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Tom MacDonald - "Cancer"
Tom MacDonald

Tom MacDonald

Published on 6 days ago

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SHOT by Nova Rockafeller & Logan Fulton

MIXED & MASTERED by Evan Morgan

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JAYSO HUNDO . 7 minutes ago


ジャクソンスリーマン . 56 minutes ago

How Many People Are Diagnosed with Cancer Each Year? In 2020, roughly 1.8 million people will be diagnosed with cancer in the United States. An estimated 276,480 women and 2,620 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer, which makes it the most common cancer diagnosis. America is ran by cooperates and we are blinded by that, pharmaceutical companies and the military industrial complexes ran this country, they own both parties, Repubs and Dems dont care about the average US citizens, 1 in 5 children in US is living in poverty. Our foreign policies do not change, the old are shot callers and the young army men and women die in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria...... Dictatorship is a country where you only got to vote for ONE candidate, we are one step above, instead of one we got TWO. We falling for their trap, wake up people!!!!!
James R

James R . 1 hour ago

Thank you Tom.
Aurelia Cole

Aurelia Cole . 2 hours ago

I have colon cancer.... Nice song!!!
Mark c

Mark c . 2 hours ago

Man I just wanted to say thanks for saying what the rest of us didn't have the balls to say. Just keep the truth coming.
Matthew Mohri

Matthew Mohri . 2 hours ago

Bless you Tom MacDonald. You say things most don't have the courage to say. May you be watched over and protected. Keep telling the truth.

DarrylMaples . 3 hours ago

My mother has cancer again. She beat it the first time. She got it again and she's at stage 4. She's refusing treatment because she wants to live her last days not miserable from the chemo and radiation. I'm so lost and feel so defeated. It's my mom. She's all I've ever really had. I'm at war with myself because I selfishly want her to keep fighting to stay here but I also don't want her to suffer anymore. No matter what happens I lose. She loses. We lose. I hate it. It's definitely made me bitter. :(
Amber Edwards

Amber Edwards . 3 hours ago

Thank You Tom for this!!!!
mya beck

mya beck . 4 hours ago

Then I will Come 😊
mya beck

mya beck . 4 hours ago

Hi Wish we Could Hang out If you Get this Tom McDonald's And you Want to Hangou I want to Hang Out Just make YouTube Video And Say You want to Please please I loveYou're Music

T . 4 hours ago

I wished we knew the day they lauched the tests...then Dawn my children's mother wouldnt have gotten it if they had removed all off her Hypo active thyroid...they then had to treat/kill the large margins of thyroid the surgeon left...she got breaat cancer from the radioactive iodione they used to burn the rest of the thyroid out...twice...I got to raise my oldest...12-3 1/2 solo after she died. Engineers have to know...doctors and lawyers practice....wtf?
mya beck

mya beck . 4 hours ago

mya beck

mya beck . 4 hours ago

mya beck

mya beck . 4 hours ago

Can you answer me Please hi
Ray Goodwin

Ray Goodwin . 4 hours ago

This is a really great video. Thank you for making it.
Joaquin Baca

Joaquin Baca . 4 hours ago

You should do a day in my life video at some point

abcvsuuu . 4 hours ago

Your music is why i haven't left this wicked world that care less and less about anyone's feelings or spirit
Travis Glover

Travis Glover . 4 hours ago

I lost my mom to cancer its never easy losing someone who raised you and the next day you wanna call them and they don't answer im still trying to see that she is in a better place
Michael Durr

Michael Durr . 5 hours ago

God Bless you Tom.
M Butler

M Butler . 5 hours ago

Way to exploit peoples pain surrounding cancer.
Brandon Browere

Brandon Browere . 5 hours ago

Fuck yeah brother! The amount of people this is gonna put faith back into is legitimately soaring right now. So many people needed this, I needed this, you jus seem to know what to do to help during this epidemic. Keeping everyone’s mind sharp
Rishabh morning star

Rishabh morning star . 5 hours ago

Love you man..one of my friend recommended me to watch your videos..and I think you teach us what the real problem is with this world and I appreciate your efforts in trying to make a difference..I am an aspiring rapper from India..and I think I found my idol/hero/inspiration in you..love you sir ❤️❤️❤️ please keep doing what your doing it helps us thank you..I have a mission to meet you in person someday and talk about life.love your well wisher❤️👍🙏
Ihas Atwinkie

Ihas Atwinkie . 5 hours ago

"But no one wants to leave here" I strongly disagree. I would do anything to not be here anymore, and have been asking for that since I was 10 years old. 27 years I've been praying and asking. Support or not I know what I will do.
Francine Templet

Francine Templet . 5 hours ago

This is stage 4 lung cancer...found out too late
Bradley Dewildt

Bradley Dewildt . 6 hours ago

I thought all your songs were garbage. Then you released this one...Wow. Really really impressed with this song. The words, delivery.. amazing.. Good shit
seahawks fan 69

seahawks fan 69 . 6 hours ago

Dude better then most rappers rn

leviwilsongu . 6 hours ago

What the fuck Tom MacDonald.... I always enjoy your shit. I wasn't expecting this... Hits close to home. Enjoyed it.

OG VEXTIA . 6 hours ago

Let's be real right now who teared up

Blazzin1 . 6 hours ago

Lost my dad to cancer earlier this year. He suffered so much and he didn't deserve any of it. He fought hard and he would of given anything to live, but the cancer was too advanced. I miss him so fuckin much. :'-(
Chevy Dipper

Chevy Dipper . 6 hours ago

Tom thank you for this well need video my grandmother died of cancer she died a month after diagnosis when I was 17 I’m 21 now and it crushes me everyday thank u for being a savior in the industry #HANGOVERGANG 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻
Nicole Wood

Nicole Wood . 7 hours ago

Eduardo Villalba

Eduardo Villalba . 7 hours ago

Wow! Just wow! That put tears in my eyes!😭
serdy ximi

serdy ximi . 7 hours ago

🙏 thankyou from a fellow Tom 🙌
Adam Pizana

Adam Pizana . 7 hours ago

Love this guy and love his music... but his ""acting"" in this video is terrible. Weak performance. Good song tho.
Caleb Smith

Caleb Smith . 7 hours ago

Ngl you and eminem would make a good collab
Caitlin Tremonti

Caitlin Tremonti . 7 hours ago

This guys talent is unprecedented! Nobody can touch this guy! He has substance and talent all in one. Something these fake ass rappers know nothing about! Keep on doing what you’re doing man it’s amazing!
Jeremy Petro

Jeremy Petro . 7 hours ago

Tom macdonald i first heard about you going after mac lethal and I didn't hear your music but once I actually paid attention you honestly have so much truth and realism in your songs. Hey brother you may have many haters but I'm not 1!! Brookfield Connecticut has nothing but love and respect for you and your family!!!
Aye Co Breeze

Aye Co Breeze . 7 hours ago

Mother had a “rare” case of bone cancer. I would visit her in the hospital almost very day I could. As I’m walking into the hospital I’d pass by the photographs of all these happy doctors and it just pissed me off so much. This anger would build up but once I got to the room I saw her and saw my dad, seeing her and talking to her turned into my priority. The anger was distinguished until I left of course. She was brought home and entered into hospice. She fell into unconsciousness. While a priests and family showed up. I used to be so angry. Blaming the doctors for not figuring it out. Took me a year or two to realize that It wasn’t their fault and they helped her out so much and they did everything they could. My mom was just suffering for so long. Love you ma. Also found out that bone cancer is so rare that there isn’t enough funding for research. I could be wrong but I heard or read that while my mom was sick and it just infuriated me.

EpicBlendC . 7 hours ago

He should do a video on the truth of the political game. That would go viral #bidenshouldbeinjail
Bethanie Roof

Bethanie Roof . 8 hours ago

I lost my Grandpa when I was 13 to Cancer. Watched him go from the strongest man in the world to nothing but skin and bones. He wasn't afraid of dieing, he was just afraid of leaving all of us behind. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Andrew Parkinson

Andrew Parkinson . 8 hours ago

My wife passed away from stage 4 breast cancer 2 and a half years ago. It happened 4 days after our daughters birthday which was on December 30th. My wife was a true fighter and never gave up! She fought the cancer for 2 and a half years. I miss and love you very much Ashley
Rodger Burns

Rodger Burns . 8 hours ago

Woooow love the song brother awsome
Amanda Tardy

Amanda Tardy . 8 hours ago

My nanny is going threw chemo just lost my papa 2 months ago I’m crying this song 😭😭😭
Groovy Chick

Groovy Chick . 8 hours ago

I just buried another grandma bc of cancer... this video has me in my feelings for sure. My mommy and step momma both have cancer.. lung and breast. It’s so crazy.. thank u for making this song and for making this video. More then anything.. *thank you*
Lachlan Phillips

Lachlan Phillips . 8 hours ago

A bit of advice from a country with Universal Health Care: There's no cure yet, but universal health care is closer than you're ever going to get otherwise until we find a cure.
Rodney Stewart

Rodney Stewart . 8 hours ago

How can anyone dislike this. Powerfull message
Whore On Tour

Whore On Tour . 8 hours ago

I really wish i could vibe with your hooks. As usual the lyrics and message are dope. As a song, meh 😒
Chris Shelton

Chris Shelton . 8 hours ago

I'm glad it was me. Im glad I had it, instead of watching another loved one go through it. I got to ring the bell. I'll never forget how scared they were for me. It's hard to watch people go through that. I'm glad it was me
Walker Dillon

Walker Dillon . 8 hours ago

This song hits me hard. I have lost too many to cancer and I fought it myself for 8 and a half months. It was hell. But I still remember the day I was told I had cancer and that I had to go through chemotherapy I looked at my doctor and said, "well let's get started." And internally I immediately began to worry about my family and friends. I fought that whole time and now I feel better than I ever did before. I pray for a cure every day and I pray for everyone who has cancer. Its a rough ride. The chemo messes with your body and your mind. But even now I thank God im alive and I still wish the people who lost their lives to cancer were still alive. I had to make myself refuse to break. Even though internally I just wanted it to end. Stay strong cancer fighters.
Mayburn Wright

Mayburn Wright . 8 hours ago

My mom died from cancer on January 7 2013 from ovairien cancer and she was 47. I miss her every day. I was a senior in high school. I know its hard but i still go by and see her every year and cry just to let her know im still here. She had a tumor size of a softball on her ovary. Me and dad havent been the same since . I love and miss you mom tear face.crying!!!! Just isnt far.

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