Fish Your Way

Fish Your Way

Published on 7 months ago

Inshore Night Saltwater Fishing - THE RAPALA X-RAP MINNOW - Bluefish & Fluke. I tossed the Rapala X-RAP in my bag, tied it up, caught some nice fluke and bluefish. Lost the RAP found the RAP got it going again and some more bluefish and fluke action. Still fluke snapping around and some nice ones too. Used the Rapala X-RAP #12 most the night. It is a awesome minnow I use them time to time. You can rip them, jerk them, swim them and twitch them. The Rapala Minnow sets up a nice vibration fish key in on. I thought I lost my old minnow but managed to find him again, just lucky! Have fun out there and we are always happy to share our experiences with all those around the world and hope you enjoyed the video as much as we did making it and remember always - Fish Your Way!

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Charlie Rahner

Charlie Rahner . 7 months ago

Rapala makes both a saltwater and freshwater model of the X-Rap. The XR12 is the freshwater model. I believe that model comes with freshwater hooks. Did you change out the hooks?
ihsan lazuardi

ihsan lazuardi . 1 month ago

Thanks for the video
Ted Thilly

Ted Thilly . 4 months ago

Man be careful your going to get a handful of trebels

Fierceflyer55 . 6 months ago

Jerry, only you can catch your own lost lures. Is there anything you canÔÇÖt do?
Frank Zima

Frank Zima . 6 months ago

Nice Jerry! I'm convinced people don't use enough smaller plugs for bass. A lot of our bait is sandeels and especially silversides from 3.5-5"...probably why skinny soft plastics, teasers and flies work so well. I've gotten more bass on the original 5" Rebel floater than anything else. The Cotton Cordell Redfin, Rapala X, Daiwas, YoZuris etc. probably have stronger hooks. A 4.5" Bomber is awesome too. Tightest-O-lines, and thanx for another great video! Frank

PHARRAOH . 7 months ago

you usually use floater divers or sinking rapalas?
chuck dumas

chuck dumas . 7 months ago

Hey Jerry looks like another good night , that rapala looks like a nice minnow knock off ­čÖĆ
John McInnes

John McInnes . 7 months ago

Honestly, the story here is how did you get your lures back?! I'd rather hook a few X-Raps than cocktail blues any day LOL
Steve Tautog

Steve Tautog . 7 months ago

Jerry , wow are you kidding me I have never seen so many fluke foul hooked,,,,,, what is going on how can that be
Robert Janko

Robert Janko . 7 months ago

Great bait! Used it in Sweden for pikefishing. But my absolute favorite is Rapala BX Jointed 12cm in herring or smelt color. Its slowly sinking and is especially good for shallow water up to 2,5m. BTW: there are also chinese rebuilds of the X-Rap on the market, cheap, but the action is bad.
Wei K

Wei K . 7 months ago

Amazing night actions ­čśä­čśä~~ Great video as always ~~
ApexPredator Fishing

ApexPredator Fishing . 7 months ago

Your Living my dream man! Lol another fantastic video!
mickey h

mickey h . 7 months ago

Hi Jerry, I was surprised how many fluke you caught. The Rapala is a good lure for Blue Fish but you caught a lot of fluke. You even caught your lost lures from last night. Now that's lucky ! This was a very interesting video. Take care, Mickey
Juan S

Juan S . 7 months ago

Jerry you need to purchase yourself fish grips, i say this cause of the way you handle the fish to remove the hook, aren't you afraid of getting a hook on the hand?
The Burritos

The Burritos . 7 months ago

Great vid jerry! I gotta add this lure to my arsenal, for whatever reason I have not really used rapala branded lures in salt water. I have used the smaller ones in freshwater.

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