Published on 4 weeks ago

The Wheel deals Damian Priest and Johnny Gargano an ominous fate – who will emerge as the North American Champion? Catch WWE action on WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.
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Comments :

Jourdan Jones

Jourdan Jones . 10 hours ago

I think it Austin Theory
Jaylin Lawson

Jaylin Lawson . 1 week ago

Shotzi Is Fine As Hell
Sher Ali

Sher Ali . 1 week ago

2 weeks later Johnny loses to Leon ruff

KOKA . 1 week ago

Indi Hartwell....
toasterultimate 153

toasterultimate 153 . 2 weeks ago

Why did it freeze for a sec when he smashed the tombstone over preist I would have loved to see preist get hit with that
Guido Ferro

Guido Ferro . 2 weeks ago

I have a THEORY about this, let me see if it works HARTWELL
Brett Rankin

Brett Rankin . 2 weeks ago

Anyone know who that was playing Priests entrance it was pretty sick ngl?
Peter Benjamin Parker

Peter Benjamin Parker . 3 weeks ago

Undisputed era Darion Allen

Undisputed era Darion Allen . 3 weeks ago


spACe . 3 weeks ago

I think the ghost dude is theory
Adz Nevermind

Adz Nevermind . 3 weeks ago

Johnny over rated
Justin Zane

Justin Zane . 3 weeks ago

Not the first time GhostFace ever made an appearance in WWE Television.

RohanJ . 3 weeks ago

Ecw feel
Klix is better

Klix is better . 3 weeks ago

Did they just say scream was the grim reaper 😂

EliasJr6007 . 3 weeks ago

When is gargano going to the main roster

MADBD619 . 3 weeks ago

If I have to be honest, I would REALLY like to know who that Ghostface poser is so that I may curse him or her someday!

poisongodmachine3 . 3 weeks ago

TNA in the hashtag 😂
Flash Gordon

Flash Gordon . 3 weeks ago

Wade Barrett is an idiot. That's clearly Ghostface from the Scream movies! Not the Grim Reaper! Duhhhhhh!

Airbreaker64 . 4 weeks ago

i hate the short title reigns NXT always does like wtf what the point of having someone win a title just to lose it a month later and there’s been many cases of this
Adam Matthews

Adam Matthews . 4 weeks ago

Ghostface killer from scream cost priest the north USA title
Mia Locker

Mia Locker . 4 weeks ago

David Arquette wanting a shot for the North American championship
Devrajsingh Balyasra

Devrajsingh Balyasra . 4 weeks ago

Theory is the person
Robert J Blues

Robert J Blues . 4 weeks ago

Someone tell me where I can see the full match? I'm in the UK by the way.

MillerRich97 . 4 weeks ago

Damn that fall was sick!
Jake Degeneffe

Jake Degeneffe . 4 weeks ago

Oh my God, these ads are absolutely unacceptable. Takes 5 minutes to watch a 3 minute video.

BRANDON 23 . 4 weeks ago

That Sliced Bread on the steel steps though! 😮🎃

TheBrokenOwl . 4 weeks ago

I want that dude in the Hhostface mask to be Ciampa so we can have a heel DIY, where Ciampa is NXT Champion, Gargano is North American Champion, and they both hold the NXT Tag Team Championship
Jose Pagan

Jose Pagan . 4 weeks ago

Don't get why Candice didn't also win. Seemed like they were building to something good here.
Arlene De Vera

Arlene De Vera . 4 weeks ago

Congrats to Johnny Gargano👌👍
Tipoo ningombam

Tipoo ningombam . 4 weeks ago

Damian priest is agile and fast. and he has a nice moveset like the tossed Falcon arrow and the sit out chokeslam.
Shivanshu Roy

Shivanshu Roy . 4 weeks ago

Awesome match
CEO Of Racism

CEO Of Racism . 4 weeks ago

I found Waldo
Logz Sloth lover

Logz Sloth lover . 4 weeks ago

SSBB Sm4sh

SSBB Sm4sh . 4 weeks ago

2:51 Somebody like this dude got a Mistico Sin Cara mask on

Incognito593 . 4 weeks ago

1:16 who was that?
E Tender

E Tender . 4 weeks ago

Roman vs priest would be a epic match!🙌🙌🙌🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞

OldBoyGamer . 4 weeks ago

I don’t care if this is unpopular opinion: Don’t buy Gargano as a heel, and he definitely shouldn’t be beating Damian Priest.

Krishnajith . 4 weeks ago

When nxt matches are better than raw matches
Manny Fonseca

Manny Fonseca . 4 weeks ago

Was that the vegan teacher at the end
Alvian Ihsan nugraha

Alvian Ihsan nugraha . 4 weeks ago

Funreal dead match
azzim rabani

azzim rabani . 4 weeks ago

match was fantastic, but i know deep down priest deserves a lot better tho ☹️
Ryan 1030

Ryan 1030 . 4 weeks ago

Ghost face made his debut?
Peter DeGori

Peter DeGori . 4 weeks ago

Damn I was hoping for that logo to be smack dab in the middle of the ring like back in the day. (I already know it’s slippery so shut up)
teibor lyngkhoi

teibor lyngkhoi . 4 weeks ago

NXT is better than RAW And Smackdown

DJDub88 . 4 weeks ago

Need a Triple H finger point posed pic with Ghostface!
Rajesh Behera

Rajesh Behera . 4 weeks ago

Finally gargano wins second north American champion
justin alley

justin alley . 4 weeks ago

i think it was Indi Hartwell under the mask
Juanito Arellano Paez

Juanito Arellano Paez . 4 weeks ago

Finn Balor(NXT Champion) Vs Johnny Gargano(NXT North American Champion) Vs Damien Priest Vs Tommaso Ciampa Winner Takes All Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match In NXT Takeover WarGames 4 6/December/2020

Newts2609 . 4 weeks ago

1:15 you're dead
G Bro

G Bro . 4 weeks ago

imagine john cena was ghost face again

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