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Big Fish Candy - X-Rap® Otus | Rapala® (New Lure)


Published on 2 years ago

See the X-Rap Otus color range here: https://www.rapala.com/eu-en/rapala/lures/freshwater-casting/x-rap-otus/X-Rap+Otus+EU.html

2018 Pike Fight champion, and Swedish tournament angler, Mikko Seppänen, introduces you to the new X-Rap Otus from Rapala.

In this video, Mikko shares how he likes to fish this curl tail hybrid bait and shows it's capabilities with a nice ~1m pike.

Other Rapala products featured in this video:

Rapala RCD Pliers: https://www.rapala.com/eu-en/rapala/tools/rcd-mag-spring-pliers/RCD+Mag+Spring+Pliers+EU.html?cgid=rapala-fishingTools#start=5&cgid=rapala-fishingTools
Rapala Urban Vision Gear Sunglasses: https://www.rapala.com/eu-en/rapala/sunglasses/urban-visiongear-jungle/022677280608.html?cgid=rapala-sunglasses#start=1&cgid=rapala-sunglasses
Rapala Pro Guide Large Net: https://www.rapala.com/eu-en/rapala/tools/nets/pro-guide-large-net/6430048101706.html#id=1&q=net&start=6
Clothing coming mid 2019.

More about the X-Rap Otus below:

A formidable creature, the X-Rap® Otus, combines Rapala’s fish-catching X-Rap® construction with a beautifully color matched curl tail to create a seamless hybrid bait. With its slow sink rate and wide wafting tail, X-Rap® Otus is the ideal choice for cold water & challenging conditions. The body rolls side-to-side as the enormous curl tail pulses behind when retrieved. When paused, the tail acts as a parachute, stabilizing the lure as it slowly swims into the depths. The soft tail is firmly secured to the body with a 6-point stainless plate. Spare tail included. Fitted with VMC® Coastal Black hooks.

Comments :

SM69 Animations

SM69 Animations . 5 days ago

Looks like the curly tails and whopper ploppers wanted to join forces.
Pavels Krasovskis

Pavels Krasovskis . 4 months ago

This lure doesn't work , try many times, nothing.

apsdf . 5 months ago

Left Mono

Left Mono . 5 months ago

Personal best pike on this lure for me yesterday 😀
Rasputin Disclaimer101

Rasputin Disclaimer101 . 6 months ago

'We' do not take responsibility for decisions taken by the viewer based solely on the "information" provided in this video. 'We' do not take responsibility for decisions taken by the viewer based solely on the "information" provided in this virtual application.
D Corks85

D Corks85 . 6 months ago

Awwww Ted boyyy get them pike 🎣🐟🎣🐟🎣

MukkuvanZ . 7 months ago

Emilio Gudino

Emilio Gudino . 1 year ago

Where can we buy the red and white Rapala jersey long sleeve?
Darren anthony shortt

Darren anthony shortt . 1 year ago

Hi guys just just after getting a new otus,, I am new to lure fishing, could any help me with question, what rod would I need to use I got black max combo low profile reel 30lb braid, I have a outer diawa baitcater throws 20"40gr,i got 9ft ugly tec spinning rod paired up with a rovex 4000fd,,and help with this would be grateful,,,
Emilio Gudino

Emilio Gudino . 1 year ago

@Rapala Is red and white Rapala long sleeve jersey available for purchase and if so where can it be acquired?
Mikael Karivainio

Mikael Karivainio . 1 year ago

🔥🔥 🏅🥳 Always quality 👌🤝
arnaud fishing

arnaud fishing . 1 year ago

A 5 inch version would be nice ;)
Matthew Stork

Matthew Stork . 2 years ago

How does the tail hold up? For $20 I fear I will be spending to much for a torn up bait.

M S . 2 years ago

😍😍😍😍 greetings from PL 👊👊
Eric's fishing adventures

Eric's fishing adventures . 2 years ago

Can't wait to get these for musky fishing! For the US I found them with a Google search on eBay if anyone in the US was wondering how to get them. Obvious I know but I've seen people asking how.
Dave Flug

Dave Flug . 2 years ago

What color is that at the 1:34 mark?
Malte mus

Malte mus . 2 years ago

I bought the same cap like the first guy talking exept for that i have the flat screen on the cap
Tackle-Up Felixstowe

Tackle-Up Felixstowe . 2 years ago

You really need to start supplying these lures with single hook options, trebles don't fit in to modern pike fishing :(

Universe . 2 years ago

You guys should add more lakes to your games,one of the great lakes would be great,also blue Mesa resavor would be great,with what you should add salmon,and a more lures
nate a

nate a . 2 years ago

Hey Rapala I'm waiting for my Lures and feedback so, I can give you a couple actually of reel videos of pike slamming these lures!!! #greatlakes
Trent Hoff

Trent Hoff . 2 years ago

This needs to come across the pond to the states. I would love to put these in my shop but no American vendors carry these
Randle Richardson

Randle Richardson . 2 years ago

Rapala has always made great plugs.
jerome sievers

jerome sievers . 2 years ago

i want one in aus for barra, jacks and cod!
St.Petersburg AllForSnowmobile

St.Petersburg AllForSnowmobile . 2 years ago

для РОССИИ по Русски дубляжа нет?
Mindaugas Jonusas

Mindaugas Jonusas . 2 years ago

Could you please tell what kind of rod and reel you are using for this lures? Thank you
Mick L

Mick L . 2 years ago

I noticed that most rapala's are made for bass fishing, and not all are made to fit for all kinds of waters . We really need rapala to come out with some sort of unique exceptional lures that are made for eastern estuary species . That unique scale patterns, holographic eyes & translucent foils. I am expecting something like 3.5 inches sized shadow rap suspended floating actions, or something that is identically similar would come to the Asian market. We have jacks and barras ranged between 30~50cm in average for most areas , we just needed a jerkbait that is not too big like shadow rap shad , and not too long like shadow rap , and it has to be deep lip. Storm's twitch stick is doing a great job but it lacks in that flash actions and that side to side kicks . Idk how to put this straight , I just sort of think that this will work well , please come out with something and thank you rapala , will always supporting you as a diehard fans.
Алексей Нету

Алексей Нету . 2 years ago

ребят вы че за лохи что вам только на меркури 4 хватило о хуевший воблер котрый половину мотора стоит
Jason Sharpe

Jason Sharpe . 2 years ago

Looks great, are the tails interchangeable with the peto?
Jeremiah Giles

Jeremiah Giles . 2 years ago

Will it work on striper?
The Flapjack

The Flapjack . 2 years ago

@rapala can I have a retailer in the US order this?
David González

David González . 2 years ago



I need to have it.

RicktheKing . 2 years ago

Why its not available in canada for musky fishing
Jessie Heid

Jessie Heid . 2 years ago

Where can you by them
Matt Tate

Matt Tate . 2 years ago

holy roller

holy roller . 2 years ago

How much is it?
Michele Avati

Michele Avati . 2 years ago

Do you believe in gravity?

Stéphane DUCROQUET . 2 years ago

Is the hard part the same as the Peto ? If so, would it be possible to swith from shad (Peto) to this beautiful tail (Otus) ? D

MrDon . 2 years ago

When is this available in Sweden? Love the Petos, huge fan here
de pesca

de pesca . 2 years ago

Wooow trabaja muy bonito espero llegue a México lo antes posible saludos 👍

TPHVICTIMS . 2 years ago

Rapala the breakfast of Champions. 👨🏻👍🏻
Carnufias Fishing

Carnufias Fishing . 2 years ago

Sucks!!! Not for sale to the Americas. 👎
Bates Yang

Bates Yang . 2 years ago

Dang. I don’t need a neat bait like this to catch a Pike. I could just throw a weightless fluke, slow reel it back to me and then catch one Pike. (tried & true technique) lol

YourNextCast . 2 years ago

That is one creative and awesome looking bait. Great job as always Rapala
Life of Dave

Life of Dave . 2 years ago

Will this be coming to the US market?
Snagged Bro

Snagged Bro . 2 years ago

This bait looks the business! I bet they'd do well on our urban waters! Have to keep my eye out.
Ananda Pamungkas

Ananda Pamungkas . 2 years ago

Wow frist look this lure...,look like awesome
Team Coldfront

Team Coldfront . 2 years ago

Urban Bass Slayers

Urban Bass Slayers . 2 years ago

I gotta get me some of those!! Fire!!

ArghFruit . 2 years ago

Dem moves, looks great! Are the tails coming separately packaged to shops like you did with peto's extra tails? I have some peto's in different colors so it would be nice to just switch the tail on them rather than buy the same color again just to get the new tail.

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