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M Huncho - One Summer (Top Boy) [Official Audio]
OVO Sound

OVO Sound

Published on 1 year ago

A Selection of Music Inspired by The Series: https://OVOSOUND.lnk.to/TopBoy

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Comments :


CHRIS W10 . 4 weeks ago

Do you think he ever went to supper

LorenzoDaGamer . 3 months ago

Hunchos best song for me
Da pa Dodo

Da pa Dodo . 4 months ago

This is a banger fam fuckin hell, m Huncho is sick bro

mahin2k5 . 4 months ago

Rambo 1

Rambo 1 . 6 months ago

Where did ovo mention hunchos name.. Mujtaba khan

S R . 6 months ago

Can’t lie this is one of his hardest tunes💥
SaXoO BeaT

SaXoO BeaT . 7 months ago


Tagz . 7 months ago

M khan in the cut !!!! 💯❤️
Josh wall

Josh wall . 9 months ago

M HUNcho, ran like this all the time for now on.
Levi Pietersz

Levi Pietersz . 10 months ago

Chris Standsy

Chris Standsy . 10 months ago

that Drake x M huncho one day ✅✔
umair ali

umair ali . 11 months ago

The end scene where dushane is shotting with Jamie’s plug and they’re doing good should have had this in the background

Husna333 . 11 months ago

best huncho song
Markus khalifus

Markus khalifus . 12 months ago

i thought blueface was out of beat until i listened to this

SNG . 1 year ago

Crazy this was recorded about 5 years ago 🤯
Marcus Zoe13

Marcus Zoe13 . 1 year ago

This beat is insane man, damn.
Young Chiko

Young Chiko . 1 year ago

dis shid goes so crazy🔥🔥
Arbaaz Syed

Arbaaz Syed . 1 year ago

Holyy shit fuck jheezzzzz lit af track damnn 🔥🔥🔥🤘💧💧 drips too hard!
Ishan B

Ishan B . 1 year ago

I've just finished top boy and don't recall hearing this banger once
Marcus Zoe13

Marcus Zoe13 . 1 year ago

Litty fam, Let's goooooooooooooo dat Fiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Blue_4_Ever _

Blue_4_Ever _ . 1 year ago

Best track released by him yet
Ewa Gibala

Ewa Gibala . 1 year ago

Lovely 😁
Tabish Butt

Tabish Butt . 1 year ago

Hassan Mazza

Hassan Mazza . 1 year ago

Officers asking if I got the gear sorry constable I got difficulties i cant hear
Ed lift

Ed lift . 1 year ago

1:06 what does this mean??

YOURMUMS AGAM3R . 1 year ago

Cheeeeeeeeeeeeez. On my mums life m huncho has not made a dead tune
Rajan Moore

Rajan Moore . 1 year ago

I cant rate this auto tune shit

Nxckk . 1 year ago

James saint Patrick

James saint Patrick . 1 year ago

[Intro] Quincy, tell 'em [Chorus] One phone, one line all summer One take on life, can't fuck up One take on life, can't fuck up [Verse 1] This that Michael Owen, '96 'til '02 Gettin' packs, formation, 4-4-2 They just dog food, I be soul food, ah And this is way before I sold food Bitches fuckin' up my whole mood, tellin' me I'm so rude I tell 'em I ain't regular, tell 'em I'm a cold dude You don't get far in life bein' nice 'Cause these people, yeah, they feeble, yeah, they evil They don't want a real come up, trappin' 'til it's sun up Lappy with a copper, never home for supper Missed dinner every day, it's been like four summers Balenciaga runners, still I do the run up I watch real juggers make it, then they plummet We have meetings with the bruddas like a summit They lookin' for attention, bro, just burnin' We got a lot to lose, I'm consistent with the onions Breakin' dem without the tears, breakin' bread with all my peers Panicked couple times but you know, it's only God I fear 'Cause I bleed like you bleed, only I'm in seventh gear I got Calvins on my underwear No, literally, I got that Calvin in my underwear And they shifty, you know, I don't give no fund to scares Officers askin' if I got the gear Sorry constable, I got difficulties, I can't hear And the cloth they made me from, yeah, it's kinda rare And the cloth they made me from, yeah, it's kinda rare Uh, and it's kinda rare Uh, oh yeah, and it's kinda rare [Chorus] One phone, one line all summer One take on life, can't fuck up I bone one night, no hug ups I take this cash, all one up One phone, one line all summer One take on life, can't fuck up I bone one night, no hug ups I take this cash, all one up [Verse 2] I don't really care about post codes Ask RB, I get them packs sold Any size, I bag those, every time, I bag loads Lifestyle private, I ain't gotta brag, bro 'Cause braggin' what they always do Contemplatin' on the half a food Should I shot it? Should I stop it? And the shot ain't for a fashion, they got points to prove Now we ain't got points to lose Just how we used in this life of sin Little jiggas runnin' 'round puttin' knife to skin Goin' school up in the mornin', readin' Mice and Men Grab the re and get the price on them Comin' to the table, bring a slice, my friend And they do it for the net, yeah, they wanna trend And I do it for the tune 'cause I got guap to spend All these headers really made us all from boys to men Yeah, boys to men We ain't talkin' boybands Hit him in his vehicle, Troy Ave I know akhs that do it point-blank We're all just little fishes in this whole tank But me, I'm a lion in this jungle Ah, Huncho, yeah, I gotta eat Ah, and my brothers, yeah, they lions too They claimin' that they know me, but they envy me [Chorus] One phone, one line all summer One take on life, can't fuck up I bone one night, no hug ups I take this cash, all one up One phone, one line all summer One take on life, can't fuck up I bone one night, no hug ups I take this cash, all one up [Outro] All this losing sight shit, that's bullshit, fam Mans winnin' out here
Luke Bertram

Luke Bertram . 1 year ago

We need the instrumental
Luke Jackson

Luke Jackson . 1 year ago

Luke Jackson

Luke Jackson . 1 year ago


BIGT95 . 1 year ago

Na this should of got the video 🐸☕️

JawZz . 1 year ago

Huncho never disappoints....
Srt Silence

Srt Silence . 1 year ago

is this in Top Boy, if it is pls tell me which episode
AkABigB 2017

AkABigB 2017 . 1 year ago

Another banger for the mandem there
Khem Hue

Khem Hue . 1 year ago

This is a fucking vibe big up huncho

Abcgold . 1 year ago

Is he only allowed to sing one note?
dot d

dot d . 1 year ago

old huncho rip
GMG News

GMG News . 1 year ago

Another ovo sweatshop yout
kasim A

kasim A . 1 year ago

Why is this being recommended nw? He's been doin this for 4 summers

LEWIS BAILLY . 1 year ago

This song bangs too much 🔥
u got me fkd up

u got me fkd up . 1 year ago

This sounds like coke boyz. Nostalgic

Rashford . 1 year ago

Someone buss me the instrumental for dis

SNG . 1 year ago

Big up huncho for being on this!!
SH 9

SH 9 . 1 year ago

What episode was this song played on top boy. bc can't find it

mz . 1 year ago

Shotting for a fashion With points to prove Nah i got points to lose referring to the music game points equal money Huncho dropped a gem on man if you know you know
Abdul Kasim

Abdul Kasim . 1 year ago

Flop. Get Ready For The New King AK.
Zain Amaan

Zain Amaan . 1 year ago

M huncho by far the best in the UK❄️❄️
Tony Montana

Tony Montana . 1 year ago

Gang shit

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