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I Carve an Ostrich Egg filled with Resin (and it glows)
Bobby Duke Arts

Bobby Duke Arts

Published on 2 years ago

A huge thank you to World of Warships for sponsoring this video, Download the game here: https://wo.ws/2S8MqKJ and use code: PLAYWARSHIPS2018 for all the free items to get started!

All right Dukeys! in this one I fill and ostrich egg with epoxy resin and then show you how to carve it. I also put a light in the base so that it glows in the dark :) A big thanks to Robert Weeks for sending me the ostrich eggs :D

This was definitely a learning experience, and it had some problems along the way...but I didn't give up and I think it turned out pretty awesome in the end. So if you are working on a project and it's not working out in the beginning, just keep going and you may surprise yourself.

Bad Lip Reading (seagulls stop it now) https://clip.pink/watch/U9t-slLl30E
if you haven't seen it, you should :)

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Comments :


ElectroBOOM . 2 years ago

Ok that's it! I have to pick a slower target to beat! You making interesting videos doesn't help me beat your sub count
Galaxy Warrior

Galaxy Warrior . 4 days ago

Don't use background music that sounds awful 🙄
Starie Truth

Starie Truth . 5 days ago

Is it me? Or the egg looks like a skeleton and the inside is a treasure, and thr skeleton is protecting the treasure
Incredible Dude

Incredible Dude . 5 days ago

1:02🤦‍♀️lmao 🤣
Christopher Harris

Christopher Harris . 6 days ago

10 bucks you say ten bucks you say?! TEN BUCKS YOU SAY!?!?
Edrich louw

Edrich louw . 1 week ago

Eggs are porous.
sky nightmare

sky nightmare . 1 week ago

Lauren Johnson

Lauren Johnson . 1 week ago

Annye Land

Annye Land . 1 week ago

You think his neighbors are just like “oh don’t mind duke...he’s artsy”
Abigail Bracy

Abigail Bracy . 1 week ago

I know I am a bit late to the "show", but wouldn't it be better to pour the resin in layers? That way it wont split like that or get too hot because of the volume? Im not sure if I Have that completely correct, but from other resin vids I have watched, I would think that would be a good solution.
Jasmine Townson

Jasmine Townson . 1 week ago

That would be a really cool bedside lamp!
iDeAs Born

iDeAs Born . 2 weeks ago

What type of rotary tool are you using? Is that pneumatic like a dentistry drill?
iDeAs Born

iDeAs Born . 2 weeks ago

Gotta pour in layers lol. But still this project is really the shit

rionka . 2 weeks ago

wow, i love the result my man
Adame padua

Adame padua . 2 weeks ago

I saw a hairy worm in 10:05
Artist Till Death

Artist Till Death . 2 weeks ago

Love love love your videos. We are in Dallas and would like to invite you to our studio to do some resin work. We go live everyday or post a video. We would love to collaborate with you on a project. Check us out. Stay safe.

NotABot98 . 2 weeks ago

Bobby: in his bathtub Me:

NotABot98 . 2 weeks ago

Is it normal to have a hunting knife in your room?
संजीव राजपूत

संजीव राजपूत . 2 weeks ago

बहतरीन शानदार जबरदस्त

Ember . 2 weeks ago

I. . . hmm. .. .. I want one.
cool cool

cool cool . 2 weeks ago

I subed today
Nenek Gaming

Nenek Gaming . 2 weeks ago

Prateek AV

Prateek AV . 2 weeks ago

Bjorn Lothbrok

Bjorn Lothbrok . 2 weeks ago

Bobb the Builder
Gacha club_Samurai Bloodmoon

Gacha club_Samurai Bloodmoon . 2 weeks ago

Me: I want that.. SO BAD. Hey Bobby duke arts, I wish I had that BEAUTIFUL ART of yours. And if I that I would hide it and make sure nobody steals it. And I love you art your so creative and funny. And I like it when you do that feet dance XD.
Richmond James Official

Richmond James Official . 2 weeks ago

I think you should go half way on the resin
Tanvir Khan

Tanvir Khan . 2 weeks ago

What is the tool used for carving
Gabe Weissenbuehler

Gabe Weissenbuehler . 2 weeks ago

Your video opening had me in tears!! Thanks for not only teaching us but making our days brighter when we need it most!!! <3
nancy kashyap

nancy kashyap . 2 weeks ago

Egg from Avatar's planet.. mesmerizing ❤️
Danica Fichtner

Danica Fichtner . 2 weeks ago

"dad I want a lamp" "we have lamps at home" the lamps at home: not say im disapointed
Danica Fichtner

Danica Fichtner . 2 weeks ago

me: waiting for the shuffle feet part of the video be like.. 0-0
Playlist Master

Playlist Master . 2 weeks ago

4:12 a sweaty egg 8:01 FLINT LOCKWOOD!
madison C18

madison C18 . 2 weeks ago

What’s the song he used when he was carving the egg?
Laura Graham

Laura Graham . 2 weeks ago

That one part where you were coating it in epoxy reminded me of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 😂😂
Aizaz Khan

Aizaz Khan . 3 weeks ago

Zmaa ror y da khu der mazedar dy. Khu da agai da kame charghe wah aww na agha y za os zanla jurom da.... aw da ronaq_usafxaii wali dy khaaa
Issac Jayasooriya

Issac Jayasooriya . 3 weeks ago

Does no one on that road think he is crazy
hapsari putri

hapsari putri . 3 weeks ago

cool TvT
Milk and cookies mcqueen

Milk and cookies mcqueen . 3 weeks ago

I love your videos because your thumbnails look like the end
Bold Girl

Bold Girl . 3 weeks ago

I luv your acts and accent, you are so funny and you have a beautiful family
Frosty Furr

Frosty Furr . 3 weeks ago

I have a question... Are those eggs real? And if so... WHY THE HECK ARE THEY EMPTY!?!
Krazy Kurtis

Krazy Kurtis . 3 weeks ago

B R U H This dude trippin
Pleine Campagne

Pleine Campagne . 3 weeks ago

Bonjour la faute dans la pub Épodex ! Ce n’est pas sans solvEnt mais sans solvAnt.
Toilet Paper

Toilet Paper . 3 weeks ago

Wow.... Now I know who builded that nest 😂
Satyanarayan Mohapatra

Satyanarayan Mohapatra . 3 weeks ago

Marshall Bennett

Marshall Bennett . 3 weeks ago

At first when I saw the resin coming out of the egg I thought it was sweating because it was so hot😂
Penz Playz

Penz Playz . 3 weeks ago

I like how Bobby duke arts makes Beautiful art it’s the type I Of art that i can sit and watch it while playing roblox
Officer T

Officer T . 3 weeks ago

Fun pasttime: Skip to random points in Bobby's videos before you watch them so you can experience Weird Shit with even less context than usual 👁👄👁👍
Fariha Tanzim

Fariha Tanzim . 3 weeks ago

that's a nice lamp
Tim Copeland

Tim Copeland . 3 weeks ago

2 words ... Ice Bath
Reaper _HD

Reaper _HD . 3 weeks ago

Why you speak german in your videos?

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