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The Skyrim Iceberg Explained


Published on 1 month ago

Skyrim is a game that contains a lot of in game information, but is all of it true? Let's investigate some conspiracies in this iceberg!

Link to the Iceberg - https://www.reddit.com/r/teslore/comments/dyo1jm/i_found_list_of_tes_theories_on_4chan_can_someone/
Twitch ► https://twitch.tv/natiscool
Discord ► https://discord.gg/3ZMke9b
Introduction - 0:00
The Sky - 1:58
The Surface - 15:58
The Body of the Iceberg - 24:09
The Bottom of the Iceberg - 31:00
The Depths - 39:08
Outro - 44:37
Music Used in Order

Skyrim - Ancient Stones
Skyrim - Dovahkiin Song
Captain Creepy - Stars and Moons (City Day 1)
Winterhold - DreymaMusic
Captain Creepy - Stars and Moons (City Day 3)
The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt - Kaer Morhen
Oblivion - King and Country
Skyrim - Sky Above, Voice Within
Elder Scrolls Online - Moons of Evening Star
The Witcher 3 Blood and Wine - Background Funeral
Elder Scrolls Online - Alas, the Dragon Shall Break
The Witcher 2 - Dreary Stronghold
Skyrim Dawnguard - The Forgotten Vale
The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess - Snowpeak Ruins
Captain Creepy - Melodies of Skyrim (Palace 1)
Skyrim - Towers and Shadows

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Comments :


natiscool . 1 month ago

Hey all, thank you so much for the support! Slight mistake here at 37:46, I accidentally titled the Falmer White Souls Experiments as the Thalmer White Souls Experiments! Hopefully this isn't too annoying of a mistake! Up to you guys on how you think I pronounced it but while my script definitely says Falmer, it's too close for me to tell!
Odd Soup

Odd Soup . 13 hours ago

In response to the theory that all bandits are true Nords i don't think that's mostly the case. I bet there are a lot of bandits as refugees and poverty stricken Nords. Although if you talk to the man in the thieves guild (forgot his name) he talks about how he used to be a bandit and how disgusting many were. There are also many quests in the game where you see people leave there family's to join the bandits
Spazz Maticus

Spazz Maticus . 1 day ago

The technology doesn't regress, nords are just backwards people. Only Solitude looks advanced and civilized because it's the most imperial influenced city. The bandits aren't supposed to be more than the average citizens, that's just the game limitations. I'm pretty sure cities and towns are supposed to be much, much bigger in the lore, but they couldn't recreate that scale in he game. While it is possible that some citizens turned to bandits because the war took everything from them, it's very unlikely that the majority of the population did. Not even in real history such a thing happened.
Inky Hates Most Things

Inky Hates Most Things . 1 day ago

The Void Nights is a reference to when Christopher Columbus tricked a native american tribe by saying he could block out the sun shortly before a full lunar eclypse. When the eclypse passed as predicted, the native americans gave into his demands for shelter and food. It could be that the Thalmor, like Columbus, were able to predict an eclypse before it happened and used this to impress the Khajiit.

urmomgay01 . 2 days ago

good video 10/10 would achieve CHIM again

Magnus . 2 days ago

In Haskill's story of being the champion of Sheogorath, he was killed by Jyggalag and he was made out of what remained of him after the defeat, though. At least if I recall correctly. Also, the Shivering Isles quest line doesn't need to be a full on prank to not be entirely true. For all we know, Jyggalag is a figment of Sheogorath's imagination given solid form, and Sheogorath imagined a whole story surrounding it which he can not differentiate from reality. What's more mad than cursing yourself and creating your own antithesis? This also would mean Jyggalag can be actually real and free, but his memory and that which he imparts upon his followers is all fake, and that's why other daedra don't really mention him. Though, I think the Tribunal mentions him and Sotha Sil has a theory on why Jyggalag went mad (I think it was because he's a daedric entity with order and logic as spheres while daedra are beings of chaos)... Granted, I barely read anything the Tribunal puts out.
Mark Wheeler

Mark Wheeler . 2 days ago

What I wanted to know about Rorikstead was if the old man founded the town how was Ragnar the Red aka headless horseman from Rorikstead? Also the horse thief who got shot in the back in the beginning scene of the game grew up in Rorikstead...if it existed before Rorik founded it and named it after himself then I ask wth is REALLY going on
Gregory Hatcher

Gregory Hatcher . 2 days ago

I don't know where you got the information that the Nedes were separate from the Atmoran colonizers, because Ysgramor and all the original settlers from Atmora are literally the Nedes, and all the races of men except for redguards descended from them. The proto-imperial nedes were part of those Atmoran settlers that just happened to move farther south to Cyrodiil and were enslaved by the Ayleids. Edit: Also "thalmer" oh noooo lmaooooo.
Mandalorian Crusader

Mandalorian Crusader . 3 days ago

Hero of Kvatch is highly believed to be Sheogorath from the start to finish. Is not out of realm of possibility for a Deidric god to send a part of himself to mortal plain for the lulz and because Sheogorath really, REALLY has a thing for split personalities that would explain why you end up as most overpowered being that somehow, some way, defeats a God in combat and that too is also you/him . lol
IVAnonymousVI VENM

IVAnonymousVI VENM . 3 days ago

How deep does it go? Well I guess you’ll just have to find out in the new iceberg dlc coming March 2023
Amartya Sinha

Amartya Sinha . 3 days ago

Elder Futhark runes aren't Viking runes. They are certainly Germanic in origin but by the time the Vikings were around the Elder Futhark already fell out of use. The Vikings used Younger Futhark for inscriptions which had more curvy features rather than the straight runes of Elder Futhark.
Quiet Doll

Quiet Doll . 3 days ago

I feel like the vast majority of these points could have been touched on significantly more succinctly. A lot of it seemed to be pretty harshly rooted in fan speculation too. Ended up skipping through the video after a point because I was looking for more facts or actual secrets, like...pretty much any other iceberg video I've ever seen. Maybe it's just me.
david marcucci

david marcucci . 3 days ago

I had a potion of watebreathing and only got my toes wet , jeez heh
Um Bongo

Um Bongo . 3 days ago

It's time for 10 more things you probably didn't know about the elder scrolls 5: skyrim
The Doctor

The Doctor . 4 days ago

Mammoths are not found in really cold environments, this is a mistake this is still being handed down to people. The Mammoths hair was analyzed and it doesn't have cold climate hair, but instead warmer climate hair. Animals who are naturally found in cold environments where there is snow have an oil in their fur so that it snow and such doesn't clump up in it while warmer haired and fur creatures do not have this.
Draven Loki

Draven Loki . 4 days ago

Okay so hear me out, what if,.... all of tamreil is one big simulation in a large vault with everyone linked to the server, like betty/bruan's Tranquility Lane simulation from fallout 3 but on a massive scale in comparison???
Mike B

Mike B . 5 days ago

The Bretons are not from Atmora. They're not even human, they're half-elves. The Nedes were the slaves of the elves around the Iliac Bay and the Elves had their own version of prima nocta, allowing them to take liberties with any of their slaves. The Bretons are Manmer, the descendants of these liaisons between Nede slaves and their Direnni elf masters. "The Return" doesn't refer to the first time the Atmorans came back after being created in Skyrim and leaving for Atmora, it refers to Ysgramor and his sons and a few others escaping Saarthal, fleeing to Atmora and then bringing back a war party to destroy the elves and conquer all of Skyrim. Even when Ysgramor arrived to found Saarthal, the Nedes were already present (and may have been coming across from Atmora for hundreds of years) Harkon can't have been the Jarl of Riften for two reasons. First, Fort Dawnguard was built to house the then Jarl's son. So the son never took the throne and was never the ruler. Second and more importantly: Fort Dawnguard was built in the second era. Serana is ignorant of any empire centered in Cyrodiil, so she is unaware of either the Alessian or Reman Empires. That means she went into the ground before Alessia founded the first empire, either early in the first era or even still in the merethic era. She also refers to the Dwemer in the present tense and is apparently unaware of their disappearance in the 1E 700s.

ButteryGoodnessINC . 5 days ago

The Winterhold collapse to me was caused by natural erosion due to a flow of water under the collages bridge. Most of Winterhold was built upon an ice shelf while the college is upon a pillar of stone specifically chosen by Shalidor for support. Over centuries the water under the ice weakened the support of the heavy city in top, until it couldn't hold anymore. All a natural disaster.

TiE . 6 days ago

Michael Palermo

Michael Palermo . 6 days ago

Here I was thinking I was about to watch a 45 minute video about a large piece of ice.
Adrian Toomes

Adrian Toomes . 6 days ago

some name

some name . 6 days ago

Tamriel is NOT a world, its a CONTINENT. the world is called Nirn
Sophie Haslam

Sophie Haslam . 6 days ago

can't believe a top elder scrolls theory video didn't include the infamous Towers theory
Jacob Freeman

Jacob Freeman . 6 days ago

Um, the Nede's and the Nords are the same thing. The Nords were just the most recent, and most aggressive, of the migrations from Atmora. The Nords themselves are considered Nedic people. But those previous migrations generally found a way to cohabitate with their neighbors and so any meetings were generally met with co-mingling. Where as the Nords were the most warlike and as such choose subjugation instead. So while the Nedes were an older culture of humans, they were not an indigenous one for Tamriel. Perhaps only the Argonians are. And that is because they were made by the Hist on that continent.
Christopher Castillo

Christopher Castillo . 6 days ago

Prof. Alucard

Prof. Alucard . 6 days ago

Skyrim's lore does have depth. Just not nearly as much as the other titles in the series. If you think skyrim is deep, then you must not have played oblivion or morrowind. It goes WAY deeper.
Viper 05

Viper 05 . 7 days ago

I've never heard of "Me Rock"
Артур Курбанов

Артур Курбанов . 7 days ago

The way you pronounce Kvatch is amazing.
Mainely Vibing

Mainely Vibing . 7 days ago

I like that he actually looked at an Iceberg in Skyrim lol
Just Stripes

Just Stripes . 1 week ago

As a small aside, the Morrowind armor is just wearing robot parts, the Skyrim version appears to be ACTUAL armor, although it could also be salvaged scrap. If I bother to look up where I saw it I'll edit this comment.
Thomas Rihia

Thomas Rihia . 1 week ago

Never heard of any of these Theoreys, but love the content, you really have a good voice for these type of videos, can't wait for tes6 to come out and see more videos like that

5AMM0N . 1 week ago

the ONLY way that the skyrim and fallout universe is that same since we do know that the 9th era exists in the ES is theres a mass estinction even and by some miracle humans repopulated but no one knew magic and that turned into myth or some crap

MILETIL BLIGHT . 1 week ago

4:10 its absolutely implausible ....buuut i will always say its true Cus why the fuck not In skyrim or other elderscrolls gamws we dont know what the fucks going on in any continent pther then tamerial In fallout same applies except its a america So whos to say they sake place on two different sides of globe and everyone in tameriel are all ghouls who have gone batshit crazy and think everything magic or some thit Theres so many possibility like sayinv the fallout universe is just another plane of oblivion or some such

MILETIL BLIGHT . 1 week ago

I dont think offering free games should count as selling a game Since no exchange of currency was made
Fancy Sheep

Fancy Sheep . 1 week ago

"Sheogorath pranks everyone by creating all the bugs in every Bethesda games" *Possibility meter almost full* Yup sounds about right!
Adam Glenn

Adam Glenn . 1 week ago

Wouldn't it be cool if they released some dlc for fallout where you have to investigate some ancient ruins that turned out to be one of those walls with a dragon word of power on it?
Kuayin Al-kadir

Kuayin Al-kadir . 1 week ago

Here’s a theory, the world of Elder Scrolls is just a computer simulation and the Daedra are just bored scientist fucking around with their sandbox.
Sonny Senpai

Sonny Senpai . 1 week ago

natiscool,ESO,fudgemuppet OWN skyrim, don’t lie 😭

Thrakerzad . 1 week ago

The great collapse was just a bunch of storms, it wasn't anyone's fault, I don't get why they keep on blaming us mages
The Coobs

The Coobs . 1 week ago

Playing skyrim whilst watching skyrim
Emory Roden

Emory Roden . 2 weeks ago

Sheogorath is a curse on jyggalag. Sheogorath in of himself doesn't truly exist in a sense. So if the Hero of Kvatch defeats Jyggalag.. relinquishing the curse set upon jyggalag. Which this curse was meant to be indestructible as it was the combined efforts of all the daedric pantheon who put it on jyggalag. Wouldn't Sheogorath be dead in a sense? Meaning this "indestructible" curse would have to reactivate in order to be true to its name. So in theory this indestructible curse would "recreate" Sheogorath in order to curse jyggalag again. Meaning the Hero of Kvatch (literally the only person to be in contact with jyggalag during this time and also has power strong enough to beat a daedric prince making them the perfect candidate to suppress one) would become attached to jyggalag. Most likely forcefully having to mantle sheo's position. A.k.a Hero of Kvatch and Sheogorath in Skyrims time period. Are the same person. However the sheogorath in oblivion and sheogorath in skyrim are two different people, but affected by the same curse that is meant to suppress jyggalag. Making them the same entity, but not the same person. (I think this theory is completely true and hope that im and many others are right because it makes so much sense)
Jimi the Schmuck

Jimi the Schmuck . 2 weeks ago

Are you the PBS Space Time guy?

DrCald44 . 2 weeks ago

Sad how the college of Winterhold has more rooms than Winterhold itself.
Daniel Powers

Daniel Powers . 2 weeks ago


Henry . 2 weeks ago

The hero of kvatch is 100% sheogorath. Bethesda themselves even confirmed it.
Samuel Jonathan

Samuel Jonathan . 2 weeks ago

The bug jars reveal a giant transmutation circle dug under Skyrim that will be used to fill a giant soul gem with everyone in Skyrim.

Equites . 2 weeks ago

A secret quest to go on a killing rampage with the bug jars to bring the end times would be so fucking cool

SharikSobaka . 2 weeks ago

I got 20:17 min into this vid before I realized you’re not a high profile YouTuber. I’m stunned you don’t have more subscribers because this is high quality content with high production value. I heard some of these before (7000 steps) but some are new to me (Harkkon). I would definitely watch another 45 minute video like this made by you. *subscribed*
WonTonBagel 670

WonTonBagel 670 . 2 weeks ago

Im running a skyrim dnd campaign and a friend of mine found a picture of a diagram on how long it would take to reach each hold by day on foot. Going to Windhelm from Whiterun takes 2 weeks of travel and goin by dnd rules that horse back cuts the time in half when you go at a fast pace still makes it a weeks travel. Pretty neat thing i wanted to share if anyone who plays dnd that wants to do a skyrim one as well.

DevilNeverKnows . 2 weeks ago

That Nirnroot theory is a perfect example of the lengths people will go to in order to form connections where there aren't any. It's like people have completely forgotten what an easter egg is

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