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Ghetts - Listen (Top Boy) [Official Audio]
OVO Sound

OVO Sound

Published on 1 year ago

A Selection of Music Inspired by The Series: https://OVOSOUND.lnk.to/TopBoy

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AC3 . 5 months ago

See ghetts he needs to jump on drill beta I know his a grime legend but he’s flow Lycris aggression is made for drill I swear if any try say he jumping on drill I’ll back him still cah truth say he would murder it
Lee Little

Lee Little . 8 months ago

Lee Little

Lee Little . 8 months ago

lilli Red

lilli Red . 10 months ago

this should be huge too
Brian Mullins

Brian Mullins . 10 months ago

Alex Shawe

Alex Shawe . 11 months ago

UK rap owns american rap. Fact.
lilli Red

lilli Red . 11 months ago

just gets better
1 5 9

1 5 9 . 11 months ago

If ghetts was American he'd be as famous as Eminem 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️
1 5 9

1 5 9 . 11 months ago

Desperate measures, you dunno what that made me resort to🌊
Phoenix Gaming

Phoenix Gaming . 12 months ago

Hottest track on my playlist at the moment, can't stop listening.

Kramregnomnori . 1 year ago

His voice is ridiculous. Can understand every word which is a good thing with Ghetts
RJ Amaru

RJ Amaru . 1 year ago

Need the instrumental🔥
Rocky Jerkic

Rocky Jerkic . 1 year ago

That beat hard as fuck this uk rap gives me hope
James Sevlox

James Sevlox . 1 year ago

Never had a plug, that just made me resourceful...

Thisiskeys . 1 year ago

Big up Drake for saving the UK music scene.

QUEEN BELLA BELLE . 1 year ago

Don’t go bk
David Smith

David Smith . 1 year ago

Adapting the style to suit the flow is a skill that not many will ever have in there arsenal, they ain’t gunner grasp this anytime soon.
Ted Vandross

Ted Vandross . 1 year ago

I don't watch much football, but that was a brilliant shot
J J Spontaneous

J J Spontaneous . 1 year ago

Roy Cropper

Roy Cropper . 1 year ago

#TBE straight

BM4RK . 1 year ago

UK is levels we arent fucking around 💯🥶
uk Grime

uk Grime . 1 year ago

PS5 & Stuff

PS5 & Stuff . 1 year ago

Big tune
Official DJ Renz

Official DJ Renz . 1 year ago

94 Shellington Avenue - Nothing but appreciation for Ghetts 🔥 Never had no plug, that just made me resourceful I'm from an era where we all did dirt, so no one can record you Theres no playback on payback, I've seen so many deaths, its made this highlander remorseful
Christopher Bennett

Christopher Bennett . 1 year ago

Don Carloz

Don Carloz . 1 year ago

NAHHHHH Ghetts is the hardest in the UK. When this guy raps he gives me the strength of a 1000 q aw hulks. FECK! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Finnean Bayntun

Finnean Bayntun . 1 year ago

Been on the wave since 11 looolu noob, been on this ish since the very early 2000s

bumcake123 . 1 year ago

Young mans language 44s 4 doors drillers and ops
CD-R 606

CD-R 606 . 1 year ago

Even left a limb......where’s the rest of him 🤨straight 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Marcus Brown

Marcus Brown . 1 year ago

Man should be at a millon nomatter this shit a classic flow madddd

x . 1 year ago

Listen - It was '07 when I said that grime wouldn't get man a mortgage (Listen) Now I'm in a five bed yard and it turns out man could afford it It was '06 when I told them niggas share Bimmers and Porsches (Listen) If Stormer was here, he would tell you I come a long way from Chordice (Listen) Come a long way from George's (Listen) You know that (Listen) Fish and chips, I'm from East so we ain't got a Morley's We got that (Listen) Favourite's baby, chicken, no korma's (Li'-Listen) We was them niggas on corners Now we're talkin' figures with corporates (Listen) You'd feel sick if you knew what I made from endorsements (Listen) Don't tell me 'bout whip, I made my own lane like a horseman (Listen) Them man are all pricks, I don't like them lanes but I'm cordial (Listen) Still light up a wig and turn man's face into corn milk (Listen) Life's not nice, it's awful It's your job to decide what haunts you My dreams came true, it made me immortal Wait, that's way too formal I'm in and out Raiden's porthole I know who I am, I just act like I'm normal Never had no plug, that just made me resourceful Desperate measures, y'all know what I may well resort to I'm from an era where we guard the death so no one can record you Them man are bystanders, they ain't bad by my standards There's no playback on payback I've seen so many deaths, it made this highlander remorseful That's why I made next of kin Your friend might be bad, but the good die young So if I was you, I would not stand next to him (Listen) I see the state they left him in Even left a limb, where's the rest of him? (Listen) It's harder to dance with the devil when you're living in a city of Gods (Listen) Concrete jungle, land of a million blocks (Listen) Lions, gorillas and crocs Young man's language, four-fours, four doors, drillers, and opps Tables, bottles, and silicone thots (Listen) I don't watch much football, but that was a brilliant shot (Listen) You will not see me applaude when I hear the innocent drop (Listen) I can only be fooled when I turn my ignorance on (Li'-Listen) I answer God's call like you know what mission I'm on '90s rudeboy, militant bop Try me rudeboy, spin it and pop I maximise wins, take minimum loss Got it on me now I don't come back to buy things with legitimate guap They can't take man for violin, no girl ain't stringing me along Long Zone 1 to 6, might travel car door, not into the friendzone I know someone's chick wan' beat me, I'm stored in her phone as Gendo Monopoly money, they just pretend though Met her in Tape, told her my name was Lorenzo (Listen) Me and my girlfriend, we're an exceptional couple (Listen) But you see that lyric before? That's gonna get me in trouble (Listen) Back in the day I was stonecold, couldn't do sext and cuddle I'd ask if you want suttin' from the shop, then jet for the tunnel (Listen) They can't finesse me but I've always respected the hustle (Listen) It's not a laughing matter, but man definitely chuckled (Listen) The hate's bait, the jealousy's subtle (Listen) Free fifteen, don't let me put bells in a double (Listen), trouble We've been looking for these pussyo yutes all day, yeah And we ain't found nobody Just call it a day, man

x . 1 year ago

Phil Banks

Phil Banks . 1 year ago

Hardest track on the whole ting
Cosmin Negoita

Cosmin Negoita . 1 year ago

Drake's simply amazing! Showing the world grime and the underground UK culture ain't nothing to skip on.

SwaggaSmashed . 1 year ago

This is a madness from production to lyrical content 🔥🔥🔥🔥
For Freedom

For Freedom . 1 year ago

Fam ghetts got a ting on ovo that’s lit
christine jefferies

christine jefferies . 1 year ago

Thank you
Troy 247

Troy 247 . 1 year ago

Mad snm
Chicken Connoisseur's dad

Chicken Connoisseur's dad . 1 year ago

Ghetts has been number 1 for donkey's now 🎖
Christy Cullen

Christy Cullen . 1 year ago

Them men are bystanders, they ain't bad by my standards. Jheeeeze
Fabians Custom Repairs

Fabians Custom Repairs . 1 year ago

Still the real king of grime!!!!
Bob Marley

Bob Marley . 1 year ago

Ghetts hardest mc in the uk 🇬🇧 hands down no one even close.
Tom Ford

Tom Ford . 1 year ago

“Life’s not nice its awful. Its your job to decide what haunts you” 🤯😕....deep.
d pettifer

d pettifer . 1 year ago

Best tune on the whole project!!
Jah Reign

Jah Reign . 1 year ago


MANAMAN . 1 year ago

Came a long way from Georgia's
ben ahmed

ben ahmed . 1 year ago

90s rude boy militant bop 🔥

E N . 1 year ago

So fucking happy to see Ghetts on this soundtrack 🔥🔥🔥
jimbo slice OMB

jimbo slice OMB . 1 year ago

Rip stormin

iamdann . 1 year ago

Drake?? Hahahahahahhahaha GH is on another level!

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