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Bad Bunny - MIA (feat. Drake) [English Lyric Video]
OVO Sound

OVO Sound

Published on 2 years ago

The official English lyric video of "MIA (feat. Drake)" by Bad Bunny.
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Comments :


MY DIAMOND'S . 2 days ago

I love this song. Awesome... Drake, you did it again.
Jay The Influence

Jay The Influence . 1 month ago

Hudayfa Hatem Alkaikh

Hudayfa Hatem Alkaikh . 2 months ago

hi god
William H

William H . 3 months ago

I will spend the rest of my life trying to learn spanish, called living with a latina. When I meet her some day.
pun na

pun na . 4 months ago

where is drake in these lyrics ??
Sanjay Hazarika

Sanjay Hazarika . 10 months ago

i like this song so much and this song hot and sexy,FUCK 🥰😍😘🤩
Renny Martin

Renny Martin . 1 year ago

Nice song
Ikuna kush

Ikuna kush . 1 year ago

Franckbel Pangang

Franckbel Pangang . 1 year ago

if one day I get to USA I most take e pic this Drake man so powerful in futuring
jezebell ortigoza

jezebell ortigoza . 2 years ago

9:25Pm perfect baby
jezebell ortigoza

jezebell ortigoza . 2 years ago

9:54Pm....and Damm that song is Veary sweet and lovly😍😭 ....9:55Pm 😏
jezebell ortigoza

jezebell ortigoza . 2 years ago

jezebell ortigoza

jezebell ortigoza . 2 years ago

9:46Pm dam!! For real tho!
jezebell ortigoza

jezebell ortigoza . 2 years ago

9:43Pm april. 26 2019 fri wow this supper amazing lyrics style. I never. See i love it WOW!!😍 is beautiful-and HOT
Elaijah Wijngaarde

Elaijah Wijngaarde . 2 years ago

kat K

kat K . 2 years ago

I don’t speak any Spanish so now that I watched the video I really love this song even more !!! Bad bunny doing his thing lol

Cheerical_Lyrical . 2 years ago


Wallabyway . 2 years ago

To people who speak spanish this video is cringe af😂

RENAGADEZ TV . 2 years ago

Franco Ferrer

Franco Ferrer . 2 years ago

Ashley Hyde

Ashley Hyde . 2 years ago

Thank you for the some + translation what a amazing song 😍😍
ღsoft worldღ

ღsoft worldღ . 2 years ago

mía mía mía
Sarah Sahara

Sarah Sahara . 2 years ago


Venneno . 2 years ago

The New Religion Prrr
Beyhem So

Beyhem So . 2 years ago

H fu kg gh 4th hfdhfghfgfh gd
Jennifer Tavara

Jennifer Tavara . 2 years ago

I know Spanish my family is spanish
Camila Longo

Camila Longo . 2 years ago

Abigail Montufar

Abigail Montufar . 2 years ago

in english it's weider but in spanish it's much better vamooo¡¡¡¡¡
Ta'Niyah Newborn

Ta'Niyah Newborn . 2 years ago

Hell yeahhh💥🔥😍🤣👏🏽🎧
Miguel Salcedo

Miguel Salcedo . 2 years ago

Worst lyric video ever so off
Elijah Clark

Elijah Clark . 2 years ago

Don’t Even Speak Spanish But I Know Every Word 😂💥
King Kael

King Kael . 2 years ago

love how silky drakes vocals feel in this one, would love to work with you one day drake :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TSR7IbaLD0Q

minata . 2 years ago

I can't stop dancing to bunny music is amazing drake i love you
my winter bear

my winter bear . 2 years ago

Traducción verificada xd
Liala Yusef

Liala Yusef . 2 years ago

I thought MIA was a girls name 😂😂😂
Paulo L

Paulo L . 2 years ago

la traduccion esta gramaticamente correcta, pero se lee rarisimo! se pierde el sentido de la letra totalmente jaja . el español tiene mas sazon que el ingles :D
IM Charlie

IM Charlie . 2 years ago

Drake singing in Espanol, makes you even sexier than what you already are. The best Ballard's and love song are written and sang in Spanish. Arriva Todos los Latinos and the same for all human beings. PEACE..
Ryan J. Beaton

Ryan J. Beaton . 2 years ago

Its such a catchy tune, even in Spanish! Anyone met Drake or BadBunny before??
KingJ Official

KingJ Official . 2 years ago

Visiten mi cover ⚡️🏆 https://youtu.be/_zvBeHEOIvY
Yakinthi Anna Maria K

Yakinthi Anna Maria K . 2 years ago

Love the lyrics
Ebay Blanco Peñalba

Ebay Blanco Peñalba . 2 years ago

OVO Unruly!!
stable genius

stable genius . 2 years ago

I speak portuguese wich seems to be close to Spanish but i didnt know that Spanish can be so hard to understand.

Rauda . 2 years ago

Here at 10k views

Evan . 2 years ago

I don’t speak tortilla.
Andario Grayed

Andario Grayed . 2 years ago

My Boy drake out here is really Perfect Cell lmao..
Gabriella.V Beltrami

Gabriella.V Beltrami . 2 years ago

Just in case the white girls needed a translator and were to lazy to do on there own😂😂😂😂
Adriana Ramon

Adriana Ramon . 2 years ago

Me encanta esta cancion y mucho.
Rest Lest110

Rest Lest110 . 2 years ago

Drake is daddy?!?!
Dario Hall

Dario Hall . 2 years ago

Everyone saying Drake Drake Drake. THIS IS BAD BUNNYS SONG ITS NOT DRAKES. #LatinoGang
Dinchi the kenyan boi

Dinchi the kenyan boi . 2 years ago

I must say am expecting Drake in Swahili next😇...Ama aje?

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