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Chief Keef & Mike WiLL Made-It – STATUS (Official Music Video)
BigGucci Sosa

BigGucci Sosa

Published on 2 weeks ago


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Comments :

Randy Patterson98

Randy Patterson98 . 36 minutes ago

I still check in on Sosa cuz he been goated scince 2012
Andre Richardson

Andre Richardson . 59 minutes ago

🐐🐐🐐since day one
Fat Yoshi

Fat Yoshi . 1 hour ago

Is it cool for a Mexican to fuck with Chief Keef
Jimmy Baez

Jimmy Baez . 4 hours ago

🐐 status
Tyree Williams

Tyree Williams . 6 hours ago

Chief keef look like he was the musty nigga in class
Monica Silva

Monica Silva . 7 hours ago

Sosa Came Through W the Glo!
Joseph Ferrugia II

Joseph Ferrugia II . 8 hours ago

King Von would be rolling around. All of O block and 63rd shit Kanye got more heart then u
Joseph Ferrugia II

Joseph Ferrugia II . 8 hours ago

See . He ain't telling them dark stories . The reason chiraq drill music is so successful is because its a bunch of kids talking about they daily life, no one cares if they were just anyone. You over chief
Michael Corleone

Michael Corleone . 8 hours ago

I like that horror music like beats sosa & fredo r.i.p. be using 💯😤

ANT DAWG . 8 hours ago

I might be high but I ain’t lacking.
x xx

x xx . 9 hours ago

We gotta protect sosa we can't lose him
dink smoov

dink smoov . 9 hours ago

I’ll drive a smart car through a street war
Puff N Stuff

Puff N Stuff . 9 hours ago

Krillex Gacha

Krillex Gacha . 10 hours ago

Sosa Baby 💫 🔥
Tissue Needed

Tissue Needed . 10 hours ago

Big lol
Tissue Needed

Tissue Needed . 10 hours ago

Dupree Addison

Dupree Addison . 10 hours ago

Just think “DUKE” was trying to take this legend out!
Jair Fields

Jair Fields . 11 hours ago

sosa entertainment
Jair Fields

Jair Fields . 11 hours ago

sosa a goat all his real fans know stop sleeping on this man pleaseee.
fucktyler *

fucktyler * . 12 hours ago

leaked on SoundCloud . still fye 😈
Optimum_ Fiji

Optimum_ Fiji . 12 hours ago

yessir A.

yessir A. . 13 hours ago

Bro took his thrown back and said thanks. YOU KNOW HE HANG WIT LIL REESE AN NEM

FABBBO . 13 hours ago

If you want and don't hate on people even if they're kinda bad. I'd appreciate any feedback on my song https://youtu.be/rG1_tE3jhDg
Jake Houston

Jake Houston . 14 hours ago

Who shoot this video
IFW Baezy

IFW Baezy . 16 hours ago

Love sosa
Raheem Williams

Raheem Williams . 16 hours ago

@chiefkeeffsossa want just STATUS and Aye @mikewillmadeit put em in; The trunk @gwallasmash yeah you Got a chain but it;
Trey Slaton

Trey Slaton . 16 hours ago

Drive a smart car through a street war I’m guessing it’s driving on some Batman shit n he hangN out busSN lol
Trey Slaton

Trey Slaton . 16 hours ago

I feel like the way he say his shit his delivery he one hit away from a billboard top 10 at anytime if he series or a song n the hood being played for 4 summers lol

Gocrazygang . 17 hours ago

My brother said he can beat u up
Frederic Reid

Frederic Reid . 19 hours ago

Frederic Reid

Frederic Reid . 19 hours ago

Coach Nook

Coach Nook . 19 hours ago

Yes sir

badboybootz8 . 20 hours ago

Almighty sosa 🔥
Lynk Otero

Lynk Otero . 20 hours ago

Almighty So Did it again

GloryBoy . 20 hours ago

neck on lagoon yo shit be on a pond
Mya Mollay

Mya Mollay . 21 hours ago

What does Sosa know about Reddit 😂
Seth Gonzales

Seth Gonzales . 21 hours ago

He said “ I don’t know that nigga quan “ 💥💥💥💥💥👹

Filip . 22 hours ago

At least chief keef can't die opposed to all these other rappers... sad.
Michael Jones

Michael Jones . 23 hours ago

“I got a drum he got a drum let’s have a beat war” 💯💯
Kyle Williams

Kyle Williams . 24 hours ago

Song kinda ass
Richie Finesse

Richie Finesse . 24 hours ago

Neck on lagoon boy yo shit be onna pond 😂

LiL SLER . 1 day ago

Gbe baby

mrundercontruction . 1 day ago

Yeah got a chain but u a punkkkk
Grizzy TV

Grizzy TV . 1 day ago

Sosa you and durk need to get back cool g
D Bucksss

D Bucksss . 1 day ago

He Don’t ‘Miss 🔥🔥🔥
Nathan Grimes

Nathan Grimes . 1 day ago

Nathan Grimes

Nathan Grimes . 1 day ago

Somebody said all the young boys fans get out 😭😭😭 couldn’t agree more
Kartier 2700

Kartier 2700 . 1 day ago

Sosa such a legend no kapp🅱️🩸🚦kap or die, Glory boyz 4L☀️☀️
Miguel Hernandez

Miguel Hernandez . 1 day ago

Should I freestyle to this
Malik Grant

Malik Grant . 1 day ago

Knock knock know bitch its FedEx

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