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How To Fish The Rapala X-Rap | Mystery Tackle Box
Mystery Tackle Box

Mystery Tackle Box

Published on 5 years ago

The Rapala X-Rap: http://bit.ly/2aeGdf0

Justin Rackley AKA LakeForkGuy gives us a rundown of the Rapala X-Rap. Justin calls this one of his favorite schooling bass baits as it perfectly imitates the baitfish those schools are chasing. Just cast and retrieve, over and over, and you'll have fishing chasing it down all day long!

Check out other videos from LakeForkGuy on the Mystery Tackle Box Youtube Channel or on his LakeForkGuy Youtube Channel!

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Comments :

Nick Barillas

Nick Barillas . 3 months ago

Early Lake Fork Guy right here. When he would still recommend something other than Googan
Max imus

Max imus . 2 years ago

Hey great video. I'm using 10lb braid. What lb flurocarban leader should I use. I'm always worried about pike hitting it. I dont want to use too heavy of a leader because I'm afraid it will take the action away . Any suggestions would be welcome.
Brim Fyshin

Brim Fyshin . 2 years ago

Leon Hall

Leon Hall . 3 years ago

A wrapilah? What is that?
Shangpoos Amazing life

Shangpoos Amazing life . 3 years ago

Used this and it replaced my favorite lipless crank with a spinner ... then I lost it to a tree yesterday ... now I have to watch you catch fish with my new favorite bait...
Igor Vargas

Igor Vargas . 3 years ago

Looks like the olive green ..alltime lure
Josiah Ottem

Josiah Ottem . 3 years ago

The music is distracting!
Frank The Bunny

Frank The Bunny . 3 years ago

Just got this bait at Walmart for $3. It was in their sale isle
Professor. Raptor

Professor. Raptor . 4 years ago

What's the intro song name?

JesusIsTheWayTruthLife . 4 years ago

Great video !!! thanks for the tips !

MR-FLIP . 5 years ago

we are hammering striped bass right now on the river

STEBEN . 5 years ago

Lol for a second thought it was lunkers tv
Will Davis

Will Davis . 5 years ago

Has anyone noticed that the intro to this and Lunkerstv is the same...
Richard Patterson

Richard Patterson . 5 years ago

I think @Jon B. Edited this video....Right ???
Silver Skater

Silver Skater . 5 years ago


New2Kendo . 5 years ago

these videos explain the bait and what to use when fishing with it, but not how to actually fish them. No info on how to work the rod, where and when to use different cadence, fast or slow....
Danny Bailey

Danny Bailey . 5 years ago

love the x rap, great vid MTB and lake fork!

Chaos . 5 years ago

ian veneris

ian veneris . 5 years ago


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