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Alexa Rivera

Alexa Rivera

Published on 2 weeks ago

This was so crazy, you will never guess who made the 'ultimate' couple! Don't forget to LIKE the video and SUBSCRIBE!!

@Brent Rivera
@Ben Azelart
@Dominic Brack
@Sofie Dossi

If you see this comment who you think is the best couple, love you guys!

Comments :

Parth Walekar

Parth Walekar . 15 minutes ago

Really the competiyion would have been won by Lexi & Ben💯💯💯💞💞💞
AkAj Kumar

AkAj Kumar . 1 hour ago

you want to know something lol in 8:08 Lexi and Sophie look like the same. LOLOLOL
Tanishka Nautiyal

Tanishka Nautiyal . 1 hour ago

why is nobody accepting that Dom and Sofie are actually a great couple
Olivia Nicholls

Olivia Nicholls . 2 hours ago

annmarie zavala

annmarie zavala . 2 hours ago

Hi Love your video
Arwa hanan Majid

Arwa hanan Majid . 2 hours ago

Did lexi and ben breakup😭😭💔💔💔
Alayna S

Alayna S . 2 hours ago

Done love you videos
Aarav Majumdar

Aarav Majumdar . 3 hours ago

The win from the viewers Bexi
Aarav Majumdar

Aarav Majumdar . 3 hours ago

Bexi is the best ever
Palakk Munjal

Palakk Munjal . 3 hours ago

Lexi should do that #10datesin10days challange . The one that brooklyn did on her channel brooklyn and bailey!
Semara Harrison

Semara Harrison . 3 hours ago

Ben and lekey
Semara Harrison

Semara Harrison . 3 hours ago

Hi I'm a very big fan of you

Cassie . 3 hours ago

Is it just me or is it obvi that Ben and lexi were happy that they got voted together?!🥰🥰
Vivienne Cohen

Vivienne Cohen . 5 hours ago

I ship Bexi most
Blabla Bla

Blabla Bla . 5 hours ago

Payton Long

Payton Long . 5 hours ago

Lol I love u all

snicolegreen7 . 5 hours ago

i voted for ben and lexi

snicolegreen7 . 5 hours ago

this video was so scary for lexi because what if all voted bor her and ben
Loord Fatima

Loord Fatima . 5 hours ago

Emmy FnafGlitch

Emmy FnafGlitch . 5 hours ago

Aww I ship Brent and Pierson
Octavia Barrett

Octavia Barrett . 5 hours ago

Lol Lexi's face when she hated the cake
Sixborn Iakai

Sixborn Iakai . 6 hours ago

Them: sofie and dom are best couple 🥰🥰🥰😍😍 Me:Andrew and Jeremy are the best couple 😊😊😊😘😘😘😚😚
SV Cristian79 ツ

SV Cristian79 ツ . 6 hours ago

Peyton Jones

Peyton Jones . 6 hours ago

lexis reaction to BREIRSONS cake is the funniest thing ever 😂😂☠️
Weird Vibes

Weird Vibes . 7 hours ago

Oh my god did anyone notice that when it was dom and Sofie date when they were about to "kiss" Dom said NOT ON CAMERA REWATCH THE VIDEO WHEN THEIR SITTING DOWN -------] if you noticed _---------------)
Rion Markoiz Serina

Rion Markoiz Serina . 8 hours ago

Caleb Robinson

Caleb Robinson . 8 hours ago

1:58 lexi's face tho
Brandi Kunst

Brandi Kunst . 9 hours ago

Ok guys can be gay you don't have to be like that bro now shut up
Emma Watson

Emma Watson . 9 hours ago

I still ship Ben & Lexi together! But they broke up:(
Alyssa Leon

Alyssa Leon . 10 hours ago

Picking up horse poop is one of the things people don’t realize when riding a horse

나를김동석 . 10 hours ago

anyone notice that instead of "Pierson" she wrote "Pieson" 1:03
Madi S

Madi S . 10 hours ago

Can we talk about how Sofie and dom got 23 out of 32 points but the kiss would’ve been worth 10? Like if they had kissed they would’ve had 33 points- A+ for team Dofie😂
Fluffy Puppy

Fluffy Puppy . 11 hours ago

i love you lexi
Jake O’Neil Boche Loaiza

Jake O’Neil Boche Loaiza . 11 hours ago

My girlfriend just broke up with me yesterday so I’m sad 😢... I texted her today and yesterday and she wouldn’t respond
Priya Couchman

Priya Couchman . 12 hours ago

Honestly, you could tell that Lexi was faking it when she was "upset" when she and Ben were nominated...
Amélie Shepherd

Amélie Shepherd . 12 hours ago

sofie and dom forever
Noor Shulaiba

Noor Shulaiba . 13 hours ago

1:05 sec has pieson instead of pierson
Sinisa Pavic

Sinisa Pavic . 13 hours ago

Salome Murcia Botina

Salome Murcia Botina . 13 hours ago

I think that persion and Brent should be a couple in real life and they would be a really cute couple
Ellis Faux

Ellis Faux . 14 hours ago

Brent and Pierson mento to be lol
Analie Seyer

Analie Seyer . 14 hours ago

Picks up horse poop, “ewwwww!!!” Guys that is my every day😂😂

PINKPANDA . 14 hours ago

Lexi you are the best
Shri Nithi

Shri Nithi . 14 hours ago

2:45 Brent needed that kiss frm her 😍
The Roblox Besties

The Roblox Besties . 14 hours ago

Here is who voted for the couples Alexa: Pierson And Brent Lexi: Pierson And Brent DUH Brent: Alexa And Andrew Andrew:Andrew and Jeremy Ben: Sofie And Dom Jeremy: Dom And Sofie Pierson: Ben And Lexi Dom: Lexi And Ben Thats it hope this helps!❤️


love it un kunon
Gatchagirl .-.

Gatchagirl .-. . 15 hours ago

LOL they asked who the best before and someone said if we pick Ben and Lexi even though that’s who we wanna pick the next day Brent will show up at our door with a broom 🤣🤣😂
Linzy Alegria

Linzy Alegria . 15 hours ago

Omg how pierson slaped brent in the but and brent said ow that hurt
Roblox Love

Roblox Love . 16 hours ago

If I was there, I would have choose Brent and Ben 🧝‍♀️
Jane Ran

Jane Ran . 17 hours ago

I vote Pierson Nd Brent They both look damn cute to me 😻
Sunaina Jain

Sunaina Jain . 18 hours ago

So Brent looks cute when he smiles💖

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