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that should be me Justin bieber (Jelena)
Kuroko Dy

Kuroko Dy

Published on 4 years ago


Comments :

Kelina Sekono

Kelina Sekono . 1 day ago

I love Selena and the weekend together
Franco Gonzalez

Franco Gonzalez . 2 days ago

Anila Tafani

Anila Tafani . 2 days ago

Miss you jelena forever
Sai Yarzar

Sai Yarzar . 4 days ago

I'm just wanna cry
Tenzing Dekyi

Tenzing Dekyi . 1 week ago

Now i truly wish that selena will marry the best guy in the planet .... And make justin feel how she had feeled in the past...
Tesfaye L

Tesfaye L . 2 weeks ago

Yess abella and jelena
die for the hype2

die for the hype2 . 2 weeks ago

Why Justin why ?πŸ’” Why did you marry HaileyπŸ’”πŸ˜’
Lilia Casano

Lilia Casano . 2 weeks ago

Elias Montes

Elias Montes . 3 weeks ago

Can't get over yet 😭😭

euphoria . 3 weeks ago

I want to see selena now marrying the guy who really deserves her heart. I want to see her happy because of someone, someone who's special to her and I hope that guy will never hurt her. I know that love will let them experience love problems but that's normal. I hope to see you wearing your wedding gown selena with the right person for youπŸ₯Ίβ€
Lalhmudika Chawhte

Lalhmudika Chawhte . 3 weeks ago

Ian I. Ranit

Ian I. Ranit . 3 weeks ago


ikonik . 3 weeks ago

No Min Woo

No Min Woo . 4 weeks ago

Selena Justin😭😒
αž›αžΈ ដអ

αž›αžΈ ដអ . 4 weeks ago

i want to know it who Selena broked heart's Justin first.is it real?

maggzxx . 4 weeks ago

still shipping them till the end
Lilo Senn

Lilo Senn . 4 weeks ago

Justin is married to hailey but we all know, deep in his heart is selena
Richa Jain

Richa Jain . 4 weeks ago

Dude after watching this it seems they really had a great bonding together 😲 and they even look lovely together 😘 but sad they didn't end up together! But one thing is for sure that they both had great memories of them and they had spent their time to the fullest together! Poor! First love hardly ends up with you!πŸ₯Ί
Adrian Chan

Adrian Chan . 1 month ago

Not me crying :(
Elizabeth Marak

Elizabeth Marak . 1 month ago

Hai admin... Inuyasha love
Khaylee Shzanelle

Khaylee Shzanelle . 1 month ago

I feel sad that these couple broke up but selena didn't cheat,it's justin and I'm confused about this
Rosalie Umapas

Rosalie Umapas . 1 month ago

They will come back to each other not now but soon

champ . 1 month ago

Like I'm gonna cry
For Fun Update

For Fun Update . 1 month ago

OMG i miss JELENA❀😭
Celine Terra

Celine Terra . 1 month ago

Now they ain’t together anymore πŸ’€
αžŸαŸ… αžŸαž»αžœαžŽαŸ’αžŽαž”αž»αž”αŸ’αž•αžΆ

αžŸαŸ… αžŸαž»αžœαžŽαŸ’αžŽαž”αž»αž”αŸ’αž•αžΆ . 1 month ago

I missing this couple so much 😞πŸ₯ΊπŸ’”
Lanamika Kjam

Lanamika Kjam . 1 month ago

Now Selena is singing this song for Justin and Hailey
Kim Nikky

Kim Nikky . 1 month ago

Well thinking about it now Justin is super happy with his life and has made a better progress than with the toxic relationship with selena
Kolkata YouTuber

Kolkata YouTuber . 1 month ago

Love never ends... it's doesn't matter you are married or single nowπŸ‘πŸ™
Chen Chen

Chen Chen . 2 months ago

I'm crying😒😒😭😭😭😭

Zoya . 2 months ago

I'm very sad for Selena Gomez.
αŠ“αˆ­α‹² α‹ˆαˆŽα‹¨α‹‹

αŠ“αˆ­α‹² α‹ˆαˆŽα‹¨α‹‹ . 2 months ago

Bestie Palagaw

Bestie Palagaw . 2 months ago

Break my heart πŸ’”πŸ’”

Aashna . 2 months ago

ᔕᗩᐯ α—©α”•α•Ό

ᔕᗩᐯ α—©α”•α•Ό . 2 months ago

Justin messed up 😩
Josun Adiong

Josun Adiong . 2 months ago

March 2021 and I'm still here.
Anne Moreno

Anne Moreno . 2 months ago

Bagay na bagay sila .. pero hindi muna mababago ang itinadhana..
Guada Coppola

Guada Coppola . 2 months ago

HacΓ­an tan linda pareja! , like Si piensas que algΓΊn dΓ­a van a volver a estar juntos!πŸ’˜
Cody Gornall

Cody Gornall . 2 months ago

Granted I wasn't really paying attention a at the time but I just admit that they did look cute together. Justin and Selena I mean
Eileen Martinz

Eileen Martinz . 2 months ago

He'll sing this song again, when Selena gets married. Lol.
Cool Thinker

Cool Thinker . 2 months ago

True love really makes a difference in people's life it's not that easy to love someone cause everyone make mistakes no one is perfect love needs maturity and unfortunately failure in big love makes you mature forever but big love may not come back again
Christianah Hope

Christianah Hope . 2 months ago

even though Jelena doesn't get back i hope those two can stll hv love for each other.
Christianah Hope

Christianah Hope . 2 months ago

even though Jelena doesn't get back i hope those two can stll hv love for each other.

MrAziz . 2 months ago

we miss this couple πŸ’”πŸ˜­

JENIFER Anton . 2 months ago

I know these two ment to be together but Hailey is an angel and she is the sweetest
Terrible gaming

Terrible gaming . 2 months ago

May Justin Bieber married to Hailey Baldwin but the jelena will be forever
Monika Bisht

Monika Bisht . 2 months ago

Justin is a cheater.. Of course he doesn't deserve love
Likivi Sumi

Likivi Sumi . 2 months ago

I didn’t plan to start my day crying😭😭😭
Kashaf Fatima

Kashaf Fatima . 2 months ago


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