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Froku - CHOCOLATE SAIYAN Music Video!


Published on 5 days ago

Froku - Chocolate Saiyan Music Video!

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Comments :


SSJ9K . 5 days ago

Thanks so much for your support to this point. It's because of you that I get to even hold campaigns like this. Like, Comment, and follow me on Twitter to get a free Plush! To support and get your own Plush: https://makeship.com/products/ssj

Pain . 56 minutes ago

Yoo i thought he was gonna say "once you go black there's no turning back"

xaheem . 2 hours ago

I think this as videoooool is racisssssstttt
TH fdkgarcia

TH fdkgarcia . 2 hours ago

I dont have Twitter 😭

ChiquitaSpeaks . 2 hours ago

@1:44 oh really it’s like that?!
Chad Curry

Chad Curry . 2 hours ago

Froku trying get himself and Chi-Chi killed. Everybody knows Family family and close friend is the trigger to Goku's rage and transformations.
Raevyn Chisolm

Raevyn Chisolm . 3 hours ago


L3gendsXT!pp!3X . 3 hours ago

Yoo you should do a among us video goku vegeta, hit but u can put more in just giving you an idea LOVE U
D. T.

D. T. . 3 hours ago

Good to see SSJ going back to the old intro, rather than showing off the pipes.

Inicxty . 3 hours ago

Bro we need froku and napgeta plushies or youtooz or funkos
Victor Aizen Wilson

Victor Aizen Wilson . 3 hours ago

When I push the chocolate up against chi chi face!😂
Star Platinum

Star Platinum . 4 hours ago

I'm confused asf.....
huttio srreu

huttio srreu . 4 hours ago

He’s probably just advertising his new chocolate bar that’s named after the people who saved earth in a way that people can understand.......yeah that’s gotta be it
Jun Santana

Jun Santana . 4 hours ago

Chi-chi got junk in da trunk ( no pun intended )
Daniel Occean

Daniel Occean . 4 hours ago

Pt3 for naruto vs goku🤗
Diamond Griffith

Diamond Griffith . 5 hours ago

Like, comment, and tag on Twitter. Done. Does he come in Friendly's Forbidden Chocolate Ice Cream Flavor?
Silent Oracle

Silent Oracle . 5 hours ago


CantBfaded305 . 5 hours ago

Funniest shit I've seen all day.

YuseiFudoGamer . 5 hours ago

Mostly here for the comedy content, but a chance to get a Froku plush sounds aight
WAR Zylon

WAR Zylon . 5 hours ago

Lol everytime I see froku I think of glokknine
WTD shabby

WTD shabby . 6 hours ago

2:38 Legally Distinct Gi Colors
Suave Tempo Beats

Suave Tempo Beats . 6 hours ago

What is this beat though?
Deante Riley

Deante Riley . 6 hours ago

BLM ✊🏿. Had me shook , love the videos.
Sam St

Sam St . 6 hours ago

So that's how goku married chi-chi.....

Super-sNipey . 7 hours ago

Copped it cuz this was one hell of a way to advertise it. Keep up the good work fam
Vesper games

Vesper games . 7 hours ago

Still love yo animations till this day
Kinda Sinister

Kinda Sinister . 8 hours ago

Meditate For Awareness

Meditate For Awareness . 8 hours ago

Chi chi deserves that tribute 😆 🔥🧘🏽‍♂️🔥
Anonymous One

Anonymous One . 8 hours ago

I have said this before and it has became my quote “just don’t question it”
Carlos Uchiha

Carlos Uchiha . 8 hours ago

Imma be listening to this during online class XD😈
black amigo

black amigo . 8 hours ago

Love it
Wolf Gaming Empire

Wolf Gaming Empire . 9 hours ago

Oh yeaaaaaaa

Soar . 9 hours ago

I just wanna loop of the chocolate chocolate chocolate saiyan part
Hunter Leslie

Hunter Leslie . 10 hours ago

GrizzlyRider6 Original

GrizzlyRider6 Original . 10 hours ago

Black goku flirting with real goku. ( Original Goku ) super Saiyan 4!! Where Froku!! 1:26
Sky Jossie

Sky Jossie . 10 hours ago

fire asf
Quinton ConchShell

Quinton ConchShell . 10 hours ago

Goku vs Froku rap battle? I'm a genius if u didn't know
km 26

km 26 . 11 hours ago

This was cold ❄️❄️
Ricardo Suncar

Ricardo Suncar . 11 hours ago

Light skin goku? 😳
Human Games

Human Games . 11 hours ago

Frokus saiyan name is Blackarot
Thanujan Baheerathan

Thanujan Baheerathan . 12 hours ago

Darien Barmes

Darien Barmes . 12 hours ago

I don't have Twitter. But I want one.
Curtis Ryan

Curtis Ryan . 12 hours ago

Fu fu black version of chi chi get it
Bhg Animator

Bhg Animator . 12 hours ago

Wtf are u doing

BasketFlame . 13 hours ago

Froku Black
Mekhi Hairston

Mekhi Hairston . 13 hours ago

Prince vegeta has to react to this
Markus Stearns

Markus Stearns . 13 hours ago

Goku vs froku who’s winning?

Ty . 13 hours ago

Bruh froku really just be bardock secret son
beedsj roiue

beedsj roiue . 13 hours ago

Imagine if SSJ9K wasn’t actually black..
Romelious byard

Romelious byard . 13 hours ago

Done did it again bro 100%👍

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