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Sada Baby

Sada Baby

Published on 2 years ago

"Bartier Bounty""OUT NOW"



Comments :

Lou Rayford

Lou Rayford . 4 weeks ago

You is so funny
carle parrish

carle parrish . 1 month ago

dabby potter

dabby potter . 1 month ago

Cant cancel this nigga omm
Koofs Wife with you hoez

Koofs Wife with you hoez . 2 months ago

Tamal Weathers

Tamal Weathers . 2 months ago

Man i love this beat is so sick
The Best

The Best . 2 months ago

Destiny Fritts

Destiny Fritts . 2 months ago

My shit right here
Jacobi.17 McNeil

Jacobi.17 McNeil . 2 months ago


A-1 . 2 months ago

Tell your bitch to look at me when im speaking to you!
Raquel Velazquez

Raquel Velazquez . 2 months ago

descendants 3 songs
Sully Man

Sully Man . 3 months ago

Detroit arabs for sada all day jamming sada 24/7 from 7 mile and vandyke all the way to East Jerusalem PALESTINE 🇵🇸 🇺🇸 🌎
Sussus Nun Ya

Sussus Nun Ya . 3 months ago

Tell yo bitch look at me when im speaking to you
Jordan McCollum

Jordan McCollum . 3 months ago

That T.J. Combo bar was so hard..🔥🔥🔥
Laqousa Ryans

Laqousa Ryans . 3 months ago

Make em do the funny dance like funzo
Sonny Marion

Sonny Marion . 3 months ago

Samantha Foster

Samantha Foster . 3 months ago

Madison Lee

Madison Lee . 3 months ago

How I’m feelin doe 👈🏾‼️💯🔥
Rico Bobo

Rico Bobo . 4 months ago

Mileena Khan

Mileena Khan . 4 months ago

Bitch we legal with these straps ayy I felt that
Ayeme kiykiy

Ayeme kiykiy . 4 months ago

1:10 😂😂😂 favorite part Money phone 📱💀
Mark Cleveland

Mark Cleveland . 4 months ago

Hit the roll wk for it.
Kadyn Horton

Kadyn Horton . 4 months ago

Crazy Ayouba

Crazy Ayouba . 4 months ago

This song should have way more views no cap 🧢
Banks Boy

Banks Boy . 4 months ago

Bro the most underrated rapper out 👌🏾🩸👌🏾 Bteam
Marvin Molina

Marvin Molina . 4 months ago

This a banger
maycee narcisso

maycee narcisso . 4 months ago

If Ir
Gaming with dad

Gaming with dad . 5 months ago

"Taking shits on yo toilet and playing with yo kids' this nigga disrespectful 😂😂😂
Genius _ Starr

Genius _ Starr . 5 months ago

GMM 2020 7:20a.m

EXPLORATOR YT . 5 months ago

The Title Had Me Laughing Real Hard 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Francisco Hernández

Francisco Hernández . 5 months ago

xavier31 xmurphy

xavier31 xmurphy . 5 months ago

You are not no King
Marita Martin

Marita Martin . 5 months ago

Bryan Elias

Bryan Elias . 5 months ago

Leaving shits on yo toilet playing with yallkids 🤣😅
Chuck Teasley

Chuck Teasley . 5 months ago

Opp nigga lil sister

Storm . 5 months ago

They went tf off on this. 🔥
Eryn Taylor

Eryn Taylor . 5 months ago

You did yo shit Sada😍😭😭
My life As lexii

My life As lexii . 5 months ago

Tell yo bitch to look at me while I’m speaking to u ✨hardest line ever 🤟🏾
Damea Colbert

Damea Colbert . 5 months ago

Derrick Robinson
Shamariah Ivory

Shamariah Ivory . 5 months ago

I raise hell I don’t raise kids 😂🎯✅
Ericka Gibbs

Ericka Gibbs . 6 months ago

Chris Beeze

Chris Beeze . 6 months ago

Yea blood hard omdp 🤚🏾
Iam Hemi

Iam Hemi . 6 months ago

They forgot sada 🤷🏽‍♂️gone speak on it
Last Hope Ent

Last Hope Ent . 6 months ago

this jawn needs a music video no cap
Bagchaserr Gang

Bagchaserr Gang . 6 months ago

Taking shits in yo toilet and playing witchu kids 😭😭
Darryl Wilkerson

Darryl Wilkerson . 6 months ago

it's 9am nigga u ain't made a band yet nigga acting like they know me but u don't know me ugh stop acting like u know ugh nigga get yo mind right i use on retilan from 2nd grade to highschool so nigga
Travis Thorpe

Travis Thorpe . 6 months ago

Tell yo bitch to look at me while I’m speaking to you👀
Piara Camp

Piara Camp . 6 months ago

So cool sada baby ❤️💋❤️❤️💋💋❤️❤️💋

Lowkeynaeee . 6 months ago

Gloria Currie

Gloria Currie . 6 months ago

CJ Burks

CJ Burks . 6 months ago

Bro where is the video wtf

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