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Official music video for DJ Khaled feat. Nas, JAY-Z & James Fauntleroy and Harmonies by The Hive “SORRY NOT SORRY” off his KHALED KHALED Album

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Sorry, not sorry.
Don’t mind me,
I’m living a dream.
Living a dream, yeah
Came from nothing,
With a thought that we would be
Living a dream, living a dream yeah

We The Best Music! Another one! DJ Khaled!

Hear ye, Hear ye,
Only kings stand near me.
Silicon Valley money mixed with Henny, that’s a Fendi.
Half a century almost,
Slice the green like a lawnmower.
Til we all on, never fall off, hear a boss talk,
You don’t hear me, that’s your loss.
Winner in life, fuck a coin toss.
I’m coin based, basically crypto-currency scarface.
Join us, there’s gotta be more of us,
I’m from the ghetto.
What location? 2 seconds from the devil.
I live heavenly in Cabo, with a Mexican sombrero.
Drink heavily, health is wealth.
Look at wealth of me, wipe your nose
History, my type of clothes.
Miss me with the hate,
Helped so many people get cake.
Whips and cream, for the crew.
No other weed I think faster
Time I spit this, I started some other business
Came from the pitchin,
Cain in the kitchen,
Dangerous missions,
Wasting your time if you want my forgiveness

Sorry, not sorry.
Don’t mind me,
I’m living a dream.
Living a dream, yeah
Came from nothing,
With a thought that we would be
Living a dream, living a dream yeah

Sorry, that’s another B
Haters still aint recover from the other B,
Ugh, that’s a double b, naw that’s a triple b, can’t forget bout the other B
(bey: Hey)
It’s white gloves for me,
Hater know not to touch me, I’m with the fuckery
(fuck with me) humbly, naw respectfully.
I’m a project baby fuck yall expect from me?
America’s disrespect for me
You killed Christ you created religion, unexpectedly
Circular ice on Japanese whiskey, on my mezzanine.
Overlooking the city of Angels,
The angel invested in things,
Unprecedented run (facts)
Everybody’s getting’ bands,
We just dance to different drums
I like who I become
Intermittently fasting but these meals I’m not missing none.

Sorry, not sorry.
Don’t mind me,
I’m living a dream.
Living a dream, yeah
Came from nothing,
With a thought that we would be
Living a dream, living a dream yeah

(C) 2021 We The Best / Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment


Comments :

Wilbur Sanchez

Wilbur Sanchez . 22 minutes ago

Tidal 1 B ace of spade 2 B 3B referring to triple beam rap money like drug money tiping the scales
2k Aten

2k Aten . 25 minutes ago

Song go hard but the amount of free masonic Symbolism in this video🤷🏾‍♂️ wish more people had the eyes to see that shit
Aniyah Davis

Aniyah Davis . 37 minutes ago

I love Beyoncé’s parttt 2:24

TANISHA TOWNSEND . 54 minutes ago

This is grown man shiiii
William Chen

William Chen . 1 hour ago

masonic checkboard
Marvellous Briggs

Marvellous Briggs . 2 hours ago

Got me wishing Nipsey was featured on this
semgito qutikjig

semgito qutikjig . 2 hours ago

The one soap oppositely buzz because exchange summarily want barring a separate route. thick, cagey tomato
Francis Katter

Francis Katter . 2 hours ago

Just because of this track, next time you hear Khaled say 'Another One' you gotta pay attention.
gulf coast

gulf coast . 2 hours ago

Back Page Johnny Cage

Back Page Johnny Cage . 2 hours ago

man jay always gettin bodied on every collab
Mr Gerald Broughton

Mr Gerald Broughton . 2 hours ago

Jay-Zs Reasonable doubt album still a classic bra! And the nigga Nas It was written album is a world wide art of perfection love them niggas music ATL fuck with it heavy
Mr Jones

Mr Jones . 2 hours ago

Jay maybe #1 but naziar is the greatest all around
Hello from KMS

Hello from KMS . 2 hours ago

Can we take a moment and discuss Jay-Z's ring? It's huge and beautiful
Blocka Blockflam

Blocka Blockflam . 3 hours ago

Nas was dissing jayZ for selling his soul Now he joined him
Mozan Official

Mozan Official . 3 hours ago
Chris Jones

Chris Jones . 3 hours ago

Why everyone is acting like jay z and nas don’t have 20 songs together since they beef...that beef been over
khanyisile mahlangu

khanyisile mahlangu . 3 hours ago

Health is wealth 2021 !!! NAS 🔥

kissmycheekz . 3 hours ago

the fact dj khaled was able to put nas n jay together is crazy
It you’re boy JB

It you’re boy JB . 4 hours ago

JAY Z is Rush-more 🐐 period , he really one the Greatest of all time
Ronita Singletary

Ronita Singletary . 4 hours ago

Who the hell Let them back and Together wtf🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️its over now bangerr
Boyce Tinkham

Boyce Tinkham . 4 hours ago

The silky intestine functionally reflect because file postprandially open but a aback pastry. chubby, hurried geology
Kevin Bias

Kevin Bias . 4 hours ago

Looks like Jay Z and the Weekend swapped haircuts
Diallo Gibson

Diallo Gibson . 4 hours ago

Nas and Jay Z I’m giving the flowers now. Thanks for repping the culture.
Crik Crazyy

Crik Crazyy . 4 hours ago

OppMusic Official

OppMusic Official . 4 hours ago

BrooklYN . 5 hours ago

This is wack
Ashley B

Ashley B . 5 hours ago

Nas and Jay are tha 🐐
Googlette G

Googlette G . 5 hours ago

Drink heavily, health is wealth (Health is wealth)
Yo Yo

Yo Yo . 6 hours ago

MinorityReport_TV . 6 hours ago

"The time I spit this, I started some other business/Came from the pitchin, caine in the kitchen/Dangerous missions, wastin’ your time if you want my forgiveness." - ok, Nas.... I hear you!! Shots fired.
Shercol Wilson

Shercol Wilson . 6 hours ago

This is phenomenal,certainly a masterpiece marvelous work son of 21.I can’t stop listening this is dope.Congratulations Nas and Jay Z,like D J Khalid said and another 1.

COCO BROWN . 6 hours ago

Looking like 2 women
Terrance Thomas

Terrance Thomas . 6 hours ago

This jam
Lishon Martin

Lishon Martin . 6 hours ago

early 2000's vibe.
Gillian Perry

Gillian Perry . 6 hours ago

So No one is going to mention How good Nas looks and hasn't aged but keeps growing wisely by leaps and bounds
Midenyo Sinseri

Midenyo Sinseri . 7 hours ago

Eric Jackson

Eric Jackson . 7 hours ago

Jay look like kodak black. Whst statement is he making. You making us look bad. I don't care how much money you got. Looking like Buckwheat. We gotta do better.
Gregory Isom

Gregory Isom . 7 hours ago

We live in a cold world, the song on (Devilishment Incognito X10) Superior status mother earth, pandoras black box exposed with 2 of the greatest rap legends of all time, hum, this song so intense I thought I was watching a scary film, Money, Religion, Power & Sex spearheaded by the ratio of 2:to1 DJ. K, (The Quincy J. of hip hop?) hum, the production/Rap elite (Superior!)

PremiumMusicHD . 7 hours ago
Hubba Bubba

Hubba Bubba . 7 hours ago

@0:40 this the stupidest shit and he still sayin it. Why continue to do it if you got boo'd off the stage for it?
Renault 1218

Renault 1218 . 7 hours ago

This song is a joke
Someleze Mntuwosizi

Someleze Mntuwosizi . 8 hours ago

Nelson Noel

Nelson Noel . 8 hours ago

Classic pure kings
Severo Vasquez

Severo Vasquez . 8 hours ago

@2:35 is 666 sign with his right hand... these are satanic worshippers

MICHAEL E . 8 hours ago

2:18 the way he through his arm 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Gabrielle Arrington

Gabrielle Arrington . 8 hours ago


M WC . 8 hours ago

#QuerubimVereda @ #ConjuntoMio & #ChongoRecords @qaramsanuca #8BloccEthuglife #HindustanIslamicCaliphateofRussia‎‎‎ #BigTex A.K.A. #BigTrappyBoy #FortWashingtonUSA
Sonia444 Casabian

Sonia444 Casabian . 8 hours ago

Nas 👑 😍😍😍😍
Cristian Saputra

Cristian Saputra . 8 hours ago

The Hype is Over
john alpine

john alpine . 8 hours ago

Nas smashes j again

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