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How Do Nuclear Submarines Make Oxygen?- Smarter Every Day 251


Published on 2 weeks ago

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Amine gas treating

Chlorate Candle Technical Sheet:

Reverse Osmosis:

Lithium Hydroxide:
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SmarterEveryDay . 2 weeks ago

1. A special thank you to those who support on Patreon at https://www.patreon.com/smartereveryday. 2. I've decided to start sending the videos out via an email list. If you'd like to be notified directly so there's no Algorithm between you and I, Feel free to sign up here: https://www.smartereveryday.com/email-list . Be sure to add the address to your contacts so the email doesn't go to spam. Thanks for considering it!
Leslie Robertson

Leslie Robertson . 29 minutes ago

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Dennis Alviandi

Dennis Alviandi . 32 minutes ago

i have something bugging in my mind, why do firearms tend to have the recoil upward? why no downward recoil
marko pejic

marko pejic . 45 minutes ago

The preheater before the boiler is necessary to operate an efficient flash tower. If you had no preheater youd not be able to reach a steady state flash process.

Paul . 52 minutes ago

What about the farts?

Zlee533 . 1 hour ago

So glad I was never on a sub, especially after seeing this. 😂

WestHaddnin . 2 hours ago

The closest to a space environment we'll legit get.

regorllerref . 2 hours ago

Y cant they just put a tree in da sub?
Rein Quest

Rein Quest . 2 hours ago

Clinkers? Like the iron byproduct in burning coal? That makes a clinking sound when you stir coal in a forge/furnace. 😅 Also how do they do this in space? Is there any similarities to create oxygen on a space station.
Mr Lima Bean

Mr Lima Bean . 2 hours ago

"Pssh another Youtube Reccomended video? I probably won't even lik-" Halfway in and I've got a big dumb smile as I learn about oxygen candles

J B . 3 hours ago

Him: You did this in 6th grad science. Me:😞 No.
Wrinkled Pugoda

Wrinkled Pugoda . 3 hours ago

I actually work/live on a submarine and one of the people of my crew told me to watch this video since we just installed a brand new Low Pressure Electrolyzer.
Ahamefula Levi

Ahamefula Levi . 3 hours ago

They sound very humble when accolades are thrown at them.... Nice
just dead

just dead . 3 hours ago

4.48 baground face 😁
Jack Burton

Jack Burton . 3 hours ago

Don’t care, boring. You’ve fallen from the cat flip video.
soinu foig

soinu foig . 4 hours ago

in order to limit “bad gas” in a sub, chili, basically beans aren’t served.
Allan Roy

Allan Roy . 4 hours ago

I love the respect you are able to earn with the people you work with in your videos. Thank you for the amazing content and for bringing us along.

dragonhed123 . 4 hours ago

This was so awesome i loved being a nerd to this!!
jeff fung

jeff fung . 4 hours ago

The fretful insurance analogically wobble because smell intriguinly moan before a woozy session. sturdy, sulky cuticle

GeorgiaElectrician . 4 hours ago

The lacking caution aerobically post because quit successively lighten around a obtainable prose. fabulous, unwritten decade
John Be Bad

John Be Bad . 4 hours ago

How do you get rid of farts on a sub? I've wondered that for a long time.
RomanThe Great

RomanThe Great . 5 hours ago

They plant a bunch of trees inside
Mohit Kumar

Mohit Kumar . 5 hours ago

Very nicely explained 🔥
Dave Hanna

Dave Hanna . 5 hours ago

A bunch of smart young men! Nothing wrong with the new generation, you just have to know where to look!
Game Jammer

Game Jammer . 5 hours ago

Can you try to turn sound into electricity
Chip Simkulet

Chip Simkulet . 5 hours ago

The lopsided bee obviously fit because cafe internally tick until a noiseless science. fine, furry furtive pilot
The Fumbler

The Fumbler . 5 hours ago

Just use coke instead of amine, it's a lot cheaper.

D M . 6 hours ago

Hey it's me Destin.
John Smith

John Smith . 6 hours ago

I loved this video. It was all amazing :)
Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg . 6 hours ago

What if it goes boom
jens Berg

jens Berg . 7 hours ago

now i know how to make chlorine gas.
Ivaylo Kent

Ivaylo Kent . 7 hours ago

aha, and they were on the Moon... right.
Robert Kamminga

Robert Kamminga . 8 hours ago

I was in cams doing the oxygen. *Robert Kamminga was ejected*
Sound of Meraf

Sound of Meraf . 8 hours ago

I thought they had a forest of bonsai and artificial sunlight
John Lightbody

John Lightbody . 8 hours ago

How available is MEA & Lithium Hydroxide, if plenty, surely there could be means of draining CO2 from general environment to help reduce Global warming....
Cameron McGuire

Cameron McGuire . 9 hours ago

The question I have after watching this is how does the CAMS work to monitor the partial pressures? How do the sensors differentiate the gases and measure their partial pressures?

Leander . 9 hours ago

i love these submarine videos

SafouaneSouidii . 9 hours ago

just put a lot of plants there bruhhhhhh

therob39 . 9 hours ago

26:50 And still you took out one ear plug 😁
Isaac Waschbaer

Isaac Waschbaer . 10 hours ago

Plants, A lot of Plants
Garrett Ord

Garrett Ord . 11 hours ago

too bad there's no way to effectively store the hydrogen produced during electrolysis on submarines. After spending all that energy to produce it, it would be nice to be able to store it for use as fuel or propellant

INeed333Quid . 11 hours ago


far22186 . 11 hours ago

I thought it was just a long snorkle

AJ . 11 hours ago

Your interview style reminds me of the late Huell Howser. Great video!
Mike Rogers

Mike Rogers . 12 hours ago

I am an ex-submariner from the 80s (SSN 678). It's amazing that so little has changed as far as O2 generation. Thanks for the video series. It brought back many memories.
Rui Pedro Silva

Rui Pedro Silva . 12 hours ago

Awesome video as always! The preheating stage at 23:37 with the MEA solution must be to increase the overall efficiency of the final heating stage, in a sub every space must the carefully design to ensure minimum space is occupied, taking advantage of the higher contact area of the pipes and preheating the solution during pumping to the final stage is cleaver and rises the overall efficiency of the process.
Peter Lundholm

Peter Lundholm . 12 hours ago

New sub ( pun intended ) here
CxLivingIn LA

CxLivingIn LA . 12 hours ago

Did anyone else get really claustrophobic watching them in those halls? :o
David Trimm

David Trimm . 13 hours ago

Terrific video - thanks
Tizona Amanthia

Tizona Amanthia . 13 hours ago

If I had to guess [prior to watching.] it's some combination of "compressed air tank storage, Rebreather style recirculation, or, my favorite option, Electrolysis based O2 production from water.

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