsen

Sherri Olsen . 1 week ago

i dont think time capsules are randomly generated. somebody got a time capsule with 6 fire extinguishers, a picture of a fire extinguisher, and a message saying "Fire safety"
Witchdoctor Williams

Witchdoctor Williams . 1 week ago

The no-crush depth in the sea emperor tank is basic physics. Should be above the "iceberg".

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