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Paper airplanes into watermelons challenge - Guinness World Records
Guinness World Records

Guinness World Records

Published on 3 months ago

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Some watermelons were harmed in the making of this record.

As with all our records that feature food, the watermelons were all used after the record attempt.


At Guinness World Records we want to show that everyone in the world is the best at something, and we’re here to measure it! Whether you’ve got the stretchiest skin, know the world’s smallest dog or want to create the largest human dominoes chain we want to hear about it.

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Comments :

Guinness World Records

Guinness World Records . 3 months ago

who would win in a fight? 1000 thousand watermelons vs. 1000 paper airplanes

ansi . 2 weeks ago

Paper vathakkayil kazharumo
Muhammad Afzal

Muhammad Afzal . 3 weeks ago

00:09 how a paper plane cwn stuck into the wooden stand?
Nature C

Nature C . 1 month ago

These may not be papers I didn't see making it
BBTG Official

BBTG Official . 1 month ago

Amazing 👍

ا . 1 month ago

Neelam Sharma

Neelam Sharma . 1 month ago

Nobody: People in quarantine: let's make a world record
Rithul ram Varanasi

Rithul ram Varanasi . 1 month ago

telugu vallu oka like vesukondi...
Robert Potros

Robert Potros . 1 month ago

Have you noticed no one in North Korea has been apart of records? If they have... Im sorry, I haven’t seen them yet.
Mr T Mapogo

Mr T Mapogo . 1 month ago

Does the contestants have to make their own paper air-planes? If not with a little bit of practice I don't think it's that hard to do this.

CosmicSnowman . 1 month ago

This is so cool but so random
Mayukh Purkayastha

Mayukh Purkayastha . 2 months ago

Jai Buddhism jai Buddhism jai Cosmos.
Mayukh Purkayastha

Mayukh Purkayastha . 2 months ago


파일럿페플 . 2 months ago

아......안돼 ㅠㅡㅠ 이정욱국가대표님이...ㅠㅡㅠ
fatihur raihandi reihan

fatihur raihandi reihan . 2 months ago

biar apaaa cobak...? faedah nya apa?
Prashant Chaturvedi

Prashant Chaturvedi . 2 months ago

Without any extra efforts you are doing it easily, imposible. Kuchh ti gadbad h
Ayoub Fadhili

Ayoub Fadhili . 2 months ago

am NOT aware of this paper airplane
Fikrar Syah

Fikrar Syah . 2 months ago

Mainanku dari kecil pesawat gituan mah ez:"
pranalav Karchaejiev

pranalav Karchaejiev . 2 months ago

Imagine playing plane catching with him
Ra Fa

Ra Fa . 2 months ago

I'm wanting to donate my eyes, i don't have anything to watch in this world😂
Ossai Hillary

Ossai Hillary . 2 months ago

Scary fact: did you know that this paper flight can penetrate the human skin?
dado naku

dado naku . 2 months ago

We want c paper boat carrying watermelon
Bhagyashri Bhakte

Bhagyashri Bhakte . 2 months ago

Make world record of FF one tap

D . 2 months ago

China watermelon
Mangmingou Chongloi

Mangmingou Chongloi . 2 months ago

This is amazing 😲 childhood memories but never flew that fast and hard
Joe D

Joe D . 2 months ago

anyone with an arm that can throw can beat this its just a record no one cares about lol
swagNextTuber - Boom Beach

swagNextTuber - Boom Beach . 2 months ago

Watermelon is a paid actor.
Tania Garcia

Tania Garcia . 2 months ago

nmms este we mato a un buen de sus compañeros en la escuela en las casitas guerritas
Absolute Inertia

Absolute Inertia . 2 months ago

Other people - Give me at least a knife for this fight !! Meanwhile He : Hold this paper and make a airplane 😂
Charlie Smith Charlie Smith

Charlie Smith Charlie Smith . 2 months ago

Love from an Indian Zoologist
S 4 Sumit Gamer

S 4 Sumit Gamer . 2 months ago

How is that possible lol
The Mercys

The Mercys . 2 months ago

Kena jidat ngeri juga ya
Ha Ki

Ha Ki . 2 months ago

This guy : *miss Cameraman : *die*
I missed you dad 💔

I missed you dad 💔 . 2 months ago

Must have train by ninja hatori 🙊😆
Ash Es

Ash Es . 2 months ago

As a kid, I'd love to know how to make an airplane like that

Deepak . 3 months ago

These are the people who are not allowed to carry paper while traveling in aeroplanes.

LUCKY BEATS . 3 months ago

I showed it to my mom 😂 My mom simply take it as fake

Manit . 3 months ago

Woof, he didn't backfire the paper planes
Kartik Shetty

Kartik Shetty . 3 months ago

Watermelon 🍉 was from china so It could be easily penetrated

Rise DOWN . 3 months ago

That was nice why don't you eat watermelon 🍉 instead of bats
Maaz Ahmad

Maaz Ahmad . 3 months ago

Upload next video on ,,,how to make this type of Airplane ✈️
Squid Ward

Squid Ward . 3 months ago

I don't know where will he go with that...

もも . 3 months ago

jayjay alde

jayjay alde . 3 months ago

Animal LIfe

Animal LIfe . 3 months ago

Me trying to make a paper plane and fly it. People who make record :

AK_007 . 3 months ago

Me thinking in between : why are they wasting watermelons
Darpan Aslkr

Darpan Aslkr . 3 months ago

where the hell is tutorial?🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

Rohan . 3 months ago

Add mine too guys, I just made a big meow for 1min yesterday 🐈
Ihwiwhu Ogaga

Ihwiwhu Ogaga . 3 months ago

Guinness most award me,,, I can't even make a paper plane...
Buffalo Point

Buffalo Point . 3 months ago

This is how the hitmarker sound was created

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