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Galaxy Tab S7 Review from an iPad Pro User's Perspective
Max Tech

Max Tech

Published on 2 months ago

As a long time iPad fan, I have to say the Galaxy Tab S7 is almost perfect, there are just 2 issues..
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We’ve been using and reviewing iPads on YouTube for over 4 years now, and the last few years we've been putting them head to head with Samsungs offerings. At first the Galaxy Tab's were fairly mediocre, but as time went on they got better.

With the Galaxy Tab S7's new 120HZ display and Snapdragon 865+ processor, along with new speakers, keyboard case, and S-pen performance Samsung finally has an absolutely fantastic tablet in their lineup and one that comes in quite a bit less expensive than the 2020 iPad Pro.

Heres our detailed 2020 Galaxy Tab S7 Review from an Apple Fanboy and iPad Users perspective!

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Comments :

Max Tech

Max Tech . 2 months ago

What do you think? Is the Galaxy Tab S7 worth spending $650+ on, or should you just buy an iPad? This is the best bang for the buck tablet in 2020 ➡ https://geni.us/B3ry1tP Buy one of our NEW T-Shirts to help support us! ➡ https://teespring.com/stores/max-tech-store Tab S7 with keyboard bundle (Save $100) ➡ https://geni.us/9kh0 12.4" Galaxy Tab S7+ ➡ https://geni.us/c4BSf80 Tab S7+ with Keyboard bundle ➡ https://geni.us/7dlWB Max Tech Wallpapers ➡ https://bit.ly/2WNc6Qw
Night Stringers

Night Stringers . 16 hours ago

Ipad Icrap . I had an Ipad once NEVER again . As a News photographer i need to be able to put my video on my phone or pad and upload to G drive good luck with that on an Ipad.
spoiled dj

spoiled dj . 22 hours ago

ME: only buying because of galaxy store that has fortnite reason next comes with YT priumeum

OO . 23 hours ago

Amoled display is a must! Once you compare you’ll see why. Sad the 7+ wasn’t compared display wise

NoNicheTV . 23 hours ago

review apps too! show which one can diwnload apps withouth visa card and force subscription.

GHEOFF RICARE . 2 days ago

I hope someone gifts me Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ 5G
Mohd Wahidi Rosni

Mohd Wahidi Rosni . 2 days ago

Your knowledge about the product is great. Good job 👍. Thanks for the detailed comparison!

PhaLanX . 3 days ago

Looking to buy for my mom who does a bit of video/photo editing as a hobby. I really liked iPad Air 4 but will go for Galaxy tab s7 only because Apple Pencil 2 is sold separate. Too expensive!
djdag2000 -ev

djdag2000 -ev . 3 days ago

Almost 400 $ cheaper. Being a member of the Apple cult has its price 😁
Girish Prem

Girish Prem . 3 days ago

Why're u comparin the S7 with the Ipad Pro? Shouldn't u be comparing the S7+ with the Ipad Pro instead?
N .A

N .A . 3 days ago

Why rnt u talking about s7+ 🙄🙄
Danny 310

Danny 310 . 4 days ago

No offense to Max but I love this dude laid back voice
siddharth gurung

siddharth gurung . 6 days ago

Watching in my I pad pro.

TheAerialVideos . 6 days ago

They have the s7+

dualShock . 7 days ago

Almost like you're not paying attention to the person you're talking too lol

RazCubing . 1 week ago

who thinks apple is going to make an apple mac mode lol
Peter Bernhard

Peter Bernhard . 1 week ago

Very subjective Comparison.. how can someone say that flat edges are more modern then rounded edges...

ETHAN KRAVITZ . 1 week ago

See this is the issue, apple always boasts about their cpu speed, bot the 865 and a12 will run any game at full graphics at 60fps, thats the problem with Apple, u don't need that powerful of a processor, u just don't

JimIBobIJones . 1 week ago

Samsung lets you use the Tab S7 with an external monitor and have it properly scale/extend to the monitor. Apple only lets you mirror the screen and even then it won't adjust the aspect ratio, which is crazy for how much money it costs and how its supposedly a "pro" device.
Frank Alvarez

Frank Alvarez . 1 week ago

Is that Vinny from the Jersey Shore?
Daniel D

Daniel D . 2 weeks ago

Excellent review. Professional all the way!
Brian Ng

Brian Ng . 2 weeks ago

I expected biased review from an Apple lover, but seems fair. Back then , it was Apple and PC and now it is Apple and Samsung/Android. Apple is a better product -mainly because of the software developers and superior hardware, but overpriced.
Kevin F

Kevin F . 2 weeks ago

I got the s7+ and I love it. Was considering an iPad pro but the price was more and didn't have 5g. Plus the oled on the s7+ is so so nice. Also it just seemed with the a12z or whatever that I was getting a chip that was on its way out in terms of performance
Archit Singh Baghel

Archit Singh Baghel . 2 weeks ago

You are wrong bro, ipad pro 2020 12.9 inch is best
koushik krishna

koushik krishna . 2 weeks ago

Is galaxy tab s7 is great for digital art
sharul poyot

sharul poyot . 2 weeks ago

soooooooo ,i think next year apple will sell an apple eraser with 500dollar price,they give an update then ,what you draw cant be deleted ,if u want to delete you must buy an apple eraser ,even deleting apps 🤣 i hope apple see my comments then they apply what i said,and i and my friend going to laugh at apple fan face
Eduardo Morales

Eduardo Morales . 2 weeks ago

Why do you use the galaxy tab 7 instead of the 7 plus
SH Lim

SH Lim . 2 weeks ago

I'm watching this with S7 :oooooo
Angel D

Angel D . 2 weeks ago

What about phones android has been having 120 htz and iPhone still on 60
Lloyde Turner

Lloyde Turner . 2 weeks ago

Loving my black tab s7 plus with LTE and 8gb ram
franco daring

franco daring . 2 weeks ago

Plastic bag 😂
franco daring

franco daring . 2 weeks ago

Apple vs garbage 😂 S7 plastic bag
kyle's life

kyle's life . 3 weeks ago

what’s the point of this videoo. i thought you’re “reviewing” the s7+? you keep on mentioning that the ipad pro’s much better, like literally shoving it to our faces. should’ve used “ipad pro still much better than to the tab s7+”............................
Nibhan Raheem

Nibhan Raheem . 3 weeks ago

The tab s7 has a delay of 26ms, the tab s7 plus has a delay of 9ms
Abhay Manchal

Abhay Manchal . 3 weeks ago

i would have taken...s7+ may be just bcz of...super amoled...🤥😅
Ivan Seet

Ivan Seet . 3 weeks ago

Absolutely hate the new square edges, it hurt so much compared to rounded corners of my Tab S6!
Sifat Alam

Sifat Alam . 4 weeks ago

Sir please donate me an ipad i need it very badly.I'm a big fan of Maxtech.I watch your every single video.Please sir donate me an ipad😢😢.May god bless you

leeuwengast . 4 weeks ago

Could you test wether you can use the brydge pro+ on the tab s7?
KW Has A Message

KW Has A Message . 4 weeks ago

An iPad fan reviewing Android tablets, wow, we never see that, lol!!!!
Jejo Limbo

Jejo Limbo . 4 weeks ago

Thank snap-on cover is such a clever design choice.
Chris M

Chris M . 4 weeks ago

A limitation with android tabs, that separates their desktop capability from pcs, is android doesn't have a java runtime environment - Sun jre , so webpage and apps that need that won't run. It's necessary for jre to become available on android before it'll replace true desktops ( https://www.oracle.com/java/technologies/javase-jre8-downloads.html )
William Wood

William Wood . 4 weeks ago

why is this not s7 plus the screen is a game changer!!!
Michael Ivanov

Michael Ivanov . 4 weeks ago

Are we talking about iPad Pro VS Tab S7+ or the regular S7 which is more comparable to the iPad Air?
Paul Morphy

Paul Morphy . 4 weeks ago

The ipad pro's multi-core performance according to the screenshot you showed is around a whopping 50% faster...but it doesn't matter according to you because no software/games currently need that much power.....but they will do and thats when investing in an ipad pro over the s7 will show dividends
Umair Ali

Umair Ali . 1 month ago

If galaxy tab s8 has the new exynos chip it will be a true ipad pro killer.
Dark Master

Dark Master . 1 month ago

Do ipad pro 2020 vs s7+ pls
chris lee

chris lee . 1 month ago

this literally is the best review of digital products,no useless balabala ,just the real feels and practical point,thank u
Zackary Stewart

Zackary Stewart . 1 month ago

"The iPad pro has squared off edges making look more modern" Then shows a photo of both metal backed square looking tablets side by side
Atorb Tech

Atorb Tech . 1 month ago

The review is going back and forth between Tab S7 and S7+. Sometimes you wud say features of tab S7+ and other times you wud mention the features of S7+. iPad pro should be compared with tab S7+ while ipad Air 4 should be compared with Tab S7.
Jeremiah Munguia

Jeremiah Munguia . 1 month ago

Is it worth upgrading from the s6+?

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