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Seattle Seahawks vs. Philadelphia Eagles | Week 12 NFL Game Preview


Published on 2 months ago

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Comments :

Justin Mun

Justin Mun . 2 months ago

Anybody wanna bet on 23-17 hawks dub?

RICHZ PLAYS MM . 2 months ago

its 17-9 rn🤣🤣🤣
Jared Carrick

Jared Carrick . 2 months ago

Seachickens look like garbage
Terell Nelson

Terell Nelson . 2 months ago

I expected to see this one Seahawks and Eagles both have feathers😁
James Carter

James Carter . 2 months ago

Kc and Seattle are the only 2 road teams I picked to win this week. Kc did it. Seattle,,u lose this,,just forfeit ur season cuz u will just not advance!
Certified Jai

Certified Jai . 2 months ago

Me already know who go win

11NPG . 2 months ago

Got $1000 on Seahawks -6.5 let’s goooooo
Tha_BoyLloyd Is the MAN

Tha_BoyLloyd Is the MAN . 2 months ago

Russell Wilson should have some fun this game & show why his the real MVP, DK & Lockett should be opened every play, Chris Carson going to go stupid this game & the defense need to play harder & better. 38-10 Seahawks
Clifton Thomas

Clifton Thomas . 2 months ago

Even though my Eagles are a disgrace at the moment, i still bleed green!! Lets go! Still a die hard fan , win or lose! A fan is not to just jump on all the winning teams, it standing behind the team all through the ups and downs!
Juan Cruz

Juan Cruz . 2 months ago

Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson . 2 months ago

EAGLES 34 Seahawks 24
Rezarect Music

Rezarect Music . 2 months ago

Hawks will close it out by halftime
Lucifer Hades

Lucifer Hades . 2 months ago

Fly Eagles Fly!

1genius1 . 2 months ago

lolol i don't think Seattle will win 17-9 for a third time in a row. Guessing Seattle wins 32-29. #GoHawks
Michael Salaz

Michael Salaz . 2 months ago

Im not a fan of neither but i smell an upset
eder valdez

eder valdez . 2 months ago

my seahawks defense getting 2 picks today 28-13

s6809 . 2 months ago


Dd YT . 2 months ago

Go Seahawks
Ralph The Bot

Ralph The Bot . 2 months ago

Adam rank is the GOAT
Sujeev Kapur

Sujeev Kapur . 2 months ago

Lyrics: Sadly eagles are trash the seahawks are in sea!!!!!! God lyrics
Nick Camp

Nick Camp . 2 months ago

Eagles never beat the seahawks . Never
Max Crazy

Max Crazy . 2 months ago

Seahawks all the way
Desmond Rubino

Desmond Rubino . 2 months ago

Imagine eagles get payback and win 17-9

sustainf . 2 months ago

Nick has the best prediction. I’m not sure why people think this will be a close game.
Daniel Rose

Daniel Rose . 2 months ago

Seahawks 31 -28
Dakota Goodwin

Dakota Goodwin . 2 months ago

Seahawks lyrics: After the draft we're throwin' mo' blocks Giving Russell the time to yell 'Go Hawks' Run, Pass, Run, there goes a deep shot Another close game, another blood clot
Self-Righteous Ideologue

Self-Righteous Ideologue . 2 months ago

38 - 17 Seahawks
Xavier Penalver

Xavier Penalver . 2 months ago

Camden Clark

Camden Clark . 2 months ago

Go Hawks Go!!!!!

zippy213 . 2 months ago

31 17 Seahawks
Akhil Ganguly

Akhil Ganguly . 2 months ago

Seahawks - 21 Eagles - 10 I think the Seahawks run game won't be AS effective even though we have Chris Carson and Rashaad Penny back from injury because of the stout Eagles run defense, but their pass defense (which yes is statistically better than Seattle's) isn't that good so Russ should light em up I predict 300+ passing yards for him and 3 passing touchdowns. I also think Philly's offense will be able to have better luck in the Passing game as Seattle ranks dead last in Pass Defense which will make this game quite more interesting. BUT, if the 'Hawks defense played like they played on Thu. Night Week 11 against Arizona, it won't even be a close game. We all remember what DK Metcalf did to the Eagles last season in the NFL Wild Card Round in Philadephia :0. For him I say 6 Receptions, ~110 Receiving yards and 1 TD. Carson will have about 50 rushing yards and a TD. Lockett will have 4 receptions for 40 yards and a TD. GO SEAHAWKS!
RJ -

RJ - . 2 months ago

Seahawks win 31-24
ArcangeloSports NOS

ArcangeloSports NOS . 2 months ago

Both the scores from when these two played each other last year, Seahawks won it 17-9. Do they get the three-peat?

THE SERPENT KING . 2 months ago

Eagles pull the upset. 18 10
Command Lion

Command Lion . 2 months ago

Seattle by 17.
Justin Peterson

Justin Peterson . 2 months ago

We will be roasted and devoured like a Thanksgiving turkey - An Eagles fan : ( PS: That's all we need. Wentz under MORE pressure. Make it stop :/
David Hammond

David Hammond . 2 months ago

Wentz about to go off 297 3tds n a rushing touchdown
David Hammond

David Hammond . 2 months ago

Eagles 🦅 definitely gonna win revenge game
David Himlie

David Himlie . 2 months ago

I'm calling 3 sacks for Dunlap and 1.5 for Jamal. Carson is gonna be running for his life.
Jason Toby

Jason Toby . 2 months ago

I am a Seahawks fan and they are going to kick the Eagles butts

YoBoiAustin2557 . 2 months ago

Monday Night Football Song Plays Carson Wentz: Why Do I Hear Boss Music Russell Wilson: What boss music
Prodcde Beatzz

Prodcde Beatzz . 2 months ago

If Philly wins it's gonna be thru Carson..
CEOofvibz 08

CEOofvibz 08 . 2 months ago

28-14 Seahawks got this in the bag
austin tutton

austin tutton . 2 months ago

if seahawks win 17-9 i will burn my jerseys lol
gerard hall

gerard hall . 2 months ago

Philadelphia 31 Seattle 31
John Rhine

John Rhine . 2 months ago

I think the Seahawks are gonna win 30-20
Jasper Burroughs

Jasper Burroughs . 2 months ago

Seahawks are winning it
Luis Eduardo Morales Melendez

Luis Eduardo Morales Melendez . 2 months ago

I got seattle : 29-23

Cucumberdrx . 2 months ago

I see the Eagles winning this one.....Seattle's defense has WAAAAY too many holes in it, their own pass protection is dismal, and they are primed for another letdown.....and I'm from WA State.
Justin Mun

Justin Mun . 2 months ago

I would say 16-30 Hawks dub 💪

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