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Queen Naija - Love Language (Official Music Video)


Published on 6 days ago

Watch the official video for Queen Naija's "Love Language”.

Pre-Save Queen Naija's debut album "Missunderstood" here: https://QueenNaija.lnk.to/MissUnderstood

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Love Language Lyrics:

Verse 1:
I gotta little attitude right now
I gotta bone to pick with you right now
Need you to put your fuckin phone down
And meet me up in this room right now
I want your undivided attention
To release all this tension
Now come and tell me you miss it ..
Before I go missin’
Must I remind you that I got these n*ggas wishin’
Been actin funny baby why you actin different
My body speaking to you baby won’t you listen up?
I ain’t the type to get satisfied off of little recognition baby
And if you claim you know me so well

Can you read my love language
When I need love and affection
Could you read it, when I need it
Could you read my love language
When I need love and affection
Could you read it, when I need it

Verse 2:
Talk is so cheap, boy I wanna see
Shouldn’t have to ask,
you should WANNA please me
You should practice what you preach ..
Make me feel I’m the only one you need
I just need some more reassurance
I just need some time just to vibe with you
Boy what we doin?
You say I got the juice, keep it flowin
I wanna be touched on, rubbed on,
Feel every moment
Is that asking for too much ?
Treat me good I’ll treat you better
Get me high like you my drug,
No ones ever got me wetter
Imma need you here in 2.5
Off 2K and in between my thighs
Make me proud to call you mine


#QueenNaija #LoveLanguage #MissUnderstood

Comments :

Chyna Browne

Chyna Browne . 53 minutes ago

Naturally Lauryn

Naturally Lauryn . 3 hours ago

This is a vibee 🤎✨
Voluptuous Vixens

Voluptuous Vixens . 4 hours ago

I love this side of Queen!! It’s grown and sexy 🖤🖤
vinasu maaj

vinasu maaj . 4 hours ago

“Treat me good I treat u better get me high like u my drug no ones ever got me wetter”
Myita Perez

Myita Perez . 5 hours ago

Was that Clare bear at the end?

Queen . 5 hours ago

This got Teyana sexiness written all over it! Love them both !

Queen . 5 hours ago

I love this song! Yesss Queen. She bringing the old RnB vibes back. Refreshing

Anastassia . 5 hours ago

Whhhhhaaaaattttttt!!!!! 💣💣💣💣💣💋💋💋💋💋💋 KILLED IT!!! As always!!
Jonas Serrano

Jonas Serrano . 6 hours ago

Yesssss my baby Queen she looks stunning 😍
Alexis Reyes

Alexis Reyes . 7 hours ago

Kudos to Teyana Taylor for directing this music video. Queen has done it again 🥴🥴🤤
Alexis Reyes

Alexis Reyes . 7 hours ago

Damn when she rubbed that rose against herself. She’s definitely feeling herself 🥴🥴🤤🤤🤤
Bob Cakvert

Bob Cakvert . 7 hours ago

3176185214. Bobby C. Mask off from nap
Robbie Akuna

Robbie Akuna . 8 hours ago

Time and place!
Jeanel Smikle

Jeanel Smikle . 8 hours ago

I saw the title and it’s the same as kehlani,great voice girlie 😘
Doubleb DaDon

Doubleb DaDon . 8 hours ago


JaBEz bEE . 9 hours ago

Director Teyana 'Spike Tey' Taylor doing her thang!!
Aunyea Perry

Aunyea Perry . 9 hours ago

Yesss Queen you killin it !❤️❤️
tyrick king

tyrick king . 9 hours ago

🔥 frie
Folasade Spencer

Folasade Spencer . 9 hours ago

She has come so far 💙

MSCASSIful . 9 hours ago

Queen.. TT got you right in this video 🤤 https://youtu.be/aOa2Y1d3bSE
Pamela Prescott

Pamela Prescott . 9 hours ago

That new album going be 🔥🔥🔥🔥.. Periodt!!!
Mariana Robles

Mariana Robles . 10 hours ago

I swear people be haing real hard
Angela Lynn

Angela Lynn . 10 hours ago

1k dislikes, [email protected]
mirror Wilson

mirror Wilson . 11 hours ago

We love your hard work queen and dedication!
Christina Vaught

Christina Vaught . 13 hours ago

honestly i just cried out of nowhere, if you were with her waaay back when she first started you know she honestly deserves this. shes grown so much as a woman and im just so proud to see her music hit numbers, keep growing queen!! she dont never miss
Darren Leigh Wessels

Darren Leigh Wessels . 13 hours ago

Kinda upset cause I can't find this sing anywhere 😭😭
Vida Boo

Vida Boo . 13 hours ago

I love queen . But I’m not feeling the lips at all 💯
Miah Frederick

Miah Frederick . 15 hours ago

Now hit us with the Tiller AND/OR Breezy remix PLEASE QUEEN 😭😭❤❤

AlyeaXoxo . 15 hours ago

baby snapped 🤞🏼.
Legindary Lee Man

Legindary Lee Man . 15 hours ago


OneWeirdAquarius . 15 hours ago

She might hit it off in 2021
Beautiful Butterfly

Beautiful Butterfly . 16 hours ago

Queen another one ❤🙌🔥
Martelle Brown

Martelle Brown . 16 hours ago

Ok cuz she bodied this video 🥰🥰😍😍💕💕💕💕💕💕and song
Amethyst Queen

Amethyst Queen . 16 hours ago

Queen is sexy af I’m not gay but I wanna take a bite of them damn hips 🤪🤣
Niamah Washington

Niamah Washington . 17 hours ago

Queen, Ella Mai, and Layton Greene need to make a song together
beedsj roiue

beedsj roiue . 21 hours ago

beginning 💯
Rachel Faith

Rachel Faith . 21 hours ago

She looks so good and this song 🔥🔥 Her and Teyana Spike Tee Taylor lol work good together 💗 I wish they would do a song
Claris Mahambo Siyamayambo

Claris Mahambo Siyamayambo . 22 hours ago

1 million views lesssssssgooooooooo more
Lova Miss.,

Lova Miss., . 22 hours ago

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Lanita Surles

Lanita Surles . 1 day ago

Okay queen I see u boo
Tye Fabe

Tye Fabe . 1 day ago

QUUEEEEENNN!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😍😍🔥😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥yesssssss mamaaa
Pretty Girl Kay

Pretty Girl Kay . 1 day ago

Yessss Queen ❤️
Fair Very

Fair Very . 1 day ago

mijuo roui

mijuo roui . 1 day ago

Spike Tee has such clear/distinct vision you can always tell when she's involved with a project, phenomenal and Queen is in her bag rn come thru sis 😍😍
Makayla Upton

Makayla Upton . 1 day ago

That would be great but to many what about anna marie summer walker
shayla darden

shayla darden . 1 day ago

Why we not at 1 million yet??? This is fire 🔥
johnnice roseman

johnnice roseman . 1 day ago

When I saw Teyana Taylor directed it I knew it was gonna be 🔥!

Gunnardab . 1 day ago

Well damm
Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez . 1 day ago

Queen idk if you will ever see this but just wanted to say that you are an inspiration to so many women out here. You are incredibly beautiful inside and out. When you have a bad day just remember u are above all the negative. The people who hate, really hate themselves. Don't let them hurt your spirit. We love you queen keep doing what you doing because your music moves people and it takes a special type of person to do that.
Aaliyah Rahkaim

Aaliyah Rahkaim . 1 day ago

I Literally Cried At THE END KNOWING That Was Clerance

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