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NEW VIDEO: "Creating EDWARD KENWAY with Clay (Assassin's Creed IV – Black Flag)" --~--
I try to create Wolverine in the Fortnite Skin Version by using sharp blades only as tools! In this video, we will also make a Giveaway, do a donation from our Chadwick Boseman Tribute Video and just have fun with clay! Take care guys, love you all!

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Comments :

Jenelyn Sumagaysay

Jenelyn Sumagaysay . 1 hour ago

Please make superman
Dill Craft

Dill Craft . 14 hours ago

Next make the Fortnite Wolverine style Logan.

Fl8m3sh8d3 . 2 days ago

Make venom
Aisam khalid

Aisam khalid . 3 days ago

You should try making storm from fortnite
Pablo Guadarrama

Pablo Guadarrama . 4 days ago

Create venom
Pierce Family

Pierce Family . 5 days ago

Make galactus with only large tools

JOSE SALAS . 5 days ago

Is amazing

JOSE SALAS . 5 days ago

Dolores Diaz

Dolores Diaz . 6 days ago

Its epic
Rubén André Torres

Rubén André Torres . 6 days ago

do logan wolverine style fortnite
Ran Kutan

Ran Kutan . 6 days ago

מאפה אתה משיג את הפלסטילינה הזת
Asian. Inc

Asian. Inc . 6 days ago

0:26 I never knew that the tool in the middle was so sharp Now I’m gonna go buy one don’t ask why
insatiabledesire foryourinsides

insatiabledesire foryourinsides . 7 days ago

Ich hoffe, Du kannst mir das mal auf deutsch beantworten. 😅 Ich hab bei so vielen Leuten gesehen, dass die einfarbige Masse benutzen und die dann bemalen. Wieso machst Du das nicht? Hat das in Deinen Augen Nachteile? Ich muss mir dringend Zeug kaufen und bin mir echt nicht sicher, ob ich farbiges nehmen soll oder nicht. Bitte teile mal Deine Erfahrung mit mir! :)
Peggy Pyron

Peggy Pyron . 7 days ago

Next try making Logan

ROBERT RUJESCU . 1 week ago

Why you dont try to do short life characters
Francico Robles

Francico Robles . 1 week ago

Edmond Noble

Edmond Noble . 1 week ago

Edmond Noble

Edmond Noble . 1 week ago

Can you make captin America
The Austin Channel

The Austin Channel . 1 week ago

Can you make Dooms Domain
A. H

A. H . 1 week ago

Make Galactus
Mr. Wizard

Mr. Wizard . 1 week ago

Whoa! Clayclaim seriously, if I had your skills I would have opened a custom live action figure and statue shop and made a million bucks but alas my sculpting skill isn't that good but still I'm watching your vids and trying to get better 👍😯
natalia velasquez

natalia velasquez . 2 weeks ago

Has mas de fortnite y de free fire
Xaapify Dark

Xaapify Dark . 2 weeks ago

Please make this with your normal tools
Keila Vasquez

Keila Vasquez . 2 weeks ago

I actually have the battle pass and wolverine :/
Molten Freddy

Molten Freddy . 2 weeks ago

Please do tntina From fortnight
Zachary Baker

Zachary Baker . 2 weeks ago

Make Midas!!!!
Fatimah Aljishi

Fatimah Aljishi . 2 weeks ago

Can you create iron man!!!!!!
Ellena Fulcher

Ellena Fulcher . 2 weeks ago

Do Ironman suiting up 😎
Seamus’s Talkshow

Seamus’s Talkshow . 2 weeks ago

alessio cavallaro

alessio cavallaro . 2 weeks ago

ghost rider pls

Daniel . 2 weeks ago

Do a Watch Dogs Legion plz i love this game
Aman pal

Aman pal . 2 weeks ago

Make Goku from dragon ball^.^
James Sweeney

James Sweeney . 2 weeks ago

Your good at this
Kevin Siptroth

Kevin Siptroth . 2 weeks ago

Ich weiß dass du ein deutscher bist
Teagan C

Teagan C . 2 weeks ago

I saywolverine
Héctor Irizarry Cordero

Héctor Irizarry Cordero . 3 weeks ago

you make a lot of fortnite figures, you should create a creator code and earn some extra money
Lowie Van Waldeck

Lowie Van Waldeck . 3 weeks ago

AMAZING DUDE!!!! Can you make fishtick from fortnite
Nathaniel Travis

Nathaniel Travis . 3 weeks ago

Can you make ikonik from fortnite
death note kira

death note kira . 3 weeks ago

I'm in grecce
Natalia Ocampo

Natalia Ocampo . 3 weeks ago

Make itachi from naruto

Victorbot . 3 weeks ago

Can you do the fennix skin from fortnite?
Cris Gonzalez

Cris Gonzalez . 3 weeks ago

Cris Gonzalez

Cris Gonzalez . 3 weeks ago

Can you give me clay pls for free I like bro
Jacob Kennedy

Jacob Kennedy . 3 weeks ago

You should make donald trump
Parsa Mousavi

Parsa Mousavi . 3 weeks ago

where are you from and where are you living?
Bogdan Belega

Bogdan Belega . 3 weeks ago

Make Thore
DK Crafts

DK Crafts . 3 weeks ago

You rule!!You should do a fortnite lazy lake video!!! 😁😁👍
Wiry Ketchup

Wiry Ketchup . 3 weeks ago

Can you make pop! of you with clay?
Phoenix Trimble

Phoenix Trimble . 3 weeks ago

Make a Logan version
White Crewmate

White Crewmate . 3 weeks ago

Make Freddy Fazbear next please

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