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Baylor wins the 2021 NCAA basketball championship | extended highlights
March Madness

March Madness

Published on 2 weeks ago

Baylor dominated from wire to wire to defeat Gonzaga and win the 2021 National Championship! The Bears won their first title in program history behind 22 points from Jared Butler and 19 from MaCio Teague. Watch the extended highlights here.

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Comments :

Vicki Fox

Vicki Fox . 2 days ago

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Damian Outlaw

Damian Outlaw . 2 days ago

The 2021 Baylor Bears were one of the greatest college basketball teams of all time. The rare college team that was elite on both offense and defense.
Rock girl

Rock girl . 3 days ago

Zags couldn't handle the dribbling ability of Baylor and were on skates the entire night.
J Dub

J Dub . 4 days ago

Dear NCAA thank you for the games but the stance your making pulling venues for political reasons is wrong you do not play you just govern and not doing to good at that ie the gym for the women was six dumb bells and you want to make decisions so your rainbow kids can feel good, you make alot of money have a special tournament for them because after going through all that there is still only male and female. and if you pulled a venue for politics shame on you and hope you get sued. Then the kids at some of the schools playing the hearts out in tourney at least you could do is buy them a new pair of shoes some of those uniforms looked homemade they making you millions i mean billions common man and then were is your spokes person oh yeah your the greatest that doesnt have to answer to anybody.
nieooj gotoy

nieooj gotoy . 4 days ago

These boys held Houston to 20 first half points and when I saw the Moneyline was +175! I knew that was easy money....
bcvbb hyui

bcvbb hyui . 5 days ago

These boys held Houston to 20 first half points and when I saw the Moneyline was +175! I knew that was easy money....
sehhi vooty

sehhi vooty . 5 days ago

Zags couldn't handle the dribbling ability of Baylor and were on skates the entire night.
eioshen boboi

eioshen boboi . 6 days ago

right out of the gate. Thanks for winning me my bracket 🐻
Shanae Mcreynolds

Shanae Mcreynolds . 6 days ago

Texas Two Step

Texas Two Step . 7 days ago

This is what happens when you have a soft schedule and dominate all year then you run into the team that knows they are better than you and has been waiting to prove it. Gonzaga got violated and didn't know what to do. It's always better to lose a game during the regular season so ur not expected to go undefeated. Baylor has been ready to play this game since the first one was cancelled.
K5 Stahley

K5 Stahley . 7 days ago

Gonzaga was like, "okay another game to win" Baylor was like,"not today"!
Micheal Kelly

Micheal Kelly . 7 days ago

Baylor v Ucla would've been more interesting
bocoy noiu

bocoy noiu . 1 week ago

Baylor The 🐐
Jeo Layen

Jeo Layen . 1 week ago

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quest 77051

quest 77051 . 1 week ago

David Diaz

David Diaz . 1 week ago

Baylor did a great job. They honoured and came to play. You could see the energy the played with vs Houston. All the announcers picked Gonzaga to win. When the games was over I believe then didn't go back to the announcers it was funny. I remember Magic Johnson was playing undefeated indiana State had not lose. It is a blessing for God to bless them. The coach talk about being blessed. I am happy for them. If God is for u who can be against u. Romans 8.31
laskin riubn

laskin riubn . 1 week ago

One thing about these highlights is it doesn’t show you how dominant Baylor’s defense was!
Ez Hertzberg

Ez Hertzberg . 1 week ago

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More Cowbell

More Cowbell . 1 week ago

Looked like a varsity vs jv game
Delon Washington

Delon Washington . 1 week ago

Best 3 guard tandom I have ever seen !!!! Go Baylor
Kevin Warrick

Kevin Warrick . 1 week ago

Baylor earned that championship. Gonzaga needs to challenge themselves next year by playing team that will prepare for the tournament. Basketball is about being battle tested. I respect both programs but Baylor was battle tested.
Cedra Kurde

Cedra Kurde . 1 week ago

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the dogus conroy

the dogus conroy . 1 week ago

Almost every game in march madnes come down to foul shots and all teams miss a lot of them
vliduu zeeb

vliduu zeeb . 1 week ago

These boys held Houston to 20 first half points and when I saw the Moneyline was +175! I knew that was easy money....
Rafe Jr

Rafe Jr . 1 week ago

Baylor better in the paint, & better from 3pt, better team and better ball movement.

Wattle13 . 1 week ago

They did it for Elgin Baylor. Rest In Peace Elgin
butti fdft

butti fdft . 1 week ago

9:08 He really broke the other dudes ankles that wasn’t even guarding him. 😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭
James Louis

James Louis . 1 week ago

Sic em Bears!
Erica Allispn

Erica Allispn . 1 week ago

Gonzaga didn't play anybody in their schedule was proven

Jay . 1 week ago

Gonzaga is not #1 team. Period. If Gonzaga is in ACC, Big 10, or Big East, Gonzaga would lose at least 7 games during the season.
jeepman 3114

jeepman 3114 . 1 week ago

Baylor put a damper on Timme's moustache celebrations.
Relaxing file musical

Relaxing file musical . 1 week ago

Love Li
Brock Miner

Brock Miner . 1 week ago

Gonzaga was legit this year they woulda coulda shoulda won it all. But Baylor simply outplayed them and wanted it more. Way to go BEARS!!! PS. credit the west a bit. The western conferences (pac12) had some awesome teams this year!
Nowhere Man

Nowhere Man . 1 week ago

West coast drought continues....
Cory Lyons Music

Cory Lyons Music . 1 week ago

Mitchell feels like an clone of Russell Westbrook. He could end up being a dominant point guard down the road in the league.
Cory Lyons Music

Cory Lyons Music . 1 week ago

First time in history I got both championship contenders and the winner correct. This will never happen again.
Gerard Ligonde

Gerard Ligonde . 1 week ago

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JP Merrick

JP Merrick . 1 week ago

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Al Depantchu

Al Depantchu . 1 week ago

Took the final game of the season to expose Gonzaga's weak schedule they played all year.
Cindy Craddock

Cindy Craddock . 1 week ago

Pliny Halver

Pliny Halver . 1 week ago

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dolimi jotoo

dolimi jotoo . 1 week ago

Baylor's D was excellent!!!
BlackMen ArePerfect

BlackMen ArePerfect . 1 week ago

DMX gave baylor God Power for having more Black Players. Rest well King.
michael smith

michael smith . 1 week ago

Gonzaga problem is the league they play in.
Jeffry Hammel

Jeffry Hammel . 1 week ago

The way Baylor played tonight, they could of come close to beating a few NBA teams. Probably not, but The Bears have at least a couple future pros out there.
J. Smith

J. Smith . 1 week ago

Baylor had so many mismatch in this game
Justin Grisley

Justin Grisley . 1 week ago

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BERT . 1 week ago

NCAA will rank Gonzaga #1 somehow going into next season. ALL year they will talk about a great well coach team that can beat anyone. Same result or worst. Gonzaga should apply for a PAC 12 spot. Jus sayin

BERT . 1 week ago

Baylor been doing this all year. Gonzaga had NO CHANCE at all.
Ana Paula

Ana Paula . 1 week ago

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